The Best Blow Up Sex Dolls & Love Dolls

The Best Blow Up Sex Dolls & Love Dolls
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    The Best Blow Up Sex Dolls & Love Dolls

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The best blow up sex dolls will offer you three tight love openings, a printed face and lush squeezable Double-Ds with perky nipples. You will love her holes. Throw on a bit of porn and just pump the hell out of it. You can also buy a sex doll as a gift for a bachelorette party, wild birthday festivities or as something to take to a girls night with some work friends for a good laugh.

How to select the best sex doll’s for men?

Find a love doll that feels amazing. Each Inflatable sex doll is made with the holes tight and it will give you that “suction” action when you enter! There is no skeleton frame support and that’s understandable since when you do the pumping, it literally bounces and jiggles as if you’re doing to a real woman!

Each blow-up doll has a plastic face and human body with dual hole action, the design of the limbs and body is soft to the touch and so much fun. When you buy a realistic sex doll and start smashing it, use your imagination, close your eyes and it pretty much feels like the REAL thing!

For the price, our blow up sex doll’s cannot be beat. The size and weight are just about perfect to use it comfortably in any position including several hands free positions. Our sex doll’s provide thrilling sensations and will clean up easily in the sink.


Introduction – Why do men want blow up dolls for sex?

The simple answer is that men want a blow up doll or inflatable doll for sex. When we say that we are predominately meaning a blow up doll female. The blow up dolls segment of the adult toy market has become big business and if we dig deeper there are a number of underlying factors what an inflatable sex doll can be such a turn on for so many men.

For some men blow up dolls for sex is the ultimate in ‘no strings attached” or “emotional free” arrangement. They can get the sensation of satisfying sex when they want and don’t feel as if they are cheating on a partner. These men are not after an inflatable girlfriend; far from it; they want sex, in particular they want dolls with holes for sex, holes that are realistic and definitely not just an inflatable female mannequin.

What is the actual turn on for users of a blow up sex doll

What is it about a blow up sex doll that makes non-users of one blush, or think it is a bit kinky? For any such people reading this, it is kinky. That is just the point. A large segment of the population have kinky thoughts or experiences whether they like to admit it to themselves, or their friends.

Whether you call them a blowup doll, inflatable dolls, male blow up doll or inflatable doll for men, they all mean one thing. Sex on demand for the user. Is that really such a big thing to be embarrassed about? We don’t think so and neither do the people who buy them.

Put simply, blow up dolls for men for sex is quite normal and quite OK. Don’t knock it until you have tried it we say.

A blow up doll for sex can also be another form of safe sex, provided you remember to clean it thoroughly after each use. Some guys still use a condom when using an inflatable sex doll and our recommendation would be to always use lube when using one, so that you get an enhanced sensation without hurting yourself.

Many guys, whether in a relationship or not still wank on a regular basis and they may not have put the words “men masturbator doll” in one sentence before. Just reading that will probably be enough to pique their interest. The idea of wanking until they come excites some purchasers because of being able to shoot a load into a blow up doll with hole, or the doll’s mouth rather than into their own hand, a tissue or wad of toilet paper.

For others their “kink” may be that it is a blow up male doll, or it reminds them of younger years as a bachelorette blow up doll, or that they get off watching their partner with blow up dolls for women, or makes them laugh such as using a funny blow up doll, or even variants such as a midget blow up doll for men, or one that caters to ethnicity fetishes such as asian sex dolls or darker skinned dolls such as a blow up doll male black. There really is a wide variety of choice out there.

As a general rule we don’t moralize on a customer’s choice of doll, however for our own credibility we will not stock, let alone sell anything that could be mistaken for an underage type doll such as a girl blow up doll. There needs to be a standard, and lawful decency in what is sold.

We do get requests for the mini blow up doll types, even a midget blow up doll, fat blow up doll or even an anime blow up doll. Our general enquiry though is very much life size dolls for men; where they want an adult blow up doll that is life size. Good, clean, inflatable sex fun we say.


Boys will be boys and girls will be girls

As we have said previously in this Blog we are not here to moralize about what people have at fetishes, or what they enquire about or eventually purchase from us. After all, we are in the business of providing items that can add to good, clean sexual fun for our customers.

Whether it be a 21st birthday surprise, a Bucks Night, Hens Night, Valentines Day present or even Anniversary present we have received requests for many a suitable item.

While the majority of our enquiries are from and/or for men, we do also receive other requests specifically for use by women. It may be that they are purchasing a blow up doll for women for themselves to experiment with a latent lesbian fantasy, or to try a male shaped sex doll, or even from their partner wanting to watch their woman with a female or male inflatable sex doll. Sometimes all the woman wants is a blow up male doll for sex. Often our women clients can be just as kinky as the men.

Hen’s nights will often produce requests for some clean but kinky dolls such as a bachelorette blow up doll.

We do however find that Bucks Night party requests can be a bit more adventurous, not that have an actual bachelor party blow up doll. However, we have been told that alcohol fueled games can lead to the loser having to partake in anal sex with a sex doll, often a blow up doll male black or Asian, or with a large inflatable penis.

We have also been lead to believe that this type of prank blow up doll can also end up as a “pass the parcel” situation where the adult blow up doll is passed around the group one by one until they have all had sex with the doll. We strongly recommend that if this is your thing, that you all wear condoms as you could be at risk of STD’s. No-one wants “sloppy seconds” either, so disposing of the doll after the event is probably the best practice.

Summary – could doll inflatable sex be a new part of your sex life?

We have been reasonably direct and blunt in our writing today, as we wanted to be real, to be non-judgmental and to talk in a way that would raise some interest in a kinky way. All of this is good, clean, healthy fun to add another dimension to your sex life.

Blow up dolls for men are legal and highly desirable to many people. It may have also raised your awareness that women can also enjoy blow up sex whether it be with a inflatable male doll or inflatable doll female sex.
Inflatable sex is the new emotionally free safe sex alternative.