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Your Partners Star Sign Sexual Personality & Compatibility

aquariusAquarius Woman

Like to be treated with respect but is no prude. No matter how often you work out, muscles . She can appear aloof and indecisive. She likes to be admired and treated as a woman. She takes a while to warm up, but once she does, she is open to variations, and exciting, often willing to take the male role.

Aquarius Man

Stubborn and doesn’t play by his own rules. Prefers a mental connection with his partner. Always thinks he is right. Extremely independent but if he does settle down with you you’ll find hime kind and loyal. Slow to start but once underway is unconventional and willing to experiment.

piscesPisces Woman

Emotional, sensitive and perceptive. She will see through you if you are being untruthful. She can take your fantasies and enhance them. Can be submissive to a dominant personality if her feelings are involved.

Pisces Man

Some can be very loyal whilst others can be unpredictable, and easily distracted. They admire flexibility in a partner. He is sexually adventurous, and could be into BDSM in which case he would prefer the role of masochist. Being dreamy he has many fantasies.

ariesAries Woman

Impulsive and honest, so you’ll need to be thick-skinned and keep up with her.Some of that aggressive behaviour will find its way into the bedroom. She likes compliments and a sense of humour. Enthusiastic and energetic, you won’t be bored in what will be a passionate experience.

Aries Man

Likes a bit of a debate. Energetic, impractical, and wants to conquer you. Can be a loyal and passionate partner. If he wants you he will want instant gratification, but nevertheless likes foreplay which results with you submitting to him.

taurusTaurus Woman

Often has a touch of elegance. She appreciates a romantic seduction. She is emotional, can be jealous and possessive and ultimate desires monogamy. In bed can be enduringly passionate though somewhat set in her ways, but is very good at what she knows she is good at. She will need encouragement to vary positions.

Taurus Man

Likes seduction and a long period of foreplay in romantic surroundings—a comfortable, luxurious bed will be much preferred over the back of a car. He tends to be thoughtful, practical, and persistently tenacious, and has longevity. Although you’re unlikely to find many toys in his cupboard, you will find him an attentive and passionate lover. If you love him, have some nice food in the fridge for afters.

geminiGemini Woman

Intelligent and witty, she moves on from subject to subject quickly. She doesn’t settle down easily as she can be emotionally detached, and can have temporary feelings. She is happy to explore because she likes variety. Catch her in the zone and it’s a magical experience.

Gemini Man

He means what he says when he says it but in a few weeks might have a different opinion. He’s difficult to pin down and don’t expect anything regular unless he is genuinely smitten with you and your mind. Usually articulate and charming, he can be  a joy to be with, but don’t expect him to be punctual or to keep his promises as time has little meaning to him as he lives in the moment.Highly experimental and anything could happen in the bedroom.

cancerCancer Woman

She has connections with the past, be it history such as with collecting antique collecting or hanging on to old family photos, as well as bottling up past hurts as she is extremely sensitive. This sensitivity can be covered up and remain hidden behind a bossy exterior. She will need your trust before she loses her inhibitions.

Cancer Man

Generally conservative or even shy before he is sure that his interest will be recriprocated. He has high expectations and prefers beauty along with brains. He can withdraw into his shell sometimes thus making communication difficult. Nevertheless, he has an eccentric sense of humour and a sense of style.He prefers to make the first moves so allow him to be the teacher. He also has a good memory so is unlikely to forget birthdays and anniversaries.

leoLeo Woman

There is a masculine quality to her. She’s going to do whatever she is in the mood for. She thrives on genuine compliments and has a good sense of humour. She prefers luxury to squalor and likes to be treated like a queen. At the same time she prefers to have the dominant role.

Leo Man

Likes to be flattered. He tends to be vain. He likes to take charge, and if you admire and respect him, as well as sharing his good sense of humour, it could be a match made in heaven. Luxury appeals more to him than poverty.

virgoVirgo Woman

Not as staid as one might presume, this woman likes to have fun as well as being practical. You will need to tune in to her modest and conservative approach, and also she can pre-judge people and situations. It will take work to have the good times in bed, but it will be worth it. Experimentation is not her thing, but can bring a new dimension to the tried and true.

Virgo Man

Analytical  and can be a bit of a perfectionist. Thinks a lot and makes plans. He can be a health nut and generally has good and loyal friends. He is not Mr Excitement in the bedroom but is sincere and can be led  if he approves of you. Make the first move, and you will find him sympathetic, loyal, and protective.

libraLibra Woman

Gracious and charming, she can see herself as a bit of a diva who definitely prefers her man to be good looking. She reminds you of an iron fist in a velvet glove. She pays great attention to detail and prefers the romantic experience with style.

Libra Man

Likes sex and sensual pursuits. He is intuitive and likes to please his partner. Sometimes he can be indecisive and appreciates a partner who is direct and decisive, as he can have difficulty in making decisions. Ruled by Venus he appreciates art and beauty and often has a quick mind.

scorpioScorpio Woman

If she wants you she will not let go in a hurry, even if she meets opposition. She sets high standards and expects her partner and friends to abide by them. Sex is most fulfilling for her with her chosen partner. She can be jealous and possessive.

Scorpio Man

Sometimes they like to be debate for a while to show themselves the degree od self control they can exhibit, and at other times they like there sex sessions to prolong to the stage of exhaustion. He can be aggressive, self-willed and determined and can reach a stage where thoughts of mercy are meaningless to him. Be careful of what you sow as so shall you reap.

sagitariusSagittarius Woman

Her best relationships come from friendships. She can appear abrasive at times but is honest and does not intend to wound anyone’s feelings. She is enthusiastic and likes travel, the outdoors, sports, and learning about new things. She has an insatiable curiosity. She is loyal and giving.

Sagittarius Man

He can be difficult to work out as he is a dreamer. He does not like a dominant or inflexible partner. As partners seldom live up to his dreamy expectations, he often does not settle down but drifts from relationship to relationship. He is open to experimentation and often goes for something quick rather than any intense, prolonged, sessions

capricornCapricorn Woman

She can be reserved even when see is eyeing you up. She expects to retain a degree of independence and can be practical in love. Once she decides you are right for her expect a loyal partner who is more open to variety than you might have initially thought and will surprise you.

Capricorn Man

At the beginning he could be mistaken for appearing boring, with a tendency to be persistent, but that is just his manner at the beginning. Once he is committed he is loving and loyal. Don’t waste his time with teasing as he’ll want to get on with it. You’ll find him passionate, sensual, and intuitive.

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