Fukk Adult Game Funny Game Bachelorette Hens Night Valentines Gift


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Fukk is a game you will love!

It is definitely a mental challenge, Fukk will have you laughing so much (with or without alcohol involved). This is a great game for couples, a bachelorette hens night party or as a valentines gift.

This game is suited for mature audiences only over 18.

Fukk is a great game to play with friends, it messes with your head, once you get the hang of this game you will find it is a lot of fun and you definitely want to create some alternate rules.

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Board Game

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2 Players


Complete Game

2 reviews for Fukk Adult Game Funny Game Bachelorette Hens Night Valentines Gift

  1. Elisabeth R

    A friend brought this as a wedding gift, one night we tried to play this game and really enjoyed it. It will really spiced up your intimate moments whether you like it or or not. We are a happy couple who played this game every week. Some questions made us think twice about our answers, we have a new way to spend quality time together and we can’t wait for the next opportunity to play this game again.

  2. Anna M

    OMG .. this game is so much fun. Friends bought me this for my recent Hens Night so much laughter we had tears running down our faces. I was aOK with playing it in front of my Mother but not sure how my future Mother-in-law would take it. I need not have worried she thought it was a real laugh and just that little bit “naughty”. The big surprise was my 70yr old Gran she had us all in laughter with some of her questions and answers. Best game for a real fun night.

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