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the best 9 penis pumps

The Best 9 Penis Pumps and Penis Enlargers For Men to Buy Online

As you’d expect with such a sexually responsive area as a mans cock, you can get just about every type of penis pump imaginable: pistol grip, automatic ones, hand pump, electric pumps – you name it.

Whichever type of penis enlarger you choose, make sure you ONLY use ones made specifically for penis girth growth made for your size. If they’re not, there’s a risk there may not be enough pressure around the base of your penis to perform the suction mechanism.

Some types of lubrication are made especially for penis pumping: they’re thick and gloopy, so they evaporate less quickly than the conventional kind. Choose a lube that’s water based, since oil-based ones tend to break down latex inserts and can ruin some pump toys. Wet Stuff lube is ideal, and comes in a pump bottle so there’s no mess.

As your sex toy decision draws to a closer, we would like to give you a run-down of the some must-have penis pump accessories.

Here are the top items we consider absolutely essential to safe, sexy penis enlargement play.


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9. Penis Enlarger Lust Pumper With Trigger Gauge | Erection Vacuum

    Penis Pumps

    Penis Enlarger Lust Pumper With Trigger Gauge | Erection Vacuum Penis Pump


This pump works remarkably well and you will be very pleasantly surprised with its solid design, ease of use and easy to clean setup.

Sex is better when the body and mind are connected. Pumping in an intimate and relaxing space will put your mind and body in the proper mood for better sex.

A bit of advise here; shave the hair at the base of your cock, use plenty of lubricant and don’t set the pressure up too high. This thing is very powerful that it can get painful if you crank it up to high.

  • Length: 8″ (20cm)
  • Diameter: 5.6cm
  • Features: Pressure Release Valve, Trigger Holder, Silicone Holster



8. Magnum Penis Cock Vacuum Pump Enlarger Enhancer Stretcher With Air Control

    Best Seller
    Penis Pumps

    Magnum Penis Cock Vacuum Pump Enlarger Enhancer Stretcher With Air Control

    $119.00 $109.00-8%

Using all of your senses is very important to finding the right setting for sex. When you get ready for your pumping session, sounds are important for the setting as well. Play some music that will relax you or maybe a play list that you could play while getting warmed up for sex after you have enlarged your penis size.

The Magnum penis pump is a high grade, advanced quality enlargement pump, it provides precise suction and is reliable as it has a surgical latex sleeve for comfort. The metal trigger connected to the pump is durable and will last longer than a plastic trigger.

The magnum penis pump also has a metal quick release control to instantly release pressure from the cylinder.

  • Tube Length: 7.9″ (20cm)
  • Tube Width: 2.6″ (6.5cm)
  • PVC tube
  • Pressure gauge for control



7. 10 Inch Penis Cock Vacuum | Professional Grade Pistol-Grip Power Pump

    Relaxing is a very important factor when pumping up your cock. Your pumping space is supposed to be relaxing and so are the people involved if you are part of a group penis pumping session. Make sure to breathe slowly in through your nose and out through your mouth. This will slow down your heartbeat and make you more relaxed.

    Discover a thicker throbbing penis with this professional grade 10 inch pistol-grip penis power pump. This is a safe non surgical alternative to penis enlargement. This penis pump with a manual grip has a soft PVC sleeve which forms a perfectly tight seal against the skin which creates the perfect vacuum to create a larger girth. The clear, vacuum cylinder allows you to see your cock grow fatter and wider as you pump it up.

    • 10 inch penis shaped pump with pistol grip device
    • Multi-speed vibrating egg for more pleasure
    • Push button quick release
    • Easy to use with great results



    6. Lust Pumper 8 Vibrating Pump

      Being totally aware of all the elements during your penis pumping session is important. Try not to day dream very much and just be in the moment. Notice how warm or cold the pumping sensation is. How the touch of your penis feels against certain areas of the penis pump.

      This pump is a must in a mans life for his woman, the vacuum is strong enough to produce some consistently satisfying results. We are confident you will relish it.

      This pump has incredible suction, which provides maximum stimulation and pleasure.

