Fake Vagina & Pocket Pussy

Buying your first realistic vagina masturbator is really amazing. All of our pocket pussy’s feel very realistic and will make you orgasm in no time. When buying a fake vagina for your boyfriend or husband be sure to purchase some extra lube for an added sensation.

Our vagina sex toy’s feel like the real deal once warmed up and each selected stroker has a very soft feel without having a plastic smell.

Each fake vagina will have a tight suction for stimulation. Our pocket pussy sets have a different vibe setting, so no matter what, there is always a unique arousal to experience every time you use it.

If this is your first masturbation experience, you can be sure our pussy sensation masturbators are worth buying for your first masturbation toy. Being a guy, you may not really see sex toys as something a bloke could enjoy. If this is the case get your partner to use it on you to enjoy thrilling pussy sensations.

All of our masturbation sex toys include discreet packaging and fast shipping in Australia and New Zealand.

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