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the 1o best large dildos

The Best 10 Premium Monster Large Size Dildo’s for Gay and Straight Couples

So you want a dildo that’s got it all, sleek looks, a luxury silky smooth feel, a waterproof casing and multiple orgasm inducing intensities?

When you are looking to buy a dildo online, you must realize that some super-cheap dildo’s contain potentially harmful chemicals like phthalates.

We like to recommend thinking of your sex toy purchases in terms of cost-per-use. You don’t have to hundred of dollars to get something of high quality. There are plenty of mid to high range dongs that offer a great experience made of body safe materials which are set at a reasonable price.

Having a proper guide for tested and reviewed dildo’s can help your sex life, by introducing some kink into your sexual routine you can keep the flame going and help to achieve mutual satisfaction.

Having this guide at your disposal will help make you more confident to the opposite sex which will increase desire. A sexual activity that’s freaky to one person can be standard for another. The only people who get to decide what to do and what not to do are you and your lover.

We are committed to researching, testing, and recommending the best products, here’s a roundup of dildo products you can buy online now.



10. Lee Roys Long Dong – Huge Premium Sex Toy

With the right sex toys, it’s easy to spoil and tease your partner to heightened states of arousal. This is why we have selected this huge premium sex toy in our top ten sex toys list.

This huge big black dildo comes with the Intimate III remote control by NMC. This remote will give you control over the vibrating frequency of the penis. It has three speeds, so you can start of lazy and sensual and end on a high frequency orgasm.

Length: 23cm
Girth: 6cm


9. Curved Passion 7.5 Dong With Suction Cup

This is a filling 7 inch dildo which features all the detailing you’ll need, this dildo is realistically styled to resemble a real penis and scrotum.

With a strong suction cup base, you can attach this dildo to any smooth flat surface.

We like to tell our customers to use this while you gently nibble, lick or blow on different areas, closely watching your partner’s reactions to see which
places they like best.

Length: 7.5 Inches
Insertable Length: 6.5″ Inches
Girth: 4.5″ at largest point
Width: 1.5″ at largest point


8. Dark Stallions Black Stagecoach Hump 9 Inches

This is an enormous black dildo with throbbing veins, a bulbous head and firm balls for G-spot grinding positive stimulus. This large sex toy is specially developed with HardTex material which is smooth, soft, firm and sensitive.

It’s heavy, solid, smooth and deliciously daunting, and can be used for either
vaginal or anal play.

Length: 9 Inches


7. Hoodlum 11 Inch Flesh Dong

With this huge dildo, it will not matter if you are sharing the love with a partner, or indulging in solo entrance play, the swollen heads offer tiptop stimulation for lesbian couples.

This 11 Inch dong penetrates easily. Past the head, the shaft slims out just a bit before widening slowly toward the bottom. A pair of soft realistic balls bump and grind against your g-spots during play.

Flesh Coloured
Suction Cup base
Length: 11 Inches (Length : 26 cm / Thickness : 5 cm)
Material: PVC

monster dildo
The look on his face when you suggest buying this monster sex toy


6. Dong Double Ended 13 Inch Dildo

With two thick ends and a strong, flexible shaft, solo or shared double penetration with your partner is yours to investigate. Bend the long flexible shaft in half and insert both ends for spine-tingling pleasure. This sex toy is phthalate free for safe play time fun and has been hand crafted with particular detail.

4 inch circumference
13 inches in length


5. 10 Inches Black Dildo With Handle

The enormous dildo is stiff where it counts, but smooth and soft enough for a comfortable fit with ridges, veins and head for sensual, satisfying delight. If you want a truly filling pragmatic dildo that gives awesome sensations as it slides inside you, this huge and lifelike sex toy is for you.


4. Inflatable Pressurized Giant 10 Inches – Huge Enlargeable Dildo

Kinky sex is, in essence, all about demonstrating your desire for your lover. It’s about showing you’re so crazy about them that you want to take them to places they’ve never been, to spark that electricity between you, to give them incredible experiences. Why not show them you love them by trying an inflatable large dildo. Give your partner control over how much cock you can handle.

The pump has a pressure release valve so you can quickly deflate the dildo. This hardcore pump-up vinyl dildo has a medical-style pump ball, filling your anus with thick stimulation so you can fulfill even your most demanding sex toy ambitions to take on a big sex toy.

Length: 10 Inches


3. Mega Double Dong 19 Inches – Huge Premium Sex Toy

This ultra-veiny dildo tipped with 2 bulbous external body parts can be relished on your own for the ultimate in complete sense experiences. The double dildo can be bent, distorted and angled to suit many positions and acts with a partner if you feel like sharing its generous 19 inches of pleasure.

It is shaped into an extra long, realistically detailed shaft tipped by a smoothly rounded penis head on each end.

Length: 19 Inches



2. Inflatable Penis Premium

This vibrator by Seven Creations is a premium sex toy that inflates to twice its standard girth for the intense sensation of complete fullness. Once activated, the vibrator provides a potently intense but quiet vibration, easily dominated by you or your lover by the remote multi-speed dial.

Fully Waterproof
7 Powerful Functions
Easy Air Release
Length: 20cm
Thickness: 3cm


1. Black Man Of War Super Dong – Huge Dildo

Does size matter? In this case, yes. Some dildos and vibrators are so big they may make your partner feel a little, how shall I put this … inadequate by comparison.

This 10 Inch Man O War is one huge dildo. The flexible shaft allows for tactics and targeting depth while the large head and thick shaft will keep size queens gorged and anal enthusiasts excited.

This breathtaking dildo offers unequaled pleasure for the highly advanced large sex toy admirer.

Length: 38 cm
Girth: 8 cm

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