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Valentines Day

Valentines Day – All Year Round

Valentine’s Day is February 14th and if you have that special someone then you may already have your own special way of celebrating romance with them.

It’s funny; I have heard plenty of people over the years protest that it is “just a waste of money; it’s a commercial thing; Valentine’s Day should be all year round”. I certainly agree that it should be all year round; after all, can there really be too much genuine romance if you truly love your partner?

To those critics who scream “it’s just commercialism”; then they may like to know that the earliest known written poetic celebration of Valentine’s Day was way back in the 15th Century. Yes; that’s 600 years ago. No TV, advertising, shopping malls or internet back then folks.

Maybe what we really need to do is rethink how we can keep the romance alive with our partner and perhaps we really do need to celebrate it all year round.

Traditionally greeting cards and flowers seem to be the “gift of choice” for many people, with a celebratory dinner high on the list too. Most women seem to be interested in the romance aspects of the day; whereas men tend to have their “tick the box” strategy of a card, flowers and dinner. The more romantic or adventurous may resort to gifts including jewelry, sexy lingerie, spa treatments, perfume, champagne and maybe a night in a hotel with a rose petal strewn bed and floor along with a bubble bath for two.

The thing is; there are many other awesome gift ideas on the market; things that will be well received on Valentine’s Day and help your romance stakes develop so that it truly can be Valentine’s Day every day.


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Naughty but Nice Romantic Gifts

These are some romantic gift ideas that will up the ante in the romance stakes as well as providing some awesome sexual awareness, sexual satisfaction and sexual bonding between you and your partner.


Setting the scene

A selection of condoms can be fun; ribbed, studded, ultra-thin, coloured, and flavoured for example. There are so many options to choose from.

Lubricant comes in many different types including flavoured (Peppermint or Banana), with Aloe Vera or Vitamin E, with warming agents or just your standard variety. There is nothing worse that running out of lube, and it can hurt your partner too if they are not producing enough lubrication naturally. Always be mindful if you are using sex toys and sex aids that they need to be lubed as well.

Libido enhancers can be needed for some people; there are easy to buy items like the Spanish Fly Love Drops for men and women as well as the Indian God Lotion as an erection enhancer for the men.

Novelty candles, incense and essential oils are also a great mood enhancer to try.

If you or your partner love a sensual or erotic massage then some good quality massage oils and even some edible body paint can add some awesome sizzle to events in the bedroom.



valentines day gift


Anyone for Games?

If your love life has always been a bit “Vanilla”, perhaps what you need to “boost the mood” are some adult games, party items and novelty items. They are just a bit of a laugh and who said fun and laughter don’t go with romance? They are a great way of letting down your guard, exploring each other’s body in a different way and that seems like a great reason to me.


Gifts for Her

Ladies love receiving gifts; so why not get her something completely different to anything you have bought before. Who knows you may even get one of those “looks” that exist between couples; you know the ones, “you are so wicked and I like it” kind of a reaction?

One such item could be a set of Kegel or Ben Wa balls; not only because they are fun and sexy, but they can definitely make a woman feel tighter, help her orgasm more frequently and assist with bladder control. A win-win.



Ever thought about some bondage with your partner? I thought that may get your attention. Perhaps bondage is something on your wish list to try, so some easily sourced items could be ideal. Gifts for her could include items like some wrist cuffs (using Velcro), maybe a Scrotum Stretcher Cock Ring Bondage Kit she could use on her man, Eye Masks, Feather Masks, Full Bondage Masks, a Mouth Gag Dong, Penis Whips and Silicone Rope to name a few suggestions.

There are also a wide range of items like Nipple Rings, Clamps, Tassels, and Suction Pumps for those wanting to explore their fantasies.

For the couples who like to dress up, or those who never have but it’s on their wish list there are a whole host of Stripper, Dancer and Fetish Kits that would fit the bill along with a range of very sexy Latex gear to get her and you purring with pleasure.

Strap-on Harnesses and Strap-on Cocks are also popular with the Lesbian couples as well and Straight and Bi couples; especially where the male may be into a bit of anal play. Many women get off on watching their male partner being penetrated by a Sex Aid like these.



Gifts for Him

Who says men don’t like to receive gifts? Probably the same people who think men don’t like romance. The reality is that they do like both; but just perhaps there needs to be some different thought used in selecting those gifts, as after all men also love sex.

If your man likes, or is curious about Anal Play then have a look at getting him an Anal Prostate Massager. He will love it. So too will you; watching his face when he opens the gift and watching the pleasure on his face when it is being used.

Ever thought about Sleeves; yes, Sleeves? There are some amazing Cock Sleeves that work as a penis extension; a new sensation for him and as a clitoris stimulator for his lady. You can also get Cock Rings that also provide this clitoris stimulation as well. A gift that just keeps giving.


It’s not just the ladies who like to dress up. There is a range of fun options for men in the market such as Latex Briefs (either plain, with a peep hole or with a rubber cock and balls), Rubber Masks, Caps and G-Strings (Thongs), a Latex Shirt or Vest, Cock Cage or a Mankini for that bit of fun, or for some serious Bondage and Fetish play.

Most guys wouldn’t complain if their cock was a bit bigger, but surgery isn’t an option for most, based on cost alone. However, something like a Penis Pump can give that extra width on a temporary basis that will give both you and your partner a different sensation. They come in a wide variety of styles, including a fun Glow-in-the-dark version. A great gift for the man who may just need a subtle help to his self-esteem and sexual satisfaction levels.

There is also a plethora of Cock Rings available in the market. They come in different materials like metal, glass, rubber or silicon and are also made in different colours and glow-in-the dark options. They can include different styles that contain the balls as well as the cock, or those that include clitoris stimulating enhancements and another hugely popular type are the versions that include a vibrating mode. Pleasure with these is not questioned. They are awesome.



Vibrators and Dildos for all

Vibrators and Dildos come in a variety of shapes, styles, colours and materials and that is before we start looking at things like Double-ended Dongs for that two-way simultaneous sexual pleasure. They can be made from plastic, silicon, rubber, metal, and glass for a different feel from one another.

A fun option are the Eggs; an egg-shaped toy that you insert inside and then activate the vibrate function. There is even a very cool version with a remote control, giving the partner total control on when the vibrate function is on and off.

Butt Plugs and Beads are also very popular as they can be made with a vibrate option for even more sensation while being used.



Time to get shopping and to get going

You really can have Valentine’s Day all year when you have a few items that increase the sexual awareness and sexual satisfaction stake for you and your partner.

Buying online can be a quick, affordable, reliable and fun way to select your purchases and is a good way especially for people who may be new to trying these items.

To make that process even easier we also have a range of bundles or gift packs, where a selection of items are bundled together at a reduced price. For example, we have bundles for Cock Enhancement for Him, a Ladies Anal Sex Pack, Valentines Packs for Him and for Her, Kink Packs, Bondage Packs and First Timers Packs.

While February 14th is the actual Valentine’s Day you can see that there are so many ways of putting more into the romance between you and your partner. In return you will have a greater sexual awareness, more pleasure through your increased sexual satisfaction and even more of a sexual bond with your partner. There really is no reason why you both cannot have a far greater sex life by making Valentine’s Day every day.


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