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The Complete Guide to Male Sex Toys

The Complete Guide to Male Sex Toys

Purchasing male sex toys is still considered as taboo of modern societies, although these products have become completely normal for females to use. Despite their boldness, most men feel uncomfortable just at the thought of ordering a toy from an online store.

Even when you finally gather the courage to make a purchase, you’ll be provided with such an extensive choice of sex toys, which require careful consideration. There is a huge variety of masturbation sleeves, C-rings, sex dolls, penis extenders, prostate massagers, and penis pumps to choose from, each type providing users with specific sexual stimulation.

The following guide will help you learn more about the main types of male sex toys.


Masturbation sleeves

Perhaps one of the most popular types of such toys is the masturbation sleeves, which can be purchased in a variety of styles. Fleshlights are unquestionably the most preferred style by men, whose design imitates the appearance and feel of the female reproductive organ.

The greatest thing about fleshlights is that most of these devices are modeled on the genitalia of well-known porn stars, which even further contributes to sexual pleasure in men. You can choose a fleshlight that’s modeled on your favorite porn actress, thus fulfilling most of your phantasies.

Nevertheless, masturbation sleeves are known to be tricky when it comes to cleaning, as these toys require cleaning every time you use them.

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It’s paramount to clean the fleshlight thoroughly with water in order to prevent any kind of bacterial infection. Despite your unwillingness, make sure you keep your masturbation sleeve clean at all times, instead of explaining your penis infection to the doctor.

After using fleshlights for a longer period of time, most men tend to upgrade to a more advanced device that replicates the waist area.

These sex toys are designed for the purpose of enjoying a more realistic experience. Also, keep in mind that fleshlights aren’t only created for solo play but for being used with a partner as well.

These devices are excellent for couples that wish to try a different kind of foreplay as long as both partners are comfortable with sexual experimentation. Click here to check out seven creative ways of using sex toys with a partner.



Cockring Mojo Minotaur Vibrating Bullet | Mini Clitoral Sex, Penis Vibrator

C-rings are known to be one of the most commonly used male sex toys for the purpose of spicing up the sex life of users. These silicone rings are placed around the phallus so as to restrict the blood flow from reaching the organ.

As a result, while using C-rings, males are capable of postponing ejaculations and improving their erection, which is also beneficial for their female partners.

Moreover, vibrating C-rings are particularly designed to enhance the pleasure of females during sexual intercourse. These devices are equipped with a vibrating flat head whose role is to provide clitoral stimulation during coitus. Consequently, C-rings provide sexual pleasure not only for the wearer but for its partner as well.

Additionally, these male sex toys can be purchased in a wide range of shapes, sizes, and materials, depending on the preferences of buyers.

Anyhow, keep in mind that long-term blood flow restriction can be rather damaging for the male reproductive organ, which is why males are strongly advised against using C-rings for longer than 20 minutes. Make sure you take the necessary precautions in order to avoid damage.


Sex dolls

Leah Lust Secret Agent | Sex Doll Realistic Love Doll Inflatable

Sex dolls have doubtlessly become a trend among men who lack a real woman in their lives. These dolls have become incredibly realistic, thus being almost identical to real-life females.

Most males have fallen in love with these sex toys, as they are designed to fulfill their phantasies without any objections. The following link,, explains the main reasons why everyone should purchase a sex doll.

Nevertheless, these dolls aren’t exactly the most convenient choice of a sex toy due to their large size. Consequently, you won’t be able to hide them or transport them to another location without attracting attention, simply because sex dolls are the same height as actual women.

Another common problem of using such a doll is becoming dependent on her, hence providing her with the same treatment as a real woman. In fact, males who use these dolls for a long period of time are incredibly likely to become addicted to their presence, which is why they end up including these artificial women in their daily routines.

Furthermore, some men face disappointment when having intercourse with a real-life female after sharing their beds with dolls with perfect body shape. It’s paramount not to become addicted to using these toys, as your return to reality will be impossible to face.


Penis pumps

Magnum Penis Cock Vacuum Pump Enlarger Enhancer Stretcher With Air Control

Penis pumps are believed to be similar to C-rings, but the former are a bit more difficult in terms of use. The purpose of these male toys is to provide stronger erection and temporary penis extension, which lasts up to a couple of minutes.

You can choose from a variety of penis pumps, some of which even provide vibration. Make sure you consult a web center like Sex Toys Insights, which provides potential customers with reviews of the best male sex toys in the market. These sites can help you choose a safe, comfortable model that provides the benefits you look for.

In addition, penis pumps are either equipped with a pistol style handle or a pneumatic bulb handle. The former is believed to provide greater speed, while the latter enables better precision. The user is supposed to insert his penis inside the tube and use the handle to start the process of pumping.

Once the air gets pumped out of the tube, the vacuum will enable more blood to flow into the vessels, which results in a better erection.

Apart from being used during foreplay, these sex toys are used for medical purposes as well. For instance, people dealing with erectile dysfunction consider penis pumps as one of the most effective solutions for their problem, which involves no drug treatment.


Prostate massagers

New Prostate Anal Plug Invader 3 | Adult Sex Toy Massager for Couples

Prostate massagers aren’t exactly popular among men, as most of them aren’t interested in this kind of stimulation. These massagers provide males with incredible orgasms solely by stimulating the prostate organ.

The size of prostate massagers varies in accordance with the depth of the organ, as it’s not located at the same depth in all men.
Additionally, some of these massagers include a vibrator, thus enabling couples to introduce such a toy behind closed doors.

In terms of anal stimulation, males are provided with a choice of butt plugs and anal beads, which are identical to the female models. The former can be worn both during solo masturbation sessions and while having intercourse with your partner. The latter toy is excellent for foreplay, as it enhances sexual stimulation.


Penis extenders

Blue Dreams The Feather Pleasure Enhancer | Adult Sex Toy for Couples

As the name implies, penis extenders are male sex toys whose role is to extend the length and girth of the male reproductive organ.

These toys are worn over the actual organ, which is why you’re required to find a model that fits you perfectly. Therefore, most models are made from a soft, flexible material that stretches enough to provide excellent comfort.

Furthermore, the most commonly used penis extenders are undoubtedly the plain ones, which lack any type of specific texture. Anyhow, you can also purchase a model with ridges, or nubs to enable greater vaginal stimulation.

The most advanced variants even include a vibrator on the tip of the device to maximize the sexual pleasure in females.


Material considerations

After making your choice of a male sex toy, you are expected to select one made of the right, body-safe material. For instance, stainless steel is considered to be one of the safest variants due to its amazing durability and non-porous nature.

Consequently, the risk of bacterial infections will be considerably minimized, which is important for protecting the health of users. Also, your sex toy won’t absorb any unpleasant smells or be prone to breaking.

Glass is another body-safe material, perfect for manufacturing extravagant, luxury sex toys. Most of the glass models are handmade, which even further contributes to their uniqueness. The male sex toys made from borosilicate glass are long lasting, non-porous, and nice-looking.

Silicone is another body-safe material as long as it’s not blended with other types of low-quality materials. Therefore, when purchasing silicone sex toys, make sure the manufacturer provides proof that the device is made from 100% silicone. Stay away from companies that can’t guarantee the safety of their products.

Ultimately, there is a wide range of crystal and stone sex toys in the market, which look like pieces of art due to the hand-carving process. However, in order to prevent unnecessary bodily injuries, make sure you choose a model that has no sharp edges. Also, it’s paramount to avoid purchasing such products from unknown manufacturers, as these are likely to sell imitations of the real products.

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Bottom line

There is no reason to embarrass when shopping for such a product.

Go for it!

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