Wet Stuff Premium Silicone Bodyglide 125g – Personal lubricant | Silicone based lube


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Wet Stuff Silicone Bodyglide is the very long lasting original formulation.

Formulated with polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS), this product moisturises the skin for extended pleasure.

Body glide silicone lube is premium stuff. This lube is definitely worth the money and then some, it brings great satisfaction in the bedroom from all parties involved.

Silicone lube maintains slickness once enough is applied and it is water-proof.

This lube does not get sticky quickly and it has no odour.

Once you have experienced silicone lubrication, you may find yourself spending more money on lube to access the superior experience of silicone.

This product is suitable for oral, vaginal and anal play.

  • Great massage cream to use in the bedroom. Does not dry out and require applying more.
  • Supplements your natural lubrication if you have really sensitive skin.
  • Safe to use with silicone toys.
  • Does not affect the natural ph of your skin.
  • Low irritant formulation.

There is a long lasting fluid feel that does not form a glide surface.

It’s PDMS base matches the PDMS silicone used on condoms to give improved reduction in risk of wear for extended penetration.

This product needs to be washed off with warm soapy water after use.

These are Australian made and owned medical and personal lubricants.

As an Australian product we consider Wetstuff personal lubricant to be one of the premium
silicone based lube products available on the market.

If you want the best lubricant, that gives the best sexual experience then get onto this product.

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