Metal & Glass Sex Toys

All of our glass sex toy’s and metal sex toy’s are produced under the highest standards and each production batch undergoes a vigorous quality control before it is sold on our website. Whether you want to have a relaxing experience or the ultimate hardness of a glass object inserted to create an anal orgasm, our glass and metal sex toys will provide a long-lasting & convenient to carry sex toy.

How to select a metal & glass sex toy for adults?

When searching for a glass anal toy, find a size that fits well, about an inch and a half in diameter is suited for insertion. Now is the time to get started and take control. Starting your journey with sexual exploration can be exciting, when trying a glass dildo, you will notice it will be cold at first but give it some time and it will warm up with friction.

Our metal sex wands and anal probes are well designed and have a decent weight. You may have wanted a metal sex toy bad boy for years and now your dream just came true by stumbling onto our website. Toys4sex has a wide selection of metal wands that are just the right size to hit the G-spot with little effort. You will soon get to know that the sensation of cold metal makes play time so much more fun. Being metal, It goes with out saying that a stainless steel dildo will last a long time with simple cleaning and care.

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