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Where to buy Spanish Fly?

This libido enhancer can be hard to come by, luckily you can purchase it online through our store. Spanish Fly is forbidden in many countries, though it is now available in Australia. This premium brand comes in a liquid form, presented in a discreet small bottle.

Lovers of very conventional sex can find themselves inexplicably and profoundly turned on when they try a little Spanish Fly. All you need to do is put 5-10 drops of it in your drink or under your tongue to feel the full side effects.

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Spanish Fly is meant to be used by anyone who is looking to improve their performance in the bedroom, get more enjoyment out of their sex life and increase their sex drive.

Spanish Fly Gold meets all the requirements set out by the Federal Drug Administration of the USA and in Australia. This means that this product is totally safe and sanctioned by recognized international regulating agencies.

During a test conducted on 2600 couples for two months, 97.3% of the couples stated that their female partners noticed an increase in their sexual appetites. Female participants stated that sexual intercourse actually became more pleasant and they had multiple orgasms.

Experts recommend Spanish Fly for men and women trying to increase their sex drive.

Get your pheromones working and increase your confidence. It is the end result that matters.

Increase your sexual libido in minutes

sexy mouth spanish flySpanish Fly Pro is natural, non-prescription dietary accessory that assists women by increasing their desire for sex by increasing arousal, libido level and the ability to have orgasms. Our Spanish fly liquid formula is fashioned for females who are facing the issue of not feeling any drive to have sex and for all couples that are trying to bring sexual involvement  back into the bedroom and their sexual relationship. The potent combination of herbal and aphrodisiacal substances will hike your sex drive and you will feel an indefinite increase  in your drive to experience a better sexual practice.


No Doctor’s Prescription Needed

Spanish Fly gold label is a strictly tested product that meet all the requirements set out by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration).

Can be used by both Men and Women

A low sex drive and desire for sex is not just a woman’s problem. Men are also faced with libido loss and Spanish Fly Gold can really help men with increasing their sex drive. With Spanish fly for men use the same dosage which is 5 drops and you can experience the same unbelievable results.

Feel the effects in 10 minutes!

If you are waiting for some magic formula to increase your sex drive and libido, Spanish Fly Gold needs as little as 10 minutes to take effect.


How to apply Spanish Fly Drops

  1. Mix 5 drops of your Spanish Fly Gold tonic with any beverage. You can mix it with juice, coca cola or even beer, spirits or wine.
  2. Drink up and wait around 10 minutes for the effects to start coming on
  3. Your sexual drive and need for sexual arousal will increase by 80% after 15 minutes


We decided to do some qualitative analysis on 30 couples (gay and straight), some married, some in relationships. We gave them a bottle of Spanish Fly Gold and got them to try it out over one month. At the end of the month we asked them to fill our an online survey so we could publish the results.


This is what we found!

97 percentMore than 97% of all women that tested our Spanish Fly Gold liquid for the first time noticed an increase in the desire for sex and had enhanced sexual arousal.

Each person was told to only use 5 drops each day. They experienced the benefits right after the first 15 minutes of drinking it.


91 percent circleThe women which participated in the survey had never experienced an orgasm in the last couple of years with their current partner.

However, almost 91% of the same women achieved an orgasm after they had tried our Spanish Fly drops, they also savoured sex much more and started to demand sex more often with their partner.





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8 reviews for New Strong Spanish Fly Love Drops | Liquid Libido Enhancer Increase Sex Drive

  1. Jeff W

    This was an amazing purchase. We got an hour of enjoyment more then usual. I look forward to conducting more experiments. I’m glad I found this and look forward to seeing more results.

  2. Peter G

    I met a girl at the bar and told here about this tonic, she even wanted to take the bottle home with her because she liked the effect so much. Hard to tell if it works like the voodoo magic your looking for but it tastes good, at least the women i have been around think so when they try it as well. I’ve gone through 6-7 bottles in a year and a half with daily/causal use.

  3. Keith L

    I can’t measure it, but i can without any doubt tell you that it does help with your sex drive. I don’t write many reviews, this i felt deserved one. I took the chance on this product as was pleasantly surprised. It showed up nicely packaged, with no shipping problems or damage. I tried some on and my wife and she felt the effects, actually, she came four times. So if you are up for a little experimenting, this is really not that expensive as far as a enhancer goes it is worth a try.

  4. Thomas P

    There are a lot of products on the market that claim the best results, but this one is GREAT!! Enough to last a long weekend of sexual activities. Seems to please the little misses and give me staying power. All without any upset stomach or head ache. It’s unreal almost. It’s like their mouth says goodbye but their eyes say otherwise. I would feel confident in recommending to others.

  5. Stan A

    The key is subtle with this but I’ve used it a few times. Nothing really head turning but I can see if used lightly it is a good complement to a nice glass of wine. They do appear to be more interested! I just received my fourth order only wish they sold a larger bottle. This company has fast shipping which i like got my order 2 days later.

  6. Layla P

    So far in two months in and it does everything it claims and no harmful side effects. My libido, which truly wasn’t lacking, is now increasing. I am not sure what makes this product different from others like it, but this is the only formula that works for me. Honestly such a great product. Will be ordering monthly.

    Use it for a small, consistent sex drive increase. Can’t “prove” it deserves the credit, but I’ve kept a consistent increase in my sex drive since i started using it.

  7. Tiana Z

    This thing is amazing, their’s no simpler way to put it. This is the same quality product as the most expensive brands but far cheaper. It’s amazing to use and takes a few doses to figure out the best amount to use.

    Ive only been taking it for about 1 week in a half and already can tell a difference sex has definitely gotten better and i feel more active in the bedroom. I finally found a product that is able to help with this mid life crisis that most women experience.

  8. Chantelle T

    I love the fact that the product can not be tasted when you place it in soft drink. I have only been taking this for about 1 week in a half and already can tell a difference sex has definitely gotten better and i feel more active in the bedroom. I finally found a product that is natural to help with this mid life crisis that most women experience. I like the fact that it has not cause any stomach irritation. I am excited to see just how much better the intimate encounter will be after i use it more often.

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