Sex Candles

All of our wax dripping sex candles are a great deal for the price! It makes a back massage, or any other fun times in the bedroom a little more exciting. There is a slight sting when the wax drops, but it feels awesome. Definitely no burns. After you are done, the wax peels off your body and it is very easy to clean up. Make sure you hold the candle at least six inches from the skin, again, to not burn anyone.

How to select a hot wax sex toy candle for foreplay?

The use of hot wax candles are ideal to use on a partner who likes to be submissive. Use an entire candle, burn it smoothly and let the wax drip onto your partners skin. You can use the combination of ice cubes and hot wax for intense domination & submission fetish foreplay. Hot wax is definitely needed for a night of adult fun and games.

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