Smart Wash Rippo Vaginal & Anal Rectal Douche


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Smart wash douche is made with an angle in the shaft, so you are able to clean out your anus before sex. It definitely does what it’s intended to do, which is douche your insides.

This douche has a clean sleek design to allow for less pain and ease of use. If this is your first time trying an douche, you will be shocked at what was being missed without it.

This douche is incredibly easy to use – just squeeze the bulb, place it underwater, and then release the squeeze allowing water to draw in. When inserted, squeeze the douche bulb to let water move in and gently clean the area.


  • Easy-squeeze bulb with flared sleeve for a non-leak fit
  • Curved head fitted with stimulation rings


Total length: 26 cm

Diameter: 2.8 cm

  • 72
  • 214
  • 881


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