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What are penis extenders used for?

The Penis extender, also known as penile traction devices and penis stretchers are simple machines that were invented to hold the penis to gain bigger sized for your penis.

These have existed for over 10 years now and are used by many men, with a great source of results for the extension of penis size without surgery.

How can I use a penis extender on a daily basis?

Once you have purchased a penis extender, there are a few ways you can use the device.

You can have the choice of having you penis sit upwards or downwards in your pants which wearing it to extend your length.

If you want your penis shaft pointed inwards and down, you can hide the device behind the fabric of your pants during the day and at work.

You can attach the device so you have mobility during the day and can carry out many of your normal daily functions, such as walking to work and doing the chores at home.

You need to think about your daily situations and when you can wear the device to extend your penis size.



How to apply a penis extender

  1. Make sure your penis is not erect, maybe at around 15% of its erect state
  2. Apple the device with the soft foam sitting at the base of your pelvis
  3. Secure the top of your shaft so the device is gripped to your penis and is not to restricting
  4. Hook the device back to the belt so it provides the pulling feature needed



How long should you use the penis extender device during the day?

This is probably the most common question being asked by users when thinking of purchasing a penis extender device.

The suggested time is three to six hours per day, if you can allow for this with your work schedule.

We highly recommend that new users start on a lower hourly rate each day, suggested around two to three hours to get used to the device and how it feels when you are wearing it.

After you remove the penis extender device you can practice stretching techniques for around 15 minutes.

This has been a proven formula for extending the size of your penis, though dedication and practice you will see amazing results!

You can clean the device each night after use so it does not leave any remaining smell or dead skin.

To clean the device just use any rag with some washing detergent, scrub lightly and apply a small amount of pressure to clean your penis extender.

How much do penis extenders cost in Australia?

These can be quite expensive, though the results you can gain make up for the price.

Penis Extenders typically cost you more than $150.

Each device comes with all the parts needed to extend your penis size with a booklet for instructions.

It is up to you which device you choose to purchase based on your budget. The results speak for itself with many customers claiming an increase in size over 2 inches.

The PhalloGauge Model

We like to recommend the PhalloGauge module which is well known in the industry. It has customer testimonials and a well rounded customer support team for any inquiries.


The PhalloGauge Penis Extender FAQ

Is the device invisible when I wear it under my pants?

Yes! It is completely hidden as it tucks under or above your pelvis.

Is it complicated to apply and setup?

No. It is fairly easy to setup with instructions in the package. It takes around 1 minute to apply and setup.

Will it slip off while i am wearing it?

No. It is made of fabric which completely melds with your body shape. It will stay firmly attached to your pelvis when you wear it during the day.



Is the stretching sensation felt while wearing the device?

It can be felt though it is not painful. Many have infect stated it feels quite pleasurable.

You will not expect any issues while wearing a penis extender.

We recommend trying stretching exercises before applying the device to get a general understanding of how it will feel when you wear the device for longer periods of time.


Penis Extender Safety and Understanding

One thing that is important to know is how to use the device and the amount of hours each day you should wear it.

We suggest using the device for no longer the 8 hours per day.


A Conclusion for using a penis extender

This is the perfect natural device will guarantee your penis success that is lengthening in your penis size.

By following this guide, you’ll practically be on your way to getting a larger penis in no time, we have seen over 1000 happy customers who have had great results. We suggest trying it out and hearing from you as well about your gains.

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