Four Seasons Condoms 20 Pack Chocolate, Strawberry and Banana


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These condoms will not fail, they fit comfortably even if you are a little larger in size. With the thin texture you can barely feel them on while having sex, then come in the following flavours, chocolate, strawberry and banana.

Theres no where else you can find condoms packs for such a good price. Naked all sorts is the best brand for condoms on the market currently in Australia.

This is the best option in condoms for variation and product assurance. They are an overall quality item that wont let you down.

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Four Seasons


Male Condom


Ribbed, Lubricated


Banana, Chocolate, Strawberry

2 reviews for Four Seasons Condoms 20 Pack Chocolate, Strawberry and Banana

  1. Dion

    Fits and still no babies, i’m not a father yet! They smell a bit though so gave it 4 stars.

  2. Elijah B

    I am seeing a new guy and at this stage we are using condoms with all forms of sex. He is really into oral, and is good at it. I have never been one for giving head but he convinced me to try using these flavored ones; in yummy Chocolate, Strawberry and Banana. WOW, what an awesome fruit salad on my tongue. I let him select the flavor and then guess what he is wearing. Let’s just say I have been converted into the thrills of oral sex thanks to these condoms.

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