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Why Sex Toys & Sex Aids have a place in your relationship

Why Sex Toys & Sex Aids Have a Place in Your Relationship

So how is your sex life right now?

That good; really?

If I get you to describe your sex life in detail is it going to be like a raunchy porn site?

No; I thought not.

If we are real about it at some point in time most of us have been at the stage in our sex life where we have got into a set routine. Often that routine has been fairly routine or “Vanilla” but we would be way too embarrassed to necessarily agree with that statement or to share those thoughts with others.

We would also probably be too embarrassed to discuss any curiosity or our thoughts about Sex Toys or Sex Aids.

However why shouldn’t you discuss sexual fantasies with your partner whether you are straight, gay, bisexual, bi-curious, a swinger, or even a virgin.

We live in a world way more liberated than even 10-15 years ago. Partly that can be because of the internet where you can find anything and everything. That means that may so called “taboo” subjects can be searched for and you don’t have to fake that you understand everything sexual when clearly that is not always the case.

The other thing that has happened is that many of these topics can be discussed properly too; even if that sometimes means in something like an online forum of help page.

Perhaps a good analogy is to think of how you order your takeaway Chicken; Herb, Mild, Medium, Hot or Extra Hot. It may well be that you are down in the Herb or Mild category for now.

You may be happy there or may only want to experiment up to Medium, but some may want to go all the way to Extra Hot.

One thing that is for certain is that if you do nothing then you are guaranteed to stay exactly where you are. That may be OK too, but it may also be that boredom and mediocrity could end up harming your existing relationship as one of you may want more; or may be curious about more than what the other person wants.

Maybe your interest has now been piqued a little but you are not sure how to start adding to your sexual repertoire, or how to satisfy those various curiosities or fantasies.

Let us take you on a journey of what is available out there to help you.


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Herb to Mild

Herb to Mild


Everyone has to start somewhere and that may mean choosing from a range of different Condoms that are in the market. That could mean choosing ones that are Ribbed & Studded, Black, or flavored with Banana, Chocolate or Strawberry, ultra-thin for increased sensitivity, with extra lube, or contoured for a closer fit.

Your partner will love the difference in feel compared to your usual sexual encounters.

  • NAKED CLASSIC 12 pack condoms

    Condoms Ultra Sensitive Four Seasons Naked Box of 12




Even if you think you are producing enough natural lubricant, I would always recommend using a good quality brand name lubricant as well. After all; applying lube to your partner can become a great sensual moment between you, rather than just something you do before having sex with them.

There are also some amazing products out there for sale including some containing Aloe Vera or Vitamin E, or flavored with Banana or Peppermint, and even some containing warming agents.

In some of the future sections we get into the use of Sex Toys and Sex Aids and you always need to make sure you use plenty of lube as a way of also avoiding hurting your partner, or yourself. That is another reason to start getting used to using more lube even at this “Herb to Mild” stage.


Massage Oil

A massage between couples is such a sensual and “I love you” moment. While you can massage “dry” I would always recommend using a good quality Massage Oil that can be used as is or that you can mix with essential oils to take you to another place altogether.

If you have never done Massage before do a few online searches on YouTube or Vimeo so that you understand how to make the Massage sensual in every respect. Assuming you are going to use the bed to do the Massage on make sure you are using old sheets, or have covered the bed linen with towels to avoid any staining from the oils.



Setting the mood for sex is always important and you may already have things like Tea Lights. Bear in mind there are also novelty candles available in the shape of Breasts or a Penis that are a whole lot of fun for that magic moment.

    Sex Candles

    Gem Candles Sensual Massage Oil | Jewellery Candle

    Sex Candles

    Candle Mini Titty Funny Gag Gift




There are some really fun novelty games and party products in the market that even for just the two of you in the privacy of your own home could enjoy. Perhaps you could surprise your partner on your next anniversary or special date night.


