NEW Domino Metallic Silver Duo Balls / Ben Wa Balls / Kegel Balls


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With the domino metallic ball the design looks simple and modern. These are 100 percent waterproof, there are no loose parts on the balls itself so it is easy to clean.

These balls are perfectly weighted to give you just the right amount of stimulation, while strengthening your Kegel muscles to help you give and receive even more pleasure.

Length: 22 cm
Width: 3 cm


2 reviews for NEW Domino Metallic Silver Duo Balls / Ben Wa Balls / Kegel Balls

  1. Janette H

    The fire works are back! At a certain age, your perineal muscles get a bit lax. Being with my husband was becoming more frustrating than ecstatic, if you know what I mean.

    I feel confident that these will help with my issues and so far are easier than trying to isolate the correct muscles on my own and do the exercises with out aid. I like the fact that they have the looped finger ring to pull them out with.

  2. Myra B

    These work as described and are great value. However, I wish there was description on different exercises or anything to do with Kegel. There was very little information given with product. However, the balls are very easy to use and clean. If you are wondering if this product is for you, just try it.

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