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The 10 best sex dolls

The 10 Best Blow Up Sex Dolls and Love Dolls To Buy Online

These dolls are great for men who want to learn how to be with a woman. Not only does a quality blow up doll or love doll make men feel more confident around women, they also help men develop relationships.

Each of these love dolls feature completely articulated skeletons which allow for anatomically correct positioning with an exclusive blend of the best ultra flesh like materials. You can even customize your doll with make up and fingernail paint to create your ideal partner.

When men buy blow up dolls online, they are looking for an ideal partner, they usually talk at length with their dolls and share personal details of a sexual relationship that they desire.

You can buy multiple dolls to fulfil your polyamorous relationship desires, each doll can have their own personality and unique name with sexual personality traits that make them all different from one another. Create your own jealously fantasy by bringing in a new dolls to your play set.

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Wondering where to begin your search? Here’s a roundup of blow up sex dolls and love dolls you can buy online now.



Best Overall: Sex Doll Extravaganza Cayene Cleur | Sex Doll Realistic Love Doll

    This sex doll has holes in the vagina & anus. It has a 3D molded head with realistic hair, make up, 3D molded hands and feet with painted nails and perky breasts with life-like erected nipples.

    If you are searching for an anatomically correct vagina & anus on your love doll with a realistic tunnel and easy to clean chamber then look no further. All we can say is that this sex doll is amazing!

    With this doll the arms swivel in several direction, this is the best part of a doll masturbator, which means you don’t need a girlfriend to hassle you. You may be especially attracted to Cayenne’s new 3d face design and breast shape.

    If you are a large man, you may not have to endure anything painful when breaking in Cayenne, which our customers have stated is one of the best features of this realistic sex doll. We have been told that the “break in” experience added to the realism with this sex doll.

    Phthalate free life-like material
    Foot pump and vibrating bullet
    Height: 5’2″ / Chest: 35″ around fullest part of breast, 25″ underneath breast / Waist: 23″ / Hips: 35″
    Power supply: 2 AA batteries (not included)

    Sex Doll Personality Traits: She can be a sweet sexual vixen who likes to cuddle and watch movies, she also loves to lounge around in a old silk shirt, she loves to watch porn and go down while you play with her boobies.


    Best for him: Sex Doll Extravaganza Suzie Carina | Sex Doll Realistic Love

    Suzie Carina is a porn star sex doll with 2 holes (Vagina and Ass) which is set in the rowing boat position. This doll has a 3D molded head with realistic hair, make up, 3D molded hands and feet with painted nails.

    This love doll feels absolutely realistic and amazing. Both holes on this doll are nice and tight, with this toy you can have so much recreational play time.

    If you need a fun doll to help your relationship don’t be embarrassed about it. This product is important, if you and your girlfriend have been having a hard time seeing each other. Suzie will help you control those urges until you see her again.

    Material: Loveclone RX
    Material: PVC and Vinyl
    Safety Feature: Phthalates Free
    Pornstar: Suzie Carina
    Foot pump and vibrating bullet
    3 feet 1 inches (95cm)

    Sex Doll Personality Traits: She is very quite and demure. She loves her white fishnet body stockings and to sneak into your room to get a little bit more naughty (it is only a matter of time before she lets out her wild side) it is usually the quite ones that get the most freaky.


    Best feeling: Sex Doll Extravaganza Antonya | Sex Doll Realistic Love

      The sex doll extravaganza Antonya comes with 2 Love clone love holes (Vagina & Anus), 3D casted head with realistic hair, eyelashes, make up and 3D molded hands and feet with painted nails. The holes are tight and it does have that “suction” action when you enter! There is no skeleton frame support on this and that’s understandable since when you do the pumping, it literally bounces and jiggles as if you’re pounding a real woman!

      Material: PVC and Vinyl
      Life size Doll 3′ 0″ (90cm)
      Foot pump and vibrating bullet
      “Rowing Boat” position

      Sex Doll Personality Traits: She likes to hog the bed, she may want to take over the place as a leading lady, she like to talk about personal details in the bedroom.


      Best snug fit: Lauren Taylor Super Model Love-clone Mannequin

        This sex doll has realistic eyes with real eye lashes, full lips and realistic nipples that you can pull, rub or take your mouth. She has painted red finger nails and toenails with a beautifully shaped soft and supple multi-speed vagina waiting for you to take control.
        This love doll feels great, the dual density is really notable and both holes feel tight. Taking showers with it, then cleaning it up are really fun! She is such a stunner with a decent body!

        This doll really has a strong suction. Try out the love clone sex doll and you won’t be disappointed or regretful.

        Height: 5ft 6ins

        Sex Doll Personality Traits: She likes to cuddle and watch movies together while wearing a white tank top and black gartered stockings (be careful she might start stealing your shirts!)