Douche products

Everyone likes to feel and smell clean, especially when it involves the Vaginal and Anal regions. Help is available for you to be at your freshest in those intimate moment and it is as simple as getting used to washing those areas with a high-quality Douche product. You and your partner will feel so much more relaxed because of using them; and that means your increased relaxed state may just put you into a better place for a better sexual experience.



Mild to Medium

Mild to Medium


Libido Enhancers

On occasions our bodies just need a little “something” to get things going a bit faster or to last a bit longer. That’s all very natural and so too are a couple of great products that could help you such as the “Spanish Fly” Love drops to increase Libido and Sex Drive, and the “Indian God” Lotion to help maintain an erection longer, as well as giving a maximized sensation and climax. That sounds like a “win – win” to me for sure.


Cock Rings, Cock Sleeves and French Ticklers

Now that you have moved from “Mild to Medium” it is time to start upping the ante in your sexual repertoire. For guys this means it is time to start trying some of the other amazing products out there such as Cock Rings, Cock Sleeves and French Ticklers.

Cock Rings are made from a variety of different materials, as well as in many different colours as well as different shapes; either as a simple ‘ring” or with the inclusion of clitoral stimulating spikes and even the option of a vibrating function for even more stimulation for you both.

Cock Sleeves are also made from a variety of different materials, as well as different colours. They are usually textured so that they provide greater sensation to the recipient and can either be a section that is around the length of an average erect penis, but can also be bought as extension pieces to add that bit of extra length for even more enjoyment and pleasure.

A French Tickler is designed to give that amazing Clitoral sensation that will have your partner just begging for more.


Latex Gear & Other Costumes

This is the stage when you can explore different “costumes” for that bit extra in the bedroom. We tend to see the stereotypical pictures of “French Maids” etc. but there is so much more available out there; for both him as well as for her.

For example, the male products include things like Latex Masks, Briefs (in plain or with Cock and Balls), Shorts, G-Strings, Mankini, Caps and even Cock Cages.

With the women there is also a range of amazing Latex products like G-Strings, Panties, Tops, Skirts, Dresses, Bras, Pants, Suspender Belts as well as the classic other Lingerie, Stripper and even Steampunk Gothic outfits.

Imagine the dress up fun you could have with your partner with something special in the costume area!


Kegel Balls & Ben Wa Balls

Kegel Balls and Ben Wa Balls are aimed at the ladies and provide awesome stimulation when deep inside, especially if you take things a bit further and select one with a vibrating function. However, these Balls also have amazing benefits to women in the form of helping improve their Pelvic Floor muscles and to help bladder control. Ideally all women should use them for 15-30 minutes a day for 30 days. You may wish to discuss these products with your Doctor.


Nipple Rings, Clamps & Suction Pumps

The Nipples are an extremely sensitive area for most women. However, they are also a very sensual area as well and that is where products such as Nipple Rings, Nipple Clamps and Suction Pumps all have their place to give your special lady that extra stimulation. The main purpose is to also make your Nipples look much bigger and that may be a turn on for you and for your partner.


Classic Vibrators

Vibrators are probably the most used Sex Toy, not just for women but also for gay men and even straight men who enjoy some anal play. The reason for this is that they are so easy to use, to clean and that they provide an amazing sensation.

They are available made from many different materials including Rubber, Silicon, Metal and even Glass. Many different colours are available and they can be had with additional spikes, and textures to give your lady clitoral stimulation as well as deep penetration. They are all a long cylindrical shape and many have very realistic looking heads so that they look like a real penis. This realistic sensation is also a massive turn on for men who love their anal play.

Every couple should have at least one Vibrator in their collection.



Medium to Hot

Medium to Hot

Sex Swing Stands & Swing Harnesses

There are many different sexual fetishes out there and now that we are at the “Hot” level the Sex Toys and Sex Aids are becoming a bit more fetish oriented.

