Body Massage Oil & Bodypaint

When looking for a massage oil to buy online find one that is pleasant to use, not to greasy, and has a nice fragrance. Each massage oil has different scents which are subtle and wonderful. When looking for excitement and increased libido for the bedroom with your husband, wife, girlfriend or boyfriend find some massage oil sets which are slippery enough for your hands to glide over a persons body, but not too oily to the point its dripping everywhere. With a high quality massage oil your skin will absorb the lotion nicely, leaving your skin silky smooth.

How to select the best massage oil and body paint for adults?

Find a body massage oil or body paint you and your partner can really enjoy. We recommend buying a massage oil warmer to start of with. When your done you can wash the oil off easily in the shower. Get in the mood and find a lotion that goes on smoothly and does not leave a sticky residue. The smell of the body lotion should not be to strong and should have great consistency for quality massages. For body paints find a flavour and scent that brings you into the moment.

If you are very picky with scents and your skin is VERY sensitive find a suitable massage oil you can use with your tongue, mouth and body. You can find a variety of massage lotions in our online store that smell great and are gentle on the skin. Our selection of massage oil’s wont leave everything greasy and oily like your regular coconut oil.