New Anal Balloon Adult Sex Butt Plug Inflatable Expandable Expander


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This anal balloon inserts easily when lubricated and then pumps up to let you adjust the size you need.

This anal plug provides a great full feeling when inserted and pumped up.

The sensations made when this plug is removed is something quite exciting to feel. The mixture of discomfort and relief on removal is strangely addictive.

This is a great addition to your toy box! It could be the next go too plug for a good stretch. Clean afterwards with an anti-bacterial sex toy cleaner.

Colour: Beige

Key Features:

  • Inflatable anal balloon pump for the ultimate sensation
  • Suitable for beginners and frequent users
  • Quick release valve
  • Perfect for solo practice or for couples as a anal trainer
  • Made of slippery latex with a handy rubber bulb
  • 24
  • 1.6K
  • 876

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