Sex Swing Stands and Swing Harnesses give you the equipment to achieve different positions and to hold you or your partner there for various creative bondage uses.

The Sex Swing collapses and folds up easily and quickly, so that they are easily put away under the bed for convenient storage and away from prying eyes.

The Swing Harness is a 360-degree sex swing that can easily be erected in the bedroom. It has padded supports for your back, butt/thighs, and feet/calves so all of your comfort needs are addressed while you are free to explore using it with your partner.


Vibrating Lounge

These are absolutely awesome and once you have one you will keep asking yourself why it has taken so long to have one in your collection.

These are an inflatable sexual bouncy seat with a firm jelly dong in the centre. The multiple speeds for the vibrator take its satisfaction level to another place.

Ever had that boring Aunt or work colleague who phones for hours at a time? Imagine setting yourself up on one of these while you endure their call each time. In no time at all you will be looking forward to your special phone time.


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Anal Prostate Massagers

Anyone who tells you that only gay men and bisexual men are the potential demographic for an Anal Prostate Massager is wide of the mark.

Yes; those two sexual orientations are potential users of these massagers but so too are Bi-Curious guys and most definitely so too are many Straight men. The Anal area is hugely sensitive in most men and many straight guys love their anal play with an Anal Prostate Massager, yet would never contemplate an actual penis inside them.

The main purpose of using one is to hit the male G-Spot (the prostate) and to reach an amazing orgasm as a result.

Does that sound like something that could add to your sexual satisfaction?


Fake Vaginas

These are designed to be realistic looking fake vaginas for guys to use as a masturbation device. Always use them with plenty of lube for extra sensation. They generally have different vibration settings, so that there is always a unique arousal to experience every time you use it.

Get one for your special man and get off watching him use it. You will find that voyeuristic moment extremely hot.


Penis Pumps

A penis pump is also known as a vacuum pump and are often used by men with Erectile Dysfunction and in that context should be something you discuss with your Doctor. However, they are also used by men wanting to add some extra volume to their penis when having sex with their partner. They generally take about 30 minutes for you to reach you maximum girth and length.

Penis Pumps generally consist of; a tube that fits over your penis, a seal or ring that fits around the base of your penis, and a battery-powered or hand-powered vacuum pack that removes air from the tube, triggering an erection.

    Penis Pumps

    Lust Pumper 8 Vibrating Pump | Air Enlarger Extender, Erection Device for Men

    Penis Pumps

    Redline Psi Pump W/built In Vacuum Gauge Enlarger Enhancer Stretcher

    Penis Pumps

    Penis Large Vibe Penis Pump | Air Enlarger Extender, Erection Device for Men

    Penis Pumps

    Penis Enlarger Lust Pumper With Trigger Gauge | Erection Vacuum Penis Pump



Anal Beads & Butt Plugs

Vibrating beads can be used for both clitoral and anal stimulation and should only be used with lubrication. Often Beads are used as a Starter before progressing on to a Butt Plug.

As Butt Plugs generally come in different sizes it is usually recommended that you start off with a smaller sized one and then work your way progressively up through larger sizes. You can even buy a Trainer Pack to assist with that development through the sizes. You can even purchase models with a remote control for an even more awesome sexual experience. Once again, a liberal use of lube is a must.

If you are just starting out experimenting with Anal beads and Butt Plugs could these be something that you need in your kit?


Egg Vibrators

Egg vibrators are designed to fit in the palm of your hand although they won’t stay there for long based on how they will push your “pleasure buttons”.

Generally, they have a variety of vibration settings and patterns. They have a small loop on one end for easy insertion and removal.

You can also buy models with a remote control so that you can control when you want to be pleasured. Maybe you could also give the remote control to your partner so that they control when the egg will commence its vibration deep inside you.


Pearl Bead & Rabbit Vibrators

Compared to a regular vibrator, pearl bead vibrators produce so many intense variations of vibrations. They are made from a variety of materials and in different colours. They may also have a realistic penis-like head to them or they may be more elaborate with various protrusions for additional stimulation and pleasure; especially of the clitoris and G-Spot.


