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symptoms of not getting laid

The Top 17 Symptoms Of Not Getting Laid

We have listed the 17 symptoms of not getting laid that you need to fix in order to get laid ASAP!

I can’t get laid to save my life, could this be reason why?

You can’t work out why but you have come to the realization that your sex life is having a drought. It hasn’t just happened overnight, but then you can’t put a date on when this happened let alone.

“Why everyone is getting laid but me?”.

You have racked your brain but have got to the point that you have probably over thought it and are now searching for tips on how to get laid more often.

Instead, we have thought outside the square and come up with a list of possible reasons that you may not have thought of.

Could some of these be reasons why you are not having sex?


i need to get laid meme
I need to get laid meme


Learn how to get laid more often

Here are some possible reasons why you are not getting sex. By working on these, you will be guaranteed to get laid.

Start improving on yourself and learn how to get laid in 2020.


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The dreaded “Friend Zone”

Maybe you never actually had sex with one another, or only had it once but now you find that you have been put into their “Friend Zone” rather than the “Bedroom Zone”.

You don’t like this development but you need to have a deep, honest assessment of your situation. Do you think that there is potential for anything more, or is this a “dead end street“?

You need to raise the subject with your friend and be honest about your feelings for them. That means full disclosure no matter the potential fallout, including the loss of their friendship.


Are you over trying things?

If you are over focused on wanting sex to happen then you are being your own worst enemy. Sex is important, but it is not everything. If needs be take some quiet time out to refocus.

If you are out and about mixing in the dating scene don’t assume that getting sex is the answer, nor that it is going to be a “home run” every time.

Engage in real conversation with people; so that they learn more about you and what makes you tick.

Never touch someone unless they have touched you first. You don’t want to creep out the other person.

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Could your body language be a factor?

It’s a well-known fact that body language plays a massive part in how we communicate with others and what they think of us in return.

Simple non-verbal cues such as folding your arms (because it’s comfortable), avoiding eye contact, being restless, or even bad posture can all be misread to mean other things to that other person.

Be aware of some of the things that you do that are possibly being misread.


Are you putting in enough effort?

Putting in an appropriate level of effort usually pays dividends when trying to figure out the symptoms of not getting laid for you personally.

Are you putting enough effort, or have you been sitting back and waiting for that “someone” to enter your world?

After all, this is someone you are hoping to have sex with one day so I am sure they would appreciate a display of effort on your part.

Still thinking how long does it take to get laid?

Maybe you should invest in some adult sex toys or sex games to spice things up in the bedroom. That element of surprise may work wonders.

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Are you punching above your weight?

It’s not uncommon for people to be unrealistic in their pursuit of getting to know someone new. However, you need to be completely honest with yourself if there is nothing there for that other person.

In these situations, don’t make it more difficult for yourself; make a gracious retreat and move on with finding that “someone special”.


Is your diet a factor?

There are so many different diets out there; sometimes followed religiously by those that are living that way. Have you considered that practicing a different diet from one another could actually make you out-of-sync?

Red meat takes a lot more energy and effort for the body to digest and to expel if from the body.

There are credible studies from respected universities that show that a vegetarian diet produces a more agreeable body odour than in those that follow a red meat diet.

This difference in odour could make all the difference to that other person in how they view you as being less attractive to them.

This is one easy thing to fix if you desperately need to get laid.

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Do you drink too much alcohol?

Parts of the central nervous system related to arousal, orgasm and blood circulation have shown in studies to be negatively affected by increased levels of alcohol.

Both the ability to get erections and how long an erection lasted have also shown to be greater in men that are sober compared to those with increased alcohol in their system.

If you are still wondering how to get laid at university, maybe cut back in the drinking.


Do you play online games for lengthy periods?

A study by the Journal of Sexual Medicine has shown that there has been decreased levels of sex experienced by online gamers who spend more than one hour online daily.

However, on the plus side those same gamers also showed a lower rate of premature ejaculation.

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How’s your hygiene?

Nothing is a greater turn off for many other people than poor hygiene; not just yourself, but also how you keep your home clean, how you prepare and eat food, etc.

Focus on the big-ticket items that need to be kept under control; from a daily shower or bath, regular cleaning of your hair and teeth, use of hygiene products (starting with deodorant and anti-perspirant), clean clothes, make your bed and do the dishes along with general housekeeping around the home.

If you and your partner are into adult sex toys please remember to clean them thoroughly after each time they have been used.


Take a good look at your self-confidence levels.

This one has two flipsides to it. Maybe you are overly self-confident with thoughts that you are the world’s greatest lover, scholar, or be devilishly good-looking and therefore people should be queuing up to have sex with you.

That may just be your opinion but your potential dates don’t see you in the same way.

The flipside to this of course is that you may be lacking in the self-confidence stakes and this is also interpreted as a turn off by some potential dates.

Most people love an under-dog but that is not what we are talking about here. Concentrate on the things you like about yourself, or things that you know you are good at and share feelings about those attributes with others.

This will come across as genuine and other people respond more positively.

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How is your dress sense?

Wardrobe choices are very much a person taste thing. It can also be a financial thing and you can only buy items of a particular cost.

It may be that you are a strong sustainability advocate who likes to buy from the various thrift shops. None of these things are bad, but remember that we are essential creatures who assess and make judgements quickly based on what we see.

Clothing of any value can look great if clean, mixed with wise choices of other clothing and accessorized well. Likewise; you may be a designer label shopper who thinks anything goes together if they are expensive; when in fact they look a mish mash.

Work out what style you like and wear the pieces well. You may be surprised how other people respond differently to you with a few subtle changes in place.


Would you kiss you? Are you really a good kisser?

