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How to use a dick pump

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Penis pumps come in different sizes and designs, with some chambers being larger or smaller than others.

Always read the product specifics for the measurements so you get one that is the right size for you.

If this is your first time using a penis pump always start slowly and don’t over pump. Excessive pumping won’t bring in any bigger results.

Take a break every 3 minutes when pumping.

During breaks, massage or stretch your penis to improve blood flow.

Tip: Some men shave their pubic hair to help ensure a tighter seal on the cylinder against the body


  • Apply a water-based lubricant like wet stuff to the opening of the pump. to avoid any possible irritation during your pumping session
  • Place the main chamber over your penis, your penis can be hard or soft
  • Turn on the pump (pull the trigger, pump it or press the button) to create a vacuum inside the tube
  • Read the penis pumps guide on controlling the air pressure inside the tube. Don’t allow the pressure to exceed the maximum threshold as you can damage your penis
  • When pumping your penis, apply the suction pressure for no more than 15 minutes
  • Release the pressure and allow blood to flow to the penis
  • Remove the pump apparatus and start to massage your penis


How to use a dick pump