Metal & Glass Sex Toys

You may have an allergy to plastics, rubber or silicone but there are also a number of sex toy products made from glass or metal that may give you that extra stimulation and pleasure. It may also be that you are open to trying sex toys made from these products to give you some additional variety in the bedroom.

Glass sex toys include an Anal Dong or Dildo, Glass Anal Beads, a multi-function Glass Vibrator.

Metal sex toys include Vibrators (for both Women and Men), Butt Plugs, Duo Balls, and Anal Beads.

Once again make sure that you use plenty of your favorite lube when using these Sex Toys.


Sex Toy Bundles

We have put together some amazing product bundles aimed specifically at couples looking to kickstart romance, kink and passion in the bedroom.

We have selected the best toys for first timers with a wide selection of vibrators and kink apparel to make it the perfect kit for any couple who are new to sex toys or want to add to their current collection of toys.

Examples of some of our bundles include; a Male Cock Enhancer, a Woman’s Anal Pack, a Wedding Anniversary Pack, Introduction to Bondage, a Light Kink Pack, Valentines Day suggestions, and a First Timers Bundle.

Everyone needs a basic set of toys and bondage essentials to provide you with not only pleasure but an introduction to the world of sex toys.

Is there someone special in your life that would be rapt to get a sex Toy Bundle?



Hot to Extra Hot

Hot to extra hot

Blow Up Dolls

Maybe your version of Kink involves having sex with a Blow Up Doll.

The majority of products available are of realistic female figures, generally with 3 holes and they can come with a vibrating mouth and vagina for extra pleasure. As well as versions that are laying on their back, they can be found in different poses such as standing or kneeling.

There are also version available in the shape of animals such as a Cow or Horse.

Once again make sure that you use plenty of lube so that you don’t injure yourself from the friction while having sex.


Bondage and Fetish Sex Toys

There is a plethora of Bondage and Fetish Sex Toys available in the market.

A set of Velcro Wrist and Ankle Cuffs could be a great addition to your kit; perhaps you could take turnabout with your partner.

Masks can be found made in many different shapes, materials and patterns.

You can source Bondage Silicone Rope that knots and unties easily and you can even make the knots into your own designs. Very Hot!

There are Body Chains, Collars, Dominatrix Spiked Bracelet and Collar sets, Penis Rings, Whipping Sticks and Ticklers to name a few.

Is there room in your bedroom for some of these Extra Hot goodies? Perhaps you need to make some room!


Strap-On Harnesses and Strap-On Cocks

While it may be easy to suggest that these Sex Aids are usually aimed at lesbian couples and gay couples there is most definitely interest in these lines from the Bi-sexual and Bi-curious couples as well as straight couples with an interest in anal play.

These Sex Aids are available made from a variety of materials, and in a variety of colours. Many will now include a multifunction vibrator mode and can even be bought with a remote control for a vast number of pleasures to be reached.

Some are penis shaped and sized, while you can also get extenders designed to fit on the end of the penis for extra sensation or even with a double penis – for double the fun!

Strap on dong’s are perfect for women who like to dominate and penetrate their partners and for straight men who are interested in anal penetration from a power top.

Once again; remember to use plenty of lube when using a Sex Toy or Sex Aid for maximum pleasure and without hurting your partner.


Unisex Dildo and Dongs

These are made from a variety of materials and in a variety of colours. Some are in a simple cylindrical shape with either a smooth single end or a double end for couples to share the toy at the same time.

Most models on the market have realistic penis-shaped heads for those that want something to look like the real thing. You can even get massive 13-inch or 19-inch double-ended dongs as many couples get immense sexual pleasure from sharing a double ended dong at the same time with their partner.

Once again; lube up for maximum pleasure and minimum pain for you and your partner.


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