Pearl Birds

Pearl Birds

The Best Pearl Birds Vibrators from our Adult Sex Store Online.

When looking for pearl vibrating dildos you want to find a satisfying remote controlled vibrator which is why most people choose to purchase the rabbit pearl vibrator. Our pearl vibrators a large in size, sensual and feature packed with a variety of different pleasurable features. The pearl bird is meant for a complete stimulation sexual pleasure experience with amazing thrust motions, realistic design and a perfect shaped head.

All of our pearl bird vibrating dildos for men and women have a lifelike design with textured head. They are smooth, straight and provide a rigid shaft for your anal or vaginal vibration pleasure. They give deep penetration and exciting thrusts. Not only does the shaft on a pearl bird spin it also makes use of a powerful motor which bounces up and down with twirling birds to give the ultimate sexual experience.

At the base of the pearl bird you will find a vibrating mechanism engineered to provide the most realistic experience you can imagine. The shaft of our pearl bird vibrators when switched on provide a powerful experience giving a strong thrust for the orgasm that you crave in a sexual experience. You can control the pressure and sensation of the rotation and thrust with various pulsation and rotation settings to choose from.


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