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Valentines Day

How to find a Valentine’s Day gift idea without breaking the bank

Its Valentine’s Day again; 14 February is a date we all seem to remember yet we don’t always seem to know what to buy our loved one, or even worse, we choose the wrong thing.

The most important thing is that Valentine’s Day should be about expressing your love for that special person.

Here are some items that may just say “I Love You” in a way you haven’t done so before.


Here’s how to find unique valentine’s day gift ideas for her

How would your special lady react to something a bit different as a surprise Valentine’s Day gift?

adrenaline gifts australia

Adrenaline Australia

Have a range of gift ideas that may just show your lady how thoughtful and romantic you are. Some of their gift ideas include:

  • Sky Diving
  • Swimming with Dolphins
  • Horse Riding
  • Gourmet Experiences
  • A Chocolate Making Class
  • Hot Air Ballooning
  • Indoor Sky Diving
  • Heavenly Massage

Wow; I wonder if you could choose more than one?


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Your special lady may love flowers; she may even love chocolates more.

edibleblooms Australia

Edible Blooms – Romantic edible gifts

They have a large list of gift ideas for your lady, from a simple posy, to those with wines, “bubbles”, soft toys, spritzers, even balloons. To make things that little bit more fun and thoughtful they have a range of Valentine gift ideas; ways of saying thanks for everything to your single gal friends; to say you are one in a million and perhaps to even celebrate being single. For same sex couples they even have Rainbow Love Gifts for that special day.

How to find Valentine’s day gifts for your girlfriend that will impress her

Are you struggling to find that special gift for your lady? Have some of your gift idea choices been a fail in the past?

hard ti find australia

Hard to find – Unique Gifts for women

This site is crammed with amazing and different gift ideas across a large price range just perfect for Valentine’s Day. Most women love jewellery and this site has beautiful items such as a:

  • Personalised Double Love Heart Necklace
  • Some lovely Bag choices
  • Love Art
  • Women’s Felt Clogs
  • A Chocolate Truffle Making Kit
  • Hand Heart Desk Top Sculpture
  • 12 Ways to say I Love You Journal
  • An Upcycled Sari Lounge Robe or a box of Chocolate Soaps.

You may even decide to bundle these with some novelty sex toys that may brink that extra spark back into your love life.


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Got a lady who likes unique gifts; something quirky or even recycled?


Uncommon Goods – Gifts for her

This site has some gift ideas that will really show how much you love her by the effort you have made to find something special.

Everything you know about buying flowers for your woman is wrong

Your lady may love gifts but then she may also feel it is more romantic when you have organized something special. When was the last time you watched the Sunset (or Sunrise) together? Is there somewhere you used to do that? Could you plan an event around that with food, drinks, romantic music? Put your thinking cap on and spoil her.

Date Nights are always appreciated. Perhaps you have kids and just don’t have the time or money anymore. Could someone mind them, or could they be in child care for the day so that you and your lady could have something for just the two of you?

good housekeeping

Good Housekeeping

This site has romantic suggestions like:

  • Wine Tasting Night
  • A beautiful Kate Spade Knitted Beanie in Millennial Pink
  • Aromatherapy Essential Oil Dispenser or a beautiful Nine West Mini Bucket Bag.

Maybe all she would love would be slow and sensual massage but you don’t know how. It is easy enough to get some massage tips on You Tube and then source some amazing massage oils from near your home. After all, after a nice massage there is always excess oil on the skin that is best removed by a nice bath or shower. I’m sure you could volunteer to assist. Now that is very romantic people.

It doesn’t always have to be about how much money you have spent. The main investment in a romantic gesture should be the thought you have put into it to make her feel special and loved.

How to find a Valentine’s day gift for him without looking desperate

As we mention before, is a website that has a fantastic range of “High Octane” thrills for guys. How about Sky Dives, Jet Fighter Flights, V8 Supercar drives? Want something different?

There are also:

  • Swimming with Sharks
  • European Supercar Drives
  • Aerobatics Flights
  • Rally Driving
  • Jet Pack & Fly boards also on their list of gift ideas.
  • Edible flowers in the form of chocolate posy; either on its own or with beers
  • Wine, spirits, BBQ items or even a succulent plant for home or his office.

These are all things that may be “once in a lifetime” things they have always wanted to do and what better than to make it that something special moment for that something special someone.

Your man may be one who wouldn’t be comfortable receiving Flowers for Valentine’s Day. However have come up with a creative & fun range of gift ideas. Things that could make your man smile & kick start that romantic streak inside him.