        Best for beginners: Sex Doll Extravaganza Heidi Lauritsen | Inflatable Blow Up Love Doll

          First-time sex can be nerve-wracking for many reasons, so you want to choose a reliable, easy-to-use sex doll.
          Made from Love-clone RX material which is PVC and vinyl this sex doll is molded after the porn star Heidi Lauritsen. It comes with a multi-speed vibrator to enhance your excitement.

          Size: 4 feet 7 inches (143cm)
          Phthalate free life-like material
          Vagina & Anus
          3D molded head with realistic hair & make up
          3D molded hands and feet with painted nails
          Perky breasts with erected nipples
          Anatomically correct vagina & anus
          Realistic tunnel with easy to clean chamber
          Foot pump and vibrating bullet

          Sex Doll Personality Traits: She loves to lay in bed and watch porn with you. She has nice boobies and can be a sex maniac after some intimate conversations.

          Best value: Doll Love-clone Carol Cox | Realistic Love Doll

          Carol cox is an internet porn star, she is fully bisexual and has been since she was with her first woman at nineteen years old. She has said that one of her guilty pleasures are Gang-Bangs! She had her very first one with four men on her 19th birthday. You can now have your own experience with the Carol Cox sex doll.

          Sex Doll Personality Traits: She is bi-sexual and likes to watch lesbian porn, she is known to get jealous and likes to watch action flicks as well. She has been known to stare at other dolls breasts for long periods of time.


          Best variety: Sex Doll Nikki Cumster With Vibrating Mouth

          The Nikki cumster inflatable sex doll comes with 2 powerful bullet vibrations, 3 inviting holes, oral, vaginal and anal. Indulge in your sex fantasies by applying lubricant and sliding inside.

          Close to Nikki’s mouth and between her vagina and ass you will feel the included vibe function, so you can experience multi-speed buzzing sensations as you play. The textures inside the two slots are different, and to our customers experience, it feels better inserting from behind.

          Sex Doll Personality Traits: She has turned into a bohemian artist that likes to get all of your attention. She has developed her own unique personality making her different from the rest of your dolls.

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          Best long term doll: Inflatable Blow Up Doll Dreamy Aleda Kirtman | Sex Doll

          These life size dolls have a 3D thermo-plastic face and realistic hair with make up. You will enjoy her large breasts with erected nipples, and 2 tempting love holes to seduce your penis.

          Colour: Flesh
          Size: 150cm – 59 inches
          Gross weight: 0.82 KG

          Sex Doll Personality Traits: She won’t grimace when you ejaculate in her mouth and her anus has no limits. She likes to be rewarded with outpourings of love.


          Best budget: Doll Dishy Lyonne | Sex Doll

            This doll itself is aesthetically beautiful and pleasing upon unboxing. The vagina and anus are well textured. The anus is tighter than the vagina, the skin is soft and lifelike similar to human skin.

            This doll has the feel of a real body. It is unbelievable that blow up doll can be so perfect at this price.

            Sex Doll Personality Traits: This doll is so willing to receive your love, you could marry her! Show your devotion to her and you sill be surprisingly rewarded.


            Best Companion: Kylie Kneeling Doll | Sex Doll

            Kylie kneeling sex doll has three satisfying holes to meet your every desire: mouth, vagina & anus.

            The Kylie Kneeling Love Doll’s measurements are: 32C-25-35. She would be 4,8″ tall if she stood erect. She fits nicely into size 36C women’s bras and either size 5 (small) or 6 (medium) panties.

            Sex Doll Personality Traits: She loves to be on her knees to give you pleasure, this doll will help you feel more confident around women and help you to develop strong sexual relationships.


            Best for sex: Doll Have It Away With Crazy Faye | Sex Doll

            The crazy faye sex doll has three pleasure holes (vaginal, oral, anal), with a formed face and synthetic blond hair.

            This sex toy has great wiggle factor as well, it is a great toy for men especially if one is working on stamina. It has a vibrate bullet with 3 levels vibration included in the package. The size is bigger than you think, so it really meets the demand for everyone.

            The soft touch adds more feeling inside, while the material is sturdy and feels real and the two desperately textured orifices feel amazing and tight.

            Sex Doll Personality Traits: She will never complain, never say no and has 3 orifices which are always available for penetration.

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            1. Hi. Do you have any better pictures of the Lauren Taylor Loveclone. I’m very interested in this doll

              1. We are unable to unbox it and blow it up and take it out to show you the pictures. You can purchase the product here.


                This is one of our best sellers, if you wanted to make the purchase, when you have unpacked it and blow it up, you can leave a comment on the product page and upload your pictures. If you wanted to do this we would send you a 5% off discount code. We have sent you an email in regards to this question.

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