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This unisex portable travel douche set by seven creations is a compact 5 piece kit, the tip is small, about the size of an ink pen and made of durable hard plastic, the water filling hole doesn’t take long to fill up and will provide a suitable douche.

This travel douche set comes with both a vaginal and anal attachment, so you can use this kit anywhere, for all your soaking or washing needs! This is great for those who enjoy anal play or simply have constipation.

Tip: Never use tap water as it contains chlorine, stick to bottled or filtered water and warm it up a bit before use.

This douche can hold up to two litres.

The method for using the douche must be followed with care.

1. The bag is to be hung at a height that is comfortable for you to reach, but high enough to allow the fluid to flow freely down the tube.

2. Screw the tube into the bottom of the bag. Check to be sure the tap is in the OFF position.

3. Screw on either the vaginal or anal attachment. To adjust the flow of liquid, adjust the tap.

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2 reviews for Portable Travel Douche | Vaginal & Colon Cleaner

  1. Anina

    Believe it or not but i used this while i was on a 10 hour flight on the plane, for health reasons but it worked well.

  2. Debra S

    I travel a lot with my job and that results in many long days and evenings; often having to attend or hosting client dinners. As a result I often go quickly to my hotel room to freshen up, but don’t always have time for a shower before dinner. I started buying the “Portable Travel Douche – Vaginal & Colon Cleaner” after a friend’s recommendation. I now stock up on them as they are so easy and quick to use; but the biggest advantage to me is the extra confidence I have knowing that I feel so clean and fresh for the remainder of the day.

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