Shipping & Payment Methods

Payment Methods

We accept Paypal which also includes payments with your credit card. These include Visa, Mastercard and other mainsteam cards.

We also accept Bitcoin and Altcoins. You can purchase our products online the same way you would with a credit card. Once processed we will send you the products. Due to Bitcoins high processing fees and transaction times it may take longer for the payment to clear and for our team to ship your order.

These include:

  • Bitcoin – BTC
  • Litecoin – LTC
  • AudioCoin – ADC
  • BitConnect – BCC
  • Bitcoin Cash – BCH
  • BitBean – BITB
  • BlackCoin – BLK
  • Breakout – BRK
  • CloakCoin – CLOAK
  • Crown – CRW
  • CureCoin- CURE
  • Dash – DASH
  • Decred – DCR
  • DigiByte – DGB
  • Dogecoin – DOGE
  • eBoost- EBST
  • Ether Classic- ETC
  • Ether – ETH
  • Expanse – EXP
  • PoSW Coin – POSW
  • GameCredits – GAME
  • Byteball Gigabytes – GBYTE
  • GCRCoin – GCR
  • Goldcoin – GLD
  • Gridcoin – GRC
  • Groestlcoin – GRS
  • Komodo – KMD
  • LeoCoin – LEO
  • LISK – LSK
  • MaidSafeCoin – MAID
  • MonetaryUnit – MUE
  • NAV Coin – NAV
  • NEO – NEO
  • NoLimitCoin – NLC2
  • Namecoin – NMC
  • Nexus – NXS
  • NXT – NXT
  • Omni – OMNI
  • Onix – ONX
  • PinkCoin – PINK
  • ZCash – ZEC
  • ZenCash – ZEN
  • PotCoin – POT
  • Peercoin – PPC
  • ProCurrency – PROC
  • Pesobit – PSB
  • Pura – PURA
  • Quark – QRK
  • Qtum – QTUM
  • RegalCoin – REC
  • Steem Dollars – SBD
  • SibCoin – SIB
  • SmartCash – SMART
  • Stratis – STRAT
  • SativaCoin – STV
  • Syscoin – SYS
  • TetherUSD – USDT
  • Voxels – VOX
  • Vertcoin – VTC
  • Waves – WAVES
  • Counterparty – XCP
  • Monero – XMR


Shipping FAQ

Q. How long will it take to have my order shipped?
A. All orders received by 3PM AEST (Sydney time) are dispatched via Australia Post or TNT depending on the size of the item. All orders are shipped within 24 hours.

Q. What company name will appear on my credit card, as being the transaction name on my statement? Toys4sex or a different name?
A. The transaction will appear on your credit card statement as our parent company which has no relation to Toys4sex.

Q. Will I be contacted after my order is placed?
A. An email will be sent providing an order confirmation after the order is completed.

Q. What will the package look like when it arrives?
A. Our parcel will be addressed with a printed label with the exact address you enter in the shopping cart. The return address will show our warehouse address with no description or relation to Toys4sex. Your order will be wrapped in cardboard for protection. There is no way to feel the contents of the product, there is no giveaway to know the parcel would have adult products.

Q. What if I am not home when Australia Post delivers the parcel?
A. If you are not at home for delivery, a card will be placed in your mailbox for collection at your nearest Post Office.

Q. Can I track my parcel online?
A. Yes you can, just visit once you have a confirmed email stating your item has been shipped and you can track the progress.

Q. Do you ship to New Zealand?
A. Yes we do. Our flat rate is $30 per shipment to the regions of New Zealand’s south and north islands.

Q. Do you ship to the UK?
A. Yes we do. Our flat rate is $49 per shipment to the regions of the UK.

Q. Do you ship to the USA?
A. Yes we do. Our flat rate is $49 per shipment to all states of the USA.