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vagina museum uk

Celebrating the Vagina – Visit The Vagina Museum, London, UK

The London-based vagina museum has programmed two temporary exhibitions per annum. These exhibitions focus on gynecological health, activism and discourse, social history as well as events such as theatre and performance art, comedy, talks and workshops.

You can visit the Vagina Museum UK website here.


How did the museum raise awareness for the exhibition?

Getting the Museum up and running has taken over two years of hard work, awareness raising, as well as a lot of fundraising such as:

  •  A comedy fundraiser that kicked off in May 2017, headlined by Hayley Ellis.
  • A number of subsequent events such as residencies and comedy nights in a variety of UK locations.
  • An exhibition in Edinburgh, Scotland followed by a second pop-up exhibition titled “Is Your Vagina Normal?” that then traveled around the UK.
  • Commendation for Florence Schechter in 2017 in the Arts and Culture category of the Women of the Future Awards, due to her work with the Vagina Museum.
  • Ensuring that the Museum will be trans-inclusive with exhibitions on gynecological anatomy from a science, art and culture perspective.
  • A crowdfunding campaign to raise funds for the Camden Markets premises that now houses the Vagina Museum.
  • Political support from both the Camden Council and Georgia Gould, leader of the Camden Council.


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In mid-November 2019 the Vagina Museum opened its first exhibition “Muff Busters: Vagina myths and how to fight them”.

It’s great to see that in the first week since the Museum opened it has featured in articles as diverse as Time, Forbes, Cosmopolitan and the New York Times.

Articles are fine but with half the world’s population having a Vagina we need to continue with raising awareness, meaningful discussion and above all, social change.

Fundraising will also be an ongoing need for the Vagina Museum and that includes through such methods as their online Shop that has a variety of products, books and art-based items for sale.



Where can i find the Florence Schechter museum?

You can find the Vagina Museum at Unit 17 & 18 Stables Market, Chalk Farm Road, London, NW1 8AH


What is the Florence Schechter Instagram?

You can find the Florence Schechter Instagram here.



Where can i find Florence Schechter Pics?

The best place to find florence schechter pics is from here Instagram page which she frequently updates.

Here are a few of her latest Instagram pics.


Does Florence Schechter Twitter page?

You can find the Florence Schechter Twitter here.

As of December 2019 she has over six followers and growing. This is the best source to find up to date information about her new art exhibitions.


Why is it that mentioning the word “Vagina” brings such a vast array of responses; from hushed conversations, to a school boy-like sniggered innuendo, through to scientific description and everything in between?

Like most things in life there also seems to be the use of humor; perhaps to hide behind rather than having a meaningful discussion. It even has its own array of colloquial words and swear words as alternative descriptors.

What we need to be doing though is to celebrate the Vagina; just as we need to celebrate all body parts and their functions.


What does the Vagina Museum in London have on display and why was it created

The Artist felt that there was a distinct lack of gynecological representation from a culture and heritage perspective; not just in the UK but in the world generally.

Florence Schechter, founder of the Museum did so because she had identified than a Penis Museum existed in Iceland, yet there was no equivalent for the Vulva or Vagina.


The Vagina Museum created a Mission to correct this from a gynecological perspective by:

  1. Spreading knowledge and awareness of anatomy and health.
  2. Confidence-building in people to talk about anatomy issues.
  3. Erasing stigmas around the body and anatomy.
  4. Creating a forum for feminism, women’s rights. The LGBT+ and intersex communities.
  5. Reducing sexual orientation and sexuality-based phobias by challenging heteronormative and cisnormative behaviors.
  6. Being a catalyst in the promotion of feminist, intersectional and trans-inclusive values.


Is there a Vagina Museum in Australia?

The Museum of New and Old Art (MONA) in Tasmania is dedicated to sex and death and as such has around 1,900 exhibits that excite and provoke interest from visitors.

Museum of New and Old Art (MONA) Twitter Page

Museum of New and Old Art (MONA) Instagram Page

Museum of New and Old Art (MONA) Website

One of the exhibits within the museum is The Great Wall of Vagina, 151 porcelain vulvas sculpted from real women proudly displayed for many years. Any museum or art gallery that can have a “Poo Machine” (like MONA did in their inaugural exhibition) can surely handle having an installation piece like the Great Wall of Vagina.


Despite this display at MONA there has never before been a museum dedicated to solely to the Vagina.

This has now changed, in mid-November 2019 with the opening of The Vagina Museum in the Camden Market area of London in the UK.

Major events such as the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras raised awareness of the need to talk about sexuality, LGBT+ issues and rights as well as broad use and discussion of the Vagina; yet there was not a single Museum until the opening of the Vagina Museum in London.

Let’s look at some of the reasons why the Vagina Museum has been created and some of the fantastic things they have on display.



When was the last time you celebrated your Vagina or other Vaginas in your life?

Now that we have discussed how change is taking place regarding awareness of the Vagina through things such as the MONA installation “The Great Wall of Vagina” as well as the Vagina Museum we should be empowered enough to talk about how you can celebrate your own Vagina as well as other Vaginas in your life.

People get embarrassed talking about adult sex toys and other adult sex products but there is no reason to be.

Sexual pleasure, whether your own or that of your partner is something that should be celebrated. It is up to you to have that open and honest discussion with yourself and with your partner so that you can experience a greater and more fulfilling sex life.

You can view our selection of realistic vaginas on our website if you are interested in this kind of sex toy.

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