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You will really like the feel of the anus as you make her push back and pull on her realistic. You can pretend she really likes you and can cure all my medical issues. Like a naughty nurse, she can take on any role that you desire which makes it so hot.

The sensation on this doll is arousing due to the realistic size as it’s a full sized small woman. Doggy style is kinda a turn on as you can see all the holes and the small compact butt. If you want a full size woman experience and have lots of imagination and a good porn flick to watch the encounter will be well worth it for the money.

  • Phthalate free life-like material
  • 3D molded head with realistic hair & make
  • 3D molded hands and feet with painted nails
  • Perky breasts with erected nipples
  • Anatomically correct vagina & anus
  • Realistic tunnel with easy to clean chamber
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  • 64.4K
  • 65

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