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the best 10 egg vibators

The Best 10 Remote Control Egg Bullet Vibrators

The whole point of sex for a guy is to reach an orgasm, but for a girl to get an orgasm without faking it then it takes many different elements put together. The biggest reason that girls don’t orgasm is because of no foreplay, no excitement and no stimulation of their sensitive areas.

There are many emotions that have to be aligned in order for a women to get off. So if you’re a guy and you want all of your girls to keep wanting more or if you want to be the king of orgasms then take a look at buying a vibrating egg. Once you are a master of using this toy on your partner, you can move onto perfecting sex.

Get creative and perk up any everyday outing with a remote-control sex toy. It feels deliciously naughty being in public with a dirty little secret only you and your lover know about. Hand your wife or girlfriend the toy as she is getting dressed for dinner and get her to insert it.

She will get quite distracted enjoying the vibrations while you are out in public.


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10. Vibe Therapy Neritina With Remote – Bullet G Spot Remote Vibrator

This bullet vibrator with remote control and a soft pink anal stimulator has a total of 7 vibration levels (3x pulsating, 1x accelerating, 3x vibrating). One sits in the thrusting shaft teasing your inner pleasure zones, while the other powers the clitoris for blended orgasmic bliss.

We can tell you that this vibrator is worth every penny, and if you are looking for a vibrator, than this is the one you should choose, this rabbit vibe makes a great companion for out-of-bedroom activities.

You’ll enjoy high-intensity, silent vibration with both pulsating and vibrating functions – perfect for that trip to the shops, cinema, restaurant or art gallery.

  • 100% medical grade silicone and ABS
  • 7 controlled vibration intensity programs
  • Contains: 1 x remote control 1 x Bullet Vibrator 1 x Vibrator


9. Vibrating Egg Remote Control Metro Silver

Spoil yourself or your partner with the blissful sensations of it’s waves and pulses, this three inch bullet vibrator can be controlled with adjustable intensity.

Make her come more then once with this discreet vibrator.


8. Play Candi Remote Egg Fudgy

When using this sex toy, the physical and mental energy that is used during sex is like adding gas to the fire.

This egg has 7 modes of unique vibration patterns and speeds which means experimentation is encouraged. The remote has 100 feet (or 20 meters) of range, letting you play from far away to make playtime easier. Let your partner take control of your sweet satisfaction to keep you guessing.


7. Egg Intimate Cartridge Companion | Love Egg For Women

Egg Intimate Cartridge Companion | Love Egg For Women

These vibrating eggs are guaranteed to rock your world, you can use them separately or together if you are feeling adventurous. Why not give your partner control of the vibrations and see where the night takes you.

To explore the different modes, simply press the start button to activate the remote, after just a couple of minutes on your clit you may experiencing a beautiful full blown orgasm. Press the mode button to cycle through the settings while you simply lie back and enjoy the sensations.



6. Vibrating Egg Remote Slinky Heart 10 Functions

So guys if you want to be more than just a hookup then you should focus on foreplay techniques such as a high quality vibrating egg. This will definitely raise your chances of being a future boyfriend or maybe even husband.

With ten pulsating rhythms and being 100% waterproof this egg remote certainly does pack a punch. Not only does this thrilling toy feel amazing while you use it, but once removed you’ll be left ultra-sensitive for further play.


5. Butterfly Remote Control The Horny Hornet Harness

When your girl wears this, she won’t be able to wait until she gets home to have sex.

Adjustable harness for a comfortable ride with an isometric butterfly for perfect clitoral stimulation offering the possibility of hands-free fun. The straps are made from ultra-stretchy silicone with non-tarnishing, nickel-free iron adjusters for an improved fit.


4. Egg Ultra7 Silver

Start focusing on foreplay with the vibrating egg, this will allow you to explore the different possibilities that are out there. Believe us when we say, doing this will lead to having sex on a more frequent basis.

Many men think that foreplay must always lead to sex but that is not true. Using foreplay by itself without leading to sex can have many positive things come with it. Introducing a sex toy like this is a great way to initiate foreplay with minimal effort and the most excitement.

Versatile, compact, powerful and pocket-sized, this is perfect for any experience level, no matter if you’re a beginner or seasoned expert. It’s a fun toy to bring a spark into the bedroom. Small, convenient, and discreet are the best words to describe this product.

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3. Vibrating Egg Extravagantly Sumptuous

Sex is really a whole bunch of sensations that are all wrapped up in one physical and emotional act. Everyone has different areas that if touched in the right way will get the juices flowing like crazy. You can use this egg to find what works for your partner.

This vibration set has two very sexy mini egg vibes that can be used independently and tapered for easy insertion, the love balls slide inside the vagina with gratifying ease. Electrifying stimulation is silent with this discreet bullet – as long as you contain your screams of delight, go slow with the 8 vibration options or you may climax a little too quickly.


2. Egg Remote Control Ultra Seven Lavender

    It is important to figure out what your partner likes and what makes them squirm. A lot of the fun of sex and foreplay is when both the guy and the girl are finding and identifying the sensitive areas of one another.

    When you buy this bullet egg you will experience 7 modes of pure pleasure & vibrations, it offers all-encompassing clitoral or internal stimulation with breathtaking results. The remote control can be used up to 20 metres away so use it alone for convenience or hand it to your husband under the table.


    1. Egg Remote Control 10 Function Bullet

    One of the best spots to touch on the female body is the inner thighs. The thighs are very sensitive and with the right touch can make ready for more, use this highly advanced bullet egg while talking dirty to her and with a light rubbing will turn her on.

    The remote control bullet vibrator comes with a soft, silicone sleeve covered in multiple nubby ticklers, operational at over 12 metres, this close-packed wireless remote control unit features 10 programs for supreme orgasms. The vibrating bullet itself is tapered for easy insertion, suitable for beginners, weighing in at 64g with the batteries inserted.

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