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Buy Eileen Sue if you want some hot horizontal sex. She’s very good at it while she lasts, which is maybe 4 or 5 encounters if you are careful not to lie on top of her or squeeze her too tight. She is cheaper than a rented lady and less dangerous.

In daylight or in the dark she feels remarkably real, because she has hair on her head that you feel in your face, and she has breasts and a face that are not vinyl and are good enough to pass muster. As you get into the action of having sex her body heats up and really feels good.

One of the best features is her mouth, that gives amazingly good oral sex. Her orifices are easily washed out, and feels good when prepared with wet stuff lubricant.


  • Phthalate free life-like material
  • 3D molded head with realistic hair & make up
  • 3D molded hands and feet
  • Anatomically correct vagina & anus

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