Nipple Rings, Clamps, Suction & Pumps

If you are into nipple toys then you may be excited to try these out. Before getting started with nipple rings and clamps, a little ice helps to harden the nips for attachment. If you are experienced with nipple play you will know that a little pain goes along way. When applying our toys, be careful on the release and take things slowly.

How to select the best nipple sex toys for adults?

Our selection of nipple weights, nipple suckers, nipple clamps, electro nipples and nipple vibrators are exactly the right size and shape for your body parts. When working with nipple clamps apply just enough of a pinch to make them stay on.

When looking for a way to increase your nipple size, our nipple pumps will do the job, you may soon be telling yourself “I never knew they could get so large”. Your man will love what they do to your breasts. When getting started apply a few pumps to the point where there is not to much pain. Keep at it and after a couple seconds, work your way up to longer pumps and bigger nipples. Moisten the base with saliva or lubricant, apply the pump over the nipple, and pump the bulb to produce suction. Once you get it to a size you want, the nipple will now be your captive to do with as you will. And you definitely will!

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