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What does a blow up doll look like?

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Blow up dolls, which are different from silicone love dolls are generally the most mainstream characterization of sex dolls. These types of sex dolls are less expensive, and as such can be found at many adult sex toy retailers. The look of a blow up doll is less realistic and it can crease and take away from the aesthetic of your doll when fully inflated.

When it comes to realism for blow up dolls the less expensive products don’t look too much like real humans. Instead, when it comes to looks, you should be focusing on the body portion of a blow up doll and the replication of the vagina. Some vagina’s on the more expensive blow up dolls have a very detailed and look, while cheaper blow up dolls are literally just a round hole between the legs.

When searching for a blow up doll, you should be asking yourself; are these dolls for me? Will the look of this doll satisfy my sexual needs for all of my legitimate intimate purposes?

What blow up doll should i buy?

Inflatable dolls are much cheaper than silicone alternatives and are made from vinyl a strong and durable plastic material. If you choose to get a blow-up doll, it will cost you between $20 and $800. Each blow up doll comes in a wide variety of colours and each product is humidity and moisture-resistant. The more expensive dolls will come with heads made out of a different material so that the doll looks more realistic.

When searching for a doll, take a look at the number of orifices the blow up doll has:

  1. Only one orifice in the place of the vagina
  2. 2 orifices – a mouth and a vagina
  3. 3. orifices – a mouth, vagina and anus

If you are looking for something that looks more like a realistic vagina, you can purchase a mini torso figure made from magic flesh (like silicone) which will let you switch between hot doggy-style thrusting and missionary pleasure for stimulation.

Unlike a blow up doll, a silicone vagina will not puncture or bust if handled in a rough manner.