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Maolin Moon is very durable. Even if you can go at it a few times over 24 hours she will remain fully functional. This doll is awesome while the vagina feels super realistic while her breasts are the most realistic feeling set of tits you will ever find on a blow up sex doll.

Maolin’s mouth is sized small to medium. The doll’s breasts are soft, the 3D face is beautifully constructed, you can also add a pussy stroker in into the vagina for that matter, to provide an ultra realistic sensation. Her body is awesome if you can appreciate a petite woman. And she fu*ks like a pro.

She doesn’t bug you at work, there’s no drama in the relationship unless you create it, no Mother-In-Law problems and lastly if she starts bad mouthing you talking trash about how she’s not satisfied, you can deflate her.

  • Phthalate free life-like material
  • 3D molded head with realistic hair & make
  • 3D molded hands and feet with painted nails
  • Realistic tunnel-Easy to clean chamber
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  • 7.7K
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