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the 1o best large dildos

The Best 10 Premium Monster Large Size Dildo’s for Gay and Straight Couples

So you want a dildo that’s got it all, sleek looks, a luxury silky smooth feel, a waterproof casing and multiple orgasm inducing intensities?

When you are looking to buy a dildo online, you must realize that some super-cheap dildo’s contain potentially harmful chemicals like phthalates.

We like to recommend thinking of your sex toy purchases in terms of cost-per-use. You don’t have to hundred of dollars to get something of high quality. There are plenty of mid to high range dongs that offer a great experience made of body safe materials which are set at a reasonable price.

Having a proper guide for tested and reviewed dildo’s can help your sex life, by introducing some kink into your sexual routine you can keep the flame going and help to achieve mutual satisfaction.

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Having this guide at your disposal will help make you more confident to the opposite sex which will increase desire. A sexual activity that’s freaky to one person can be standard for another. The only people who get to decide what to do and what not to do are you and your lover.

We are committed to researching, testing, and recommending the best products, here’s a roundup of dildo products you can buy online now.


10. Double Senior Slender Bender – Double Ended Massager Lesbian

Double Senior Slender Bender – Double Ended Massager Lesbian

Based on the wildly popular double dong 18 incher, this dildo is now but in a vibrant new purple colour, this boutique-friendly dildo line is designed to hit just the right spots every single time.

Use a great quality water or silicone based lube with this dildo, it’ll keep things slick and pleasurable, while protecting your sex toy for future use.

Length: 17 Inches
Diameter: 2 Inches



9. Buttcock Jolly Red – Gay Sex Toy Suction Cup, Premium Sex Toy

Buttcock Jolly Red – Gay Sex Toy Suction Cup, Premium Sex Toy

Plug the suction cup onto any smooth surface and instantly transform it into a stage for your own private sex show. Feast your eyes on the powerful girth, that profoundly veined shaft, those big old balls and the 6.5 insertable inches that will take your climax to the max.

Length: 6.5 Inches
Base type: Flared with Suction



8. Dark Stallions Black Stagecoach Hump 9 Inches

This is an enormous black dildo with throbbing veins, a bulbous head and firm balls for G-spot grinding positive stimulus. This large sex toy is specially developed with HardTex material which is smooth, soft, firm and sensitive.

It’s heavy, solid, smooth and deliciously daunting, and can be used for either
vaginal or anal play.

Length: 9 Inches


7. Double Dong Jelly Purple – Huge Premium Gay Sex Toy

Double Dong Jelly Purple – Huge Premium Gay Sex Toy

Satisfaction awaits as the clear jelly double ended dildo delights you with its seductive textures. This dildo combines immaculate detailing with a texture that’s virtually indistinguishable from true flesh, the double ended dongs material will even promptly and naturally take on body heat.

Length: 18 Inches (45.7 cm)


monster dildo
The look on his face when you suggest buying this monster sex toy


6. Dong Double Ended 13 Inch Dildo

With two thick ends and a strong, flexible shaft, solo or shared double penetration with your partner is yours to investigate. Bend the long flexible shaft in half and insert both ends for spine-tingling pleasure. This sex toy is phthalate free for safe play time fun and has been hand crafted with particular detail.

4 inch circumference
13 inches in length


5. Double Junior Dong Red Jelly – Huge Premium Sex Toy

Double Junior Dong Red Jelly – Huge Premium Sex Toy

Super-sized contentment awaits as the double ended clear jelly dildo delights you with its teasing character. Firm enough for easy insertion but bendable enough for versatile play the soft clear jelly dong returns to shape every time.

  • Length: 12 inches
  • Width: 1.5 inches
  • Girth: 4.7 inches
  • Body-safe, latex-free, non-phthalate PVC


4. Inflatable Pressurized Giant 10 Inches – Huge Enlargeable Dildo

Kinky sex is, in essence, all about demonstrating your desire for your lover. It’s about showing you’re so crazy about them that you want to take them to places they’ve never been, to spark that electricity between you, to give them incredible experiences. Why not show them you love them by trying an inflatable large dildo. Give your partner control over how much cock you can handle.

The pump has a pressure release valve so you can quickly deflate the dildo. This hardcore pump-up vinyl dildo has a medical-style pump ball, filling your anus with thick stimulation so you can fulfill even your most demanding sex toy ambitions to take on a big sex toy.

Length: 10 Inches


3. Mega Double Dong 19 Inches – Huge Premium Sex Toy

    This ultra-veiny dildo tipped with 2 bulbous external body parts can be relished on your own for the ultimate in complete sense experiences. The double dildo can be bent, distorted and angled to suit many positions and acts with a partner if you feel like sharing its generous 19 inches of pleasure.

    It is shaped into an extra long, realistically detailed shaft tipped by a smoothly rounded penis head on each end.

    Length: 19 Inches


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    2. French King Kong Sex Toy Huge 14 Inch Vibrator

    French King Kong Sex Toy Huge 14 Inch Vibrator

    No other vibrator provides deep long penetration pleasure like this so you can enjoy it with your lover or by yourself! This is a super girthy extra long realistic vibrator for oversized lifelike play which is suitable for anal or vaginal play. It has a big fat penis head and raised vein textures all over the shaft for realistic pleasure.

    Twist the controller on the base to let loose on the vibration settings.

    • 14 Inches Long / 3 Inches Wide



    1. Rechargeable Unik Rabbit – Sex Toy Vibrator

    Rechargeable Unik Rabbit – Sex Toy Vibrator

    This vibrator is made by seven creations and comes with two very powerful engines it has 3 modes of rotation to stimulate your G spot and the clitoris.

    The smooth and rounded head of rabbit vibrator is ergonomically angled to hit your elusive pleasure zones while a pair of bunny ears sit in prime position to stimulate your clitoris with intelligent vibration modes.

    The end of the shaft is the perfect firmness for a cracking massage with enough squish to feel cozy.  The whirling motion will feel awesome on your g-spot, in which we recommend using pressure instead of hard thrusting.

    This vibrator becomes an indispensable companion you will love, while the controls and the quiet sound this vibrator provides a unique experience. Unlike other premium vibrators, this toy has one button for the clitoral arm and another for the rotation.  So you can mix and match vibration and rotation speeds to utterly suit your needs.

    • Hygienically Superior Grade Silicone
    • 7 Powerful Functions
    • 3 Rotation Speeds
    • USB Rechargeable
    • USB Cord Included
    • Fully Waterproof


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    • 634
    • 25
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