      • Large Suction Tube
      • Pressure Release Valve
      • Bulb Suction Handle
      • Transparent cylinder with gauge enables you to watch yourself



      5. Penis Enlarger Mojo Momentum

        Better orgasms are a goal for everyone. It’s a natural instinct for someone to want more of something if they like it. Once you’ve had an amazing orgasm, there is no going back to a menial one. There are certain things that you can do in order to reach a heightened orgasm experience. We believe a larger and firmer cock helps with pleasuring your partner.

        This pump has a simple lever-action handle which evenly pulls air out of the clear chamber, only when using it will you will notice the measurement scale inside the clear plastic.

        The gauge is mounted directly to the extraction end of the device to ensure accuracy. It is an effective tool for prolonging the time of premature ejaculation and penis masturbation.

        An airlock mechanism holds the pressure in the chamber whenever you decide to stop pumping, in the short term, 20% growth ain’t bad with this cock pump so get ready to bring a whole new level of excitement to your sex game.

        • Material: ABS, Plastic, Silicone
        • Features: Hypo-allergenic, Latex Free, Phthalates Free
        • Length: Total – 36.8 cm (14.5 inch)
        • Mechanism: Finger Piston



        4. Mojo G-Force Digital Penis Pump Enlarger

          Sometimes sex is a mindless act that leads us to get off. In order to have better orgasms you should be in the mood mentally, to have your penis pumped to a larger size also helps to be in the mood physically.

          This has automatic suction power with deluxe, digital design, lay back and enjoy the suction pressure doing its job as your penis grows larger.

          The suction on this penis pump is incredible, the bulb type pumps are around 6 psi and the Mojo reaches 7 psi and then automatically cuts out.

          3 to 4 psi is comfortable and recommended as a safe suction to start with. Be careful not to over pump. You can regulate the pressure with the controls to find the right pressure.

          This is fully waterproof sex toys so you can use it anywhere – not only in the bedroom but also in the bath or shower if you wish.

          • Material: Silicone and ABS plastic (Latex and phthalates free)
          • Capacity: Mojo G Force will suit penises up to 9.8 Inches



          3. Enlarger Pro Gauge | Penis Cock Vacuum Pump Enlarger

            Penis Pumps

            Enlarger Pro Gauge | Penis Cock Vacuum Pump Enlarger Enhancer Stretcher


          In order to tell your partner exactly how you like to have sex you must first figure it out for yourself. Find out what you like. If you feel more confident after you have pumped up your penis, you can masturbate first by yourself and see how you feel.

          The top gauge professional pressurized pump is a deluxe vacuum pump and cylinder designed to make pumping your way to a bigger penis easy and measurable. The hose ring is a nice thick, rubberized material that wont crimp or collapse with normal use. The pump handle is easy to pull and provides powerful and controlled suction. The release valve button is a good size and lets air out quickly if you need it to.

          This pump comes with a powerful, easy to use pistol-grip pump. This is far superior to the standard pumps!

          • 7 1/2 inch Cylinder
          • Easy to use, well made
          • Big results!


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          2. Silicone Vibro Penis Cock Vacuum Pump – Enlarger Enhancer

            Relaxing is the most important thing to do when trying to reach an orgasm after using a penis pump. Be calm, tranquil, and peaceful so that you can fully enjoy the experience of hitting that amazing orgasm.

            This is awesome for a first timer. The assembly on this penis pump is straight forward, you can put this thing together just by following the picture itself.

            The vacuum enhances the girth and length. The rings are fairly easy to apply. It doesn’t take much to stretch them over the end of the tube. Be careful if you have never used a penis pump before! Using lube is essential. Just put a little “water based” lube around the bottom and on your member.

            This penis pump comes with a vibrating egg, control and ribbed internal cylinder for extra pleasure.



            1. The Perfect Pump Penis Cock Vacuum Pump – Enlarger Stretcher

              The Perfect Pump is a one hand penis pump with grip and three super soft sleeves for tight suction. This is the perfect pump for penis strengthening and lengthening exercises.

              The suction tube is made of high quality plastic so it won’t kink up while using it on your manhood. The extender has a measuring system on the side of the cylinder that allows for easy measuring while using. We would recommend to use a condom while using this pump to protect the penis while entering.

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