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Are vibrators safe at 38 weeks pregnant?

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Unless your general doctor has specified that you refrain from any sexual activity due to potential complications with your pregnancy, it should be perfectly fine to use a vibrator.

Most healthcare providers would make the statement that there is no restriction requirements or apparent danger in using vibrator as long as some cautions are maintained.

If you are at risk of developing pre-term labour or you are experiencing predominant uterine contractions, it is highly advisable to avoid the use of a vibrator and any penetration type of sexual activity to forestall any potential harm to the fetal prosperity.

Can a vibrator harm your baby when pregnant?

When you are using a vibrator be pragmatic, if you feel pain, discomfort or irritation, finish up right away. If you think that your vibrator use is connected with vaginal spotting, make sure to question your doctor about this on the next visit.

If you are experiencing intermediate pain or vaginal bleeding after using your vibrator again, speak to your healthcare provider straightaway.

If you are approaching 36 weeks of gestation in your term and vibrator use is followed by regular, painful contractions beyond 2 hours; you should ask for assistance from your caregiver to clarify that this is not the beginning of labor.

Can vibrators cause health issues?

  • External vibrators are always a healthier choice than internal ones when you are later weeks of your pregnancy stage. This is due to the fact that some internal vibrators are manufactured from TPE plastic that can pose the hazard of penetration in the cervix. This can bother the cervical lining and may jeopardize your pregnancy.
  • Use soapy warm water or an antibacterial cleaning agent and disinfectant for your vibrator and store it in clean place after drying. We sell an anti-bacterial sex toy cleaner which is a eucalyptus essential oil low range enzyme cleaner which is perfect for cleaning your toys. Make sure to sterilize your vibrator after each session and if you plan on using the same vibrator for anal and vaginal penetration, purchase a second vibrator and use one for your vagina and one for anal to reduce the risk of bacterial infection.
  • Refrain from using a vibrator if you have a low lying placenta or active vaginal infection or weak cervix.
  • When using your vibrator you can cover it with a condom to minimize the risk of sexually transmitted infections.


As with any activity during pregnancy, use your judgment about how your body is feeling to influence what you will do.