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Optimize Your Dating Profile

How To Optimize Your Dating Profile to Get More Hook Ups

The dating world has changed a lot over the past few decades. With the internet came dating sites that enabled people to meet people from all over the world.

People are still using them actively, as a way to find eternal love or a simple hookup.

But optimizing your profile for either is a difficult thing. How do you let people know that all you want is a one-night-stand?

You’ll likely feel a lot of pressure to be the smartest or the most handsome on the site you choose, simply because the competition is fierce.

You know that other people are messaging the same person you are messaging and it’s not easy to deal with rejection.

But the truth is that you don’t really have to outdo every person out there. The best profiles are simple and the best tips for online dating sites are as well.

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fill our everything on your dating profile

Fill out everything on your dating profile

If you want to increase your chances of getting a hookup quickly, you need to fill out every field of your profile. People may not trust you if you leave some things out.

So, whatever possibilities your website offers, use them. Verify your profile, add images, have a username and so on. Share a nice description of yourself and answer all of the questions that you can.



honesty is the best policy with dating online

Honesty is the best policy

Most people just want you to be frank with them. You can see here that stats show that people appreciate it the most when you are honest. It almost seems radical.

Don’t try to stretch the truth about yourself. People will be able to tell sooner or later.

For instance, you may tell someone that you are taller than you actually are and if they agree to go on a date with you, it will be a short one (pun intended).

The night will not end the way you want it to. The same is true for most of your other traits – weight, amount of hair, etc.

If you’re honest about who you are, then you know for sure that the person you end up going on a date with likes you for you and that the relationship can go the way you want it to. Also, be honest about what you want.

There are plenty of people out there that just want hookups. Don’t lie and tell someone who wanted a long-term relationship that you want it too when all you really want is to get laid.

As you can see here, it can be hurtful for them:



Make sure you’re not being scammed when trying online dating

Make sure you’re not being scammed

There are plenty of good sites out there and plenty of bad ones. The difference between them may not be noticeable right away, but you’ll be able to tell after a while.

Of course, websites that are good for you will usually have plenty of users and reviews and mentions online.

Websites that don’t will appear only in unwanted ads next to the articles you read. Some review websites like adult dating cop will help you learn what to avoid.

In general, stick with websites that are well-known and that don’t ask for too much without delivering.

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Show your face on your dating profile

Show your face

People want to see you and be able to tell who you are. Your face on your profile photo should be easy to see – no hiding. If you do hide your face, people will suspect that there’s something wrong with you and they will ignore you.

So, no hiding behind large sunglasses and hats, no group photos and no blurry photos. Everyone has a decent selfie camera nowadays, so there’s no need – or purpose – to lie. People will see right through your lies.

Instead, add a picture of your face, a picture of your full body and so on. Remember to smile and show off your best assets. An occasional picture with friends is okay – just to show that you’re not a hermit – but it shouldn’t be your only one.

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Be easy to talk to

Be easy to talk to

Add information to your profile that people can relate to. The whole purpose of having that profile is to be more approachable. So, when you find a match, they will look at your profile and find some piece of information that can serve as a conversation starter.

Add your interests – books, movies, plays, food, drinks and so on.

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Be ready to talk about sex or to have a sexual relationship

When you are attracted to someone you enter a whole new world.

From meeting that cute guy, it moves from desire to the playful first stages to first kisses.

However, you do need to be able to discuss sex; wants, needs, fantasies, fetishes, positions, pain, pleasure, performance, effect of medications, stress, sex toys, etc in a mature, constructive, non-damaging way.

If you start getting all the different communication techniques right you have a massive chance that your sex life will develop and improve way beyond what it is now after the dating phase.

You may actually find that in opening and developing real, mature, open and honest communication where you can do so without personal and emotional fear, or fear of change entering the equation that you actually may end up with an awesome sex life.

If you are just starting off you can try and use adult sex toys to add a delicate yet enhanced feature to sexual exploration if and when you get to that stage in the dating game.

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