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The best 5 sex party games

The Best 5 Sex Games & Party Games for Couples and Swingers Parties

When you’ve been with someone for a while, sex is rarely as wild and exciting as it was in the early days. You develop a routine. You know exactly how to bring your lover to orgasm quickly and efficiently, and they know just how to return the favour. It gets the job done but before long that same old set of moves gets boring. That’s when many of us begin to lose interest.

So what’s the solution? For a long time we’ve been told that increasing emotional intimacy will fix everything, this may not be true. We think that something fun and exciting such as a party game can make sexual acts more unique and creative.

Whilst long-term relationships increase our trust, our lust for each other tends to dwindle. A growing number of experts now believe that challenging and pushing each other’s boundaries sexually through challenging sex games is the key to keeping the passion alive.

Wondering where to begin your search? Here’s a roundup of adult party sex games you can buy online now.


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5. The Kama Sutra Tower Sex Positions

    You can make your lover feel wanted by embracing whatever it is that makes you both feel fun, young and sexy. Invest in that occasional dirty weekend away with a quirky fun game like this and you could just be saving your relationship.

    This game can get real fun real fast! You can even write some of our own rules for more of an adventurous time with the game.

    If you are looking for a way to spice things up to get her interested, while learning how to play jenga, this game is for you.


    4. Erotic Body Adventure Dice Party Game

    Feed desire by showing appreciation for your lover. Go beyond the catch-all “you’re beautiful” and bring a fun dice game to the table to show it is something exciting to you.

    Erotic body dice game is a simple and fun game to spice things up. This could be one of the best purchases you have ever made.


    3. Kama Sutra Fun Adult Dice Set for Newlyweds

      Kinky sex is, in essence, all about demonstrating your desire for your lover. It’s about showing you’re so crazy about them that you want to take them to places they’ve never been, to spark that electricity between
      you, to give them incredible experiences.

      You are never too old to do it, but these are still fun! These dice would make a great gift for a bachelor/bachelorette party! Gift them to your partner on Valentine’s day, a wedding anniversary or to a couple of friends.


      2. Lover Dart Party Game

      With no opportunity to explore their own erotic nature, when women are married they couldn’t think up ways of how their man could please them. If your partner has an open mind, swinging is something something you can both explore if there is a certain amount of trust sustained between you and your partner.

      To create a fun atmosphere, fun party games can be used with some drinks to get everyone familiar with each other.

      With this party game, to mount it on the wall correctly – put screws both in the top and the bottom of the dart board – the board sits snugly and doesn’t move while taking the darts off.


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      kama sutra ebook



      1. Fukk Adult Game

        Fukk is a game you will love!

        It is definitely a mental challenge, Fukk will have you laughing so much (with or without alcohol involved). This is a great game for couples, a bachelorette hens night party or as a valentines gift.

        Fukk is a great game to play with friends, it messes with your head, once you get the hang of this game you will find it is a lot of fun and you definitely want to create some alternate rules.


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