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Who is the blow up doll inventor?

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The original blow up doll inventor is not known to this day. So far as we know the earliest sex doll is credited to Dutch sailors in the 17th century, who used a masturbation doll made of cloth for relieving sexual tension on long sailing trips across the sea.

The first recorded sex doll made its appearing in psychiatrist Iwan Bloch‘s – “The Sexual Life of Our Time“. In 1908 this writer described this doll to be intended for debauchee purposes.

Some of the earliest literary references to sex dolls are made in French texts. There is evidence of their presence for sale in underground catalogues in Paris at the turn of the twentieth century.

In 1904 there was a literary text called “The misfits of Paris“. This was one of the earliest instances when the mention of manufactured sex dolls was advertised. The dolls were named under the title of “Homonculus” where it as stated they were very lifelike, inflatable and could be heated up to replicate the temperature of a real person. New dolls took 3 months to make and they were sold for about 3,000 francs.

In this book it was noted that the artificial imitations of each doll where made exceptionally well from rubber and other plastic materials to replicate an entire female body. Even at this time he stated that the genital organs where represented in a true manner.

During the Second World War, it was long rumoured but never actually proven that Nazi leader Adolf Hitler ordered sex dolls to be supplied to German troops fighting on the front line.


Go back three hundred years and the concept of sex with inanimate objects was called “Pygmalionism” which is a word for the psychological term of sexual attraction towards statues and other inanimate objects. The picture shown above is from “Roman de la Rose, c. 1505“.

Current blow-up dolls are made of vinyl latex which was invented in 1920. The dolls practically have a human shape without too much detail. It is simply a human doll with shaped arms, legs and a torso.

Around the early seventies, sex doll advertisements where seen in magazines that allowed you to select dolls with assorted coloured hair styles to suit the customer’s tastes.

blow up doll inventor articles blow up doll inventor articles

Soon after this in the seventies, the Linda Lovelace doll became available and was the instigator for manufacturing companies to create sex dolls to look like famous porn stars.

The first female RealDoll made from lifelike latex skin was introduced in 1996 and the first male doll in was created in 2008.