Anal Beads, Butt Plugs & Anal Rods

When looking to purchase a butt plug online it is best to train with a starter set. There’s different sizes of plugs you can order for sex toy use. Some anal plugs have a suction cup on the bottom and some are provided with a handle. Silicone material is very smooth for insertion and is a great choice when looking at shapes, variety and sizes.

How to select the best beginners butt plugs for adults?

Be sure to choose a plug that is very soft in texture but firm. Various sizes work well for beginners, after this you can lead your way up to advanced play! You can start off with anal beads, small butt plugs and anal rods to get comfortable with anal play. An anal douche is recommended so couples can really enjoy new sexual exploration. Our customers have stated that anal play has definitely rekindled that “wanna have sex all the time” feeling.

If you are a regular user, you may go straight to the big one (a larger size premium butt plug) If you don’t have any use for the smaller ones. A medium sized anal plug is excellent for training. So because of this, the difference in shape and the sensation is quite varied depending on the size you purchase.

You may prefer to buy an anal plug set. With the size difference between small, medium and large, you may work towards the large anal plug being the overall goal. Toys4sex is very pleased to offer you our wide selection of sex toys and we are looking forward to expanding your horizons!

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