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The best 8 metal sex toys online

The 8 Best Metal Sex Toys and Glass Dildo’s to Buy Online

Adding an extra touch of excitement with a saucy metal dildo or a hand crafted glass vibrator can genuinely satisfy your partner. Our customers sometimes have a slight allergic reaction to particular silicone or plastic materials which are porous by nature, these issues can be avoided when purchasing an adult sex toy made from metal or glass.

The main benefit from using a glass or metal sex toy is the assurance of their cleanliness. Glass being a nonporous material meaning it is not permeable by factors such as water, body fluids, lubricants and other impurities.

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The line between being a good girl and a bad one is fuzzy, and any girl or woman can inadvertently step over that line at any time. What makes a bad girl more exciting is experimenting with different metal and glass sex toys.

With metal and glass sex toys you can chill them or warm them up for extra excitement, you can caress sensitive body parts which may not be as receptive to these temperatures as a toy can be.

Wondering where to begin your search? Here’s a roundup of metal and glass sex toys you can buy online now.


Best Overall: Lamour Glasstix (Vibrating) 10 Functions – Glass Vibrator

This glass vibrator features a distinct tip and a gentle natural shape held comfortably in hand. It has 10 dynamic functions which give you truly amazing sensations, it comes supplied with two batteries with a gorgeous carrying case and bag.

Since glass is nonporous, cleanup is a breeze.

Length: 5 Inches

Sex Toy Tip: With the Glasstix vibrator it offers a no-strings-attached, intense, disconnected sexual experience.Using this with your partner sex acts are always successful, ending with an orgasm for both.


Best Sensations: Smooth Sleek And Cool Metal – Metal Dildo Sex Toy

    With a metallic plated design for a quality finish and a pointed tip for sensitive spots to make your body come alive when you try it with heat or cold alternatives. The metal dildo is nonporous and body safe, and when cared for properly, is designed to last a lifetime.

    Sex Toy Tip: The best thing about metal toys is the temperature aspect. The toy starts cool, and warms up to your body as you play. With a bit of lube, you can slip this in smoothly to experience unbelievable amounts of pleasure.


    Best for her: Metal Heavy Anal Beads – Adult Couples Sex Toys

      Tapered at the tip for easy insertion whether you’re a beginner or a pro, these stainless steel balls are mounted on a flexible string for premier pleasure. These are waterproof, so you can take it with you in the bath or shower for aquatic anal fun.

      Clean well before and after use.

      Material: Stainless steel and cotton thread
      Size: 17 inches
      Diameter: 1 inch
      Package list: 1 piece of anal beads and pull ring

      Sex Toy Tip: We think this has a nice touch and is more personal than using an anal rod. Pull each bead out slowly to create new levels of intensity.


      Best for him: Glass Dildo Rattle Tail – Anal Sex Toys, Adult Product

      As with all GlassTIX sex toys it is made from the finest quality hardened pyrex, indulge in a strength thats uniquely satisfying for both internal and external treatments.

      Your glass dildo is also perfect for temperature play: simply submerge it in warm water, or cool it in the fridge for 10 minutes before use.

      Length: 7 inches (17.8cm)
      Retains heat and cold
      100% Waterproof

      Sex Toy Tip: The shaft on this glass sex toy is entirely solid and straight with no ‘give’ to it. Warm this baby up, and apply quite a bit of pressure on your partners clit for the ultimate orgasm.


      Best for beginners: Metallic Mystics Slimline – Sex Toy Vibrator

      Stylish is just the start as this unique vibrator will excite you and make you feel every intense feeling with the metallic casing designed for you to enjoy. With the smooth, rounded ends, this majestic vibe is designed to easily stroke your g-spot and explore a multitude of sense experiences.

      Sex Toy Tip: The size of this vibrator will make you feel joyous, use it to implement deep levels of penetration to deliver quivering vibes as deeply as needed. With a very smooth and soft exterior it will be very easy to slide in and out.


      Best value: Glass Toucan Dong Probe – Glass Anal Dildo Sex Toy

      Featuring a tapered tip to ease insertion and a heart-shaped handle for safe and easy handling GlassTIX sex toys are made from the finest quality hardened pyrex. This beaded shaft glass dildo offers the supreme vaginal or anal stimulation. Chill it under cold water or put it in the freezer for a cool sensation.

      Length: 12.7 cm (5 inches)
      Girth: 2.5-3.5 cm

      Sex Toy Tip: Use this baby as your go to dildo for anal play. For vaginal play you can’t really go too hard with glass in your vagina without it being a bit painful due to the firmness of the toy.


      Best performance: Glass Anal Beads 5 Inches – Sex Toys, Adult Products

      With tapered insertion these 7 glass balls are mounted on a solid shaft, this luxurious line of glass massagers will leave you blow away.

      The hypoallergenic glass is nonporous and body safe, slick and pleasantly weighted with a solid material which is designed to last a lifetime.

      100% Waterproof

      Sex Toy Tip: With it’s tapered shape, combined with pressure and the hardness of the glass it makes for endearing sensations.  What makes this sex toy exciting is that you can then chill it, or warm it up for extra excitement.


      Best Quality: Layla Margherita Multi Function – Best Dildo For Men

      Picture this premium dildo in the scene of your sex session as the smooth shaft lands right on the clitoris, bringing you closer and closer to orgasm as you grind away. This metal finished dildo is a firm-yet-pliable perfected penis for all your shared penetration fantasies.

      Material: ABS
      Vibration: 7 functions
      Measurements: Length 16 cm
      Diameter: 2.5cm

      Sex Toy Tip: This dildo is outstanding for those of you who like penetration on the small-to-average size for your sex toys. For people in relationships where one or more partners prefer small toys this is your go to toy to experiment with.

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