How to find a gift for same sex couples in 30 minutes has really beautiful, classy and unique gifts for that special man; particularly for that guy who seems to have everything. Examples include:

  • A Personalised Infinity Bracelet
  • Personalised Socks
  • A quirky wooden Hubby’s Things Coin Tray
  • Sexy underwear
  • Personalised Solid Silver Cufflinks
  • Moustache Shaped Personalised Bookmark for something a little different
  • A beautiful monogrammed Leather Wallet
  • Personalised Gold Cufflinks
  • NRL Lifestyle Speakers
  • Leather Texting Gloves
  • A quirky Bluetooth Record Player
  • Bacon Chocolate Bar
  • Sexy New Underwear

Maybe if your special man has a beard then a perfect gift idea could be a Beard Care Kit or a Hairy Hunk Pouch to put some of his Beard Care items in, or perhaps a Beard Gallery novelty T-Shirt. Why not make Valentine’s Day fun?

At they have a range of Valentine’s Day gift ideas that they promote as being “Anything-but-mushy Valentine’s Day gifts for the best guy ever”.


Here is the best way to to buy a Valentine’s presents for him

Looking for some really quirky Valentine’s Day gift ideas for you man? WOW; what about a Bean Plant where after watering it & exposing it to absorb some sun it gradually reveals an “I Love You” message actually written on the Bean?

That’s very cool.

They also have items like a Pixel Heart Coffee Mug, or a Cannabis Candle (the legal version), or a Sexy Truth or Dare Game to spice things up.

One of a kind gifts are a specialty at

Does your man like Steam Punk or recycled items?

What about something like:

  • A Bike Chain Bowl
  • Spark Plug Plane Paperweight
  • Stone Drink Dispenser or a set of Vinyl Record Bookends.

Is your man a man of style?

esquire mens style

Esquire Men’s Style and Fashion

Esquire could provide some much needed inspiration in your gift idea search. How about a beautiful Sage Candle, or a Peace on Earth Hoodie with a classic Keith Haring print by Noah, or Designer Sneakers by Tom Ford, or some Dad’s Jokes novelty underwear for a bit of fun?

Gifts are lovely but what about other experiences you could plan that say “I love you” to your man?

These could include a beautiful dinner date, especially if it is where you first went on a date, or a restaurant that has always been on his “Wish List”.

A night or weekend away somewhere romantic or special to you both will always put you both in the mood for romance.

What about a Show, or a Movie Night (out or at home) with special food, drinks and lighting? A beautiful picture frame with a favourite picture of you both is always romantic. So too is a bath or shower for two with some beautiful scented candles burning; some amazing skin care products that you massage in for him.

Romance can always be kept alive when you make it something really personal and not looking like an afterthought.


Why you should buy a Valentine’s day gifts for your husband or wife even if been married for over 10 years

There is a trend towards Gifts for Couples; maybe for you and your Partner or as a gift idea for your favourite couple. At they have a range of gift ideas such as Private Helicopter Rides, Romantic Sailing trips, Hot Air Ballooning, or Quad Bikes experiences as something special for two.

Perhaps you want to take that special partner to a place that means something to you both. You may want something simple yet classy at the same time. At have gift ideas like a Chocolate Dipped Strawberry’s or a Chocolate Strawberry Bouquet, either on their own or with a bottle of “Bubbles”. A sure fire move.

How about a Personalised Carved Heart Solid Wood Board, or a Carved Heart Oak Phot Frame, a Couples Date Night Jar, or Penguins in Love Matching Socks with both your names on; or I Love you. I love you More Keyrings?

These are just a few of the awesome gift ideas for couples at that are worth checking out. Couples Massage where you are both massaged at the same time is a wonderful way to spend some quality time together as well as the therapeutic benefits of the treatment.


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Why romantic and intimate Valentine’s day gifts no longer gets you more sex

Get straight to the point and visit an Adult Products shop together, particularly if you have never been before. What a great way of spicing up your love life; perhaps some sexy lingerie or underwear, novelty condoms, some different massage oils or personal lubricants that may put you both in the mood.

That’s very sexy.

A night away somewhere special is always a winner, but it doesn’t have to be a luxury hotel; maybe take a tent & camp in the wilderness under the stars, or a cabin by the sea or in the forests or snow.

There are so many options that just require some thought, and planning.

Maybe you want to shed some of life’s skin that you are carrying around and want to cleanse, or start again. Perhaps a day in a secluded nude beach where you skinny dip in the sea together may stimulate a new start for your romance.

Another inexpensive but romantic way of saying “I love you” is to get a small bowl, or box; then write on squares of paper that you then put into that vessel before pulling out one scrap of paper at a time.

The message might be things like a type of kiss and you both have to have a go at doing that. Perhaps it will be prompts to describe different things you love about each other.

Another action could be to arrange with your partner’s boss to give your partner the day or half-day off work. Next, you then turn up at your partner’s work & whisk them away for that romantic interlude that you have planned.

How about sitting down to write a poem for each other that you then put into picture frames for your bedside tables?

Each year you change the poem and keep the new one until next year.


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