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the 5 best douche products

The Best 5 Anal Douche and Vaginal Douche Enema Products to Buy Online

While being flushed out, using a douche products is rarely anything to worry about. It is advised that your anal and vaginal area should be cleaned out with water before sex to avoid any unwanted dirtiness.

The firm, but easy to squeeze bulb provided with most douche products make for a stable structure to manoeuvre the device. With a quality product you will instantly feel the warm water swirl inside you without any stimulation or pressure on your prostate or vagina.

Fortunately, most vaginal and anal cleaning problems can be treated with water douching toys. They come in a variety of forms, including portable douches, straight length and bent length products. Here are the top douche products to consider, depending on your condition and preferences.

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We are committed to researching, testing, and recommending the best products, here’s a roundup of douche and enema products you can buy online now.



Best overall: Premium Squeeze Clean, Anal Rectal Douche

    Squeeze clean douche by Seven Creations is a unisex medical style douche made from ABS plastic with a smooth TPR covering.

    Trying to find a douche like this that not only looks good but appears easy to use and fairly comfortable is quite a tough job.

    The premium squeeze douche nozzle is smooth with no sharp edges. It is easy to use and fills easily by sucking in liquid through the nozzle. When inserted, squeeze the douche bulb to let water move in and gently clean the area. The flow of water benefits from the added holes and keeps you from feeling as bloated before release.

    Capacity: 250ml.


    Best for travel: Portable Travel Douche

      This travel douche set comes with both a vaginal and anal attachment, so you can use this kit anywhere, for all your soaking or washing needs! This is great for those who enjoy anal play or simply have constipation.

      Tip: Never use tap water as it contains chlorine, stick to bottled or filtered water and warm it up a bit before use.

      This douche can hold up to two litres.

      The method for using the douche must be followed with care.

      1. The bag is to be hung at a height that is comfortable for you to reach, but high enough to allow the fluid to flow freely down the tube.
      2. Screw the tube into the bottom of the bag. Check to be sure the tap is in the OFF position.
      3. Screw on either the vaginal or anal attachment. To adjust the flow of liquid, adjust the tap.


      Best for him: Smart Wash Anal Rectal Douche

        When in use it has no leakage at the connection point between the plastic tip and the bulb. It holds plenty of liquid and is thin enough to provide a smooth entry. This is unique in its ability to wake up your prostate gland and those scrumptiously sensitive internal nerve endings, whilst starting the preparation for anal sex, anal play and the use of sex toys.

        If you want something to spray out your insides then this will do it. This douche is well built and the applicator is small and smooth.

        • Body safe, hygienically superior cleaning system
        • Easy-squeeze bulb with flared sleeve for a non-leak fit
        • Super smooth surface attachment

        Total length: 27.5 cm

        Diameter: 2.5 cm

        Douche kanye
        Always remember to douche – “Kanye West”


        Best for her: Smart Wash Rippo Vaginal Douche

          Smart wash douche is made with an angle in the shaft, so you are able to clean out your anus before sex. It definitely does what it’s intended to do, which is douche your insides.

          This douche has a clean sleek design to allow for less pain and ease of use. If this is your first time trying an douche, you will be shocked at what was being missed without it. The large capacity bulb, provides enough capacity to flush and provides a ridged hand mount.

          This douche is incredibly easy to use – just squeeze the bulb, place it underwater, and then release the squeeze allowing water to draw in. When inserted, squeeze the douche bulb to let water move in and gently clean the area.

          Total length: 26 cm
          Diameter: 2.8 cm


          Best snug fit: Storm Rider Anal Douche

            This fancy storm rider free flow douche is easy to use, comfortable, and well suited when you use warm water and a little lube on the tip.

            This douche is ridged, the size of the bulb is just about right and the smooth edges of the tube make it easier to insert. When applied properly it will provide you with waves of satisfaction.

            • High volume powerful water ejaculation.
            • Silky smooth outer surface for a comfortable entry.
            • Easy to use ‘squeeze to squirt’ action.
            • 26.5 cm length
            • 843
            • 345
            • 244
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