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Curing Erectile Dysfunction: 3 Ultimate Natural Tips for a Firm Erection

Erectile dysfunction is common among many men. In fact, it’s a problem that many aging men face.

Fortunately, we live in an age of endless remedies. You can quickly find cures for erectile dysfunction, and without resorting to dangerous chemicals!

And today, we’ll discuss some of those cures. The checklist below is something you can apply at home, and without supervision.

Follow it, and revive your sex life!

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  1. Keep Your Blood Vessels Healthy. – A proper circulatory system is necessary for a firm erection.

If your blood vessels are damaged (by blockage or constriction), then they can’t deliver blood to your penis. So you’ll struggle to get an erection, let alone keep it.


How Do I Keep My Blood Vessels Healthy?

First, start by taking measures to reduce your blood pressure.

Avoid high cholesterol foods. Also, avoid highly sugary meals, since the excess caloric deposit is turned into fat (which lines the blood vessels).

Also, be sure to drink lots of water.

Staying hydrated is key to regulating blood pressure. This ensures that your blood doesn’t get too de-hydrated, especially since de-hydrated blood is difficult for the heart to pump!



Stress Affects Your Blood Vessels.

A common cause of blood vessel contraction is adrenaline. And that’s what the body makes in a stress state.

In other words – a stressful lifestyle (filled with responsibilities and surprises) might be killing your sex life.

And here, our best recommendation is to adopt relaxation techniques.

You need to give your body and mind the time to recuperate from heavy workloads. From there, that relaxed state will reflect through a stronger erection and passionate sex!



natural erection


Reduce Alcohol Intake

Blood pressure isn’t the only factor that affects an erection. Hormones do too.

And many of your hormones are balanced through the liver. So maintaining the liver’s health is key to a good erection.

The best way to keep your liver in check is by reducing alcohol consumption. That is, we’re not saying you should quit. But try to reduce what you consume to a glass a day.

The reduced alcohol consumption is also good for your heart. And keeping your heart healthy is vital for a good erection!


Tip: Regularly Gauge Your Testosterone.

Testosterone levels tend to drop sharply after mid-life (starting at 45). In fact, it’s estimated that testosterone by 1-2% per year, and after turning 40!

So the older you are, the more important it is to keep your diet in check. Otherwise, you risk erectile dysfunction turning into a long-term problem!


tyler cock ring

Try Using a Cock Ring.

Sometimes, artificial help is the best way to deal with erectile dysfunction.

And unlike the previous solutions, this one doesn’t focus on keeping your “hormones” and “circulatory health” in check. Instead, a cock ring vibrator forcefully traps blood to keep an erection going.

Isn’t That Dangerous?

This depends on the type ring you use. If you use a ring that’s excessively tight, then you might experience pain – even scarring.

So you need a cock vibrator that’s just light enough to constrict blood flow. But also, it needs enough flexibility to stretch with a growing erection.

Here, we recommend measuring your penis girth, before seeking a ring that works best for you. From there, compare the results to products that have their dimensions written on them (like the SVAKOM cock ring vibrator).



Final Tip: It’s a Matter of Habit

Staving off erectile dysfunction cannot happen through quick-fixes (unless you use Viagra).

And unfortunately, that’s a dangerous measure. It’s not a viable option for many, especially older men.

So we recommend consistency when applying the previous tips. Turn them into lifestyle habits, and maintain a hard erection for life!

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