Your breath can be an absolute turn off for other people, so use mouthwash, breath mints or chewing gum could be needed and brush your teeth regularly; after every meal and definitely before bed.

Don’t forget to have a regular check up with your dentist as it also aids with oral hygiene.

Take a good, honest look at your kissing technique.

Do you get compliments?

Do you get complaints; or as bad do the people you kiss say nothing. This could be hiding that you are not that great but that the other person doesn’t want to say so. This will contribute to those internal thoughts of will i ever get laid.

Don’t think that kissing has to mirror that seen on TV and in the movies. Vary the pressure or intensity of your technique, along with varying the speed as a little unpredictability is often a great turn on.

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How do others respond to your behavior?

Are you one of those people who are just plain rude to others; do you come across as cocky or a smart-arse? Do you miss out on invitations to social events because you can be unpredictable?

How do you treat your own family and how have you treated any previous partner’s family members?

If any of those questions are provoking a response from you, even if just silently inside then you have already got your answer that these issues are affecting any relationships in your life.

Taking that one-step further; those issues are also affecting your sex life and change is needed to fix the symptoms of not getting laid.


Does social media play too big a part in your life?

Are you spending more time daily on social media than you do with a relationship?

The number of followers, or that you follow famous people, or perhaps a famous person has followed you or made a comment back to you do not matter in life. These things are just numbers.

The real person next to you, or in your bed each night isn’t “just another follower”.

However, remember the amount of time you spent on the social media platforms all has the potential to be a negative effect on other people that may actually be jealous, angry and turned off by your priorities and behavior.

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Do you spend more time looking at porn than you do looking at your partner?

Porn is an addiction for many viewers; simple as that. Watching an occasional clip, especially with a partner can be a fun part of your sex life.

However, if you are watching an hour or more per day, often while you masturbate to the videos, then you have got an addiction in the same way as it affects gamers.

It has the potential to destroy relationships as a partner may feel that you are more attentive, to the point of obsession, with the actors in the porn videos than you are with them.


Are you getting enough sleep? Are you too tired for sex?

How is that work/home life balance with you?

Are you working too long hours?

Is your home time spent on too many hours of TV, social media, dating Apps or online gaming?

All of these things can take up too much time in your day and as a result you either don’t get enough sleep and/or don’t get enough quality sleep.

This sleep issue can then result in one of the major symptoms of not getting laid, and/or you could be experiencing sexual dysfunction.

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Have you spent that much time on getting a Gym Bod that you are the only one looking at it?

Fitness and good health are important and something that most people want in their life, no matter what their current health status may suggest visually.

What can be an issue though is that you may have joined the Gym with a good health objective, or as a potential place to meet someone however, you have ended up spending that much time at the Gym it has become an obsession.

Folks, this is potentially another addiction and you need to be brutally honest with yourself about whether it has changed your life to the point that you no longer have time for that someone else, or for sex.


Are you just afraid of commitment?

Are you one of those people that always has an answer (or excuse) for why you don’t have that someone special in your life.

We have all heard the comments; too busy at work, I travel and am always away, I’m moving interstate soon and don’t want to hurt anyone, they just aren’t my type, we are not compatible, every family has that single uncle, etc.

The list of excuses is endless.

The real issue is that you are probably afraid of commitment.

You are not the first person and won’t be the last.

However, you have the opportunity to step back right now, evaluate why you are doing it and come to the realization that the perfect person just doesn’t exist.

You are not perfect as perfect doesn’t exist. Therefore, if you come to that self-realization then you will also come to accept that other people are not perfect either.

It’s actually meant to be that way so we discover new things jointly with that someone special in our life.

A lot of what has been written here can be summed up by saying that we contribute so much to the actual reasons why we don’t always have sex, or have a better amount of sex.

Sometimes we allow ourselves to get sucked in to that downward spiral where end up with a long list of reasons on the symptoms of not getting laid, leading to why we are not having sex.

Sometimes we are scared because of past relationship failures, body image, self-esteem issues, work/life balance etc.

However, if we are the one’s making the excuses then we are also the one’s that can sit down and do some serious thinking about how we are living our life and how we want things to be better.

We drive that process; not others.

If you want more sex in your life, then it rests with you to make that happen.

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  1. I can’t really say what my problem(s) are, but I am without sex. Been laid 4 times, the last time was over 2 years ago. I am 37M. I have no fashion sense to speak of, and I do not like people so I do not interact with anyone really. I never socialize. But when I did, the result was always the same, which is why I do not socialize. I don’t see the point in it. I will be alone forever. Which is why at some point im just going to kill myself and be done with it.

    1. Thanks for reaching out, that is the fist step of getting out of your own head and talking to someone and maybe taking on some new ideas of though processes.

      The first thing i would say if if you are depressed the reason may be that you are comparing yourself to other people to much, or you are holding on to an old through which has sadness attached to it.

      It is a process of letting go and apart of that is not caring. I know that sounds harsh but if you care to much, if care about what people think, if you care about what you say how it may affect people, if you care about all these things about other people you are really putting your self last.

      There are 2 parts to getting sex and having sex.

      If you are gay male getting sex is easy, just go to gay sauna, its dark and you can fondle and play with any guys.

      If you are a straight man it could be slightly more difficult.

      I would suggest trying to find swingers groups, forums, sex clubs for straight people, even just pay for it once in a while. As bad as it sounds, if your depression is attached to sex, just go get it, sex is everywhere.

      In your mind keep sex as sex, do not attach it to anything else, it is something which is been a carnal instant in the human mind since the beignning of time and society has built up all these attachments around it.

      Just go out and fuch your brains out, pay for if if you cant get into a swingers club then you can get rid of self harm thoughts.

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