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Can using a vibrator cause yeast infection?

There is a chance you can get a yeast infection from using a vibrator, this is due to changes in the pH level in your vagina.

There are several reasons why this might happen.

First, check the materials the vibrator is made with, if you find you are developing an allergic reaction to the material your vibrator is made from, it will greatly reduce the ability for your body will have to combat the yeast.

Second, confirm you’re not using the vibrator with lubricants that your vagina may be responding adversely too.

Finally, make sure the toy is cleaned exhaustively after each use. The most important factor is cleaning your sex toys! Cleaning your vibrator is actually quite important, because bacteria can build up on the surface of your toy. Unclean toys used for sexual activity are a breeding ground for bacterial and fungal organisms.

Using a sex toy cleaner, like our anti-bacterial sex toy clean made from eucalyptus essential oil will clean the plastic vibrator, flushing out the tiny cracks, where bacteria can live.

Can vibrators cause nerve damage?

There have been noted examples where women have lost all feeling in their clitoris due to the overuse of a vibrator. These women have stated that their nerves became damaged and they were unable to feel anything when they touched themselves or their partner touched them.

If you frequently reach for your vibrator to reach an orgasm, over use of the toy can cause your clitoris to become acclimatized to that one particular speed and intensity of stimulation.

Clitoral nerves can be damaged, however do not jump to conclusions about your situation, especially if you have used a vibrator at an excessive rate. Some people also find that having additional help in feeling sensations such as using tingling gel before having sex can increase the sensation to desensitized clitoris nerves.

Just to add some clarification as to how to reverse the desensitization, this effect can be fixed by taking an extended break from your vibrator use. Regardless of what you decide, we would probably recommend a few months or so hiatus from your vibrator so your sensitivity comes back.

This will give your body the opportunity to essentially “reset” so you can start learning to enjoy different types of stimulation.

Can vibrators affect fertility?

Vibrators should not damage your fertility as long as your vibrator is kept clean after each use. When you use a vibrator, you are self-propelling right into climax. This process brings forth hormonally-healthy and natural chemicals in your body during a plateau phase of an orgasm.

When you orgasm your body produces a natural chemical called nitric oxide (this is what Viagra is manufactured from). The more you can generate naturally, your body will react with increased sexual responses as well as accrued adrenal health which are welcomed benefits from using a vibrator to climax.

If you are concerned about things and you’re working on your fertility or managing your periods, having a bigger orgasmic plateau phase is the way to help.

When you use a vibrator you may choose to add lubricant to the vibrator to ease the friction on penetration. In a recent study on vaginal lubricants and natural fertility 296 participants were placed in a qualitative survey to test the effects of lubrication on fertility.

From the participants 25% of the women stated that they use vaginal lubricants while attempting to become pregnant.

Women who used lubricants during the fertile window had similar fecundability to those women who did not use lubricants after the research was adjusted for age, partner race, and intercourse frequency in the fertile window.

After the research was conducted the conclusion showed that using lubricants during procreative intercourse does not appear to reduce the probability of conceiving.


Why were vibrators originally invented?


Dr. J. Mortimer Granville was a medical innovator credited with creating the first vibrator in the late eighteen hundreds for the condition known as hysteria – which the vibrator was invented to treat. Due to the fact that its immense generator restricted the vibrator to only be used in the doctor’s surgery it was not thought of to make it a portable device like we see today.


Why were vibrators invented? - Hysteria


The vibrator became very popular with Victorian and Edwardian women, as at the time many doctors feared a “hysteria” epidemic to take over with 70% of women demanding a cure as they believed that they had the disorder at the time.

At first, midwives and medical doctors, manually massaged a woman’s vulva and clitoral region in order for the woman to experience a “hysterical paroxysm” to contradict the medical condition known as hysteria.


Steam powered 1800's Vibrator


Many women sought to acquire personal devices and transport it from the surgery to the room of their choice. This demand evolved the vibrator to became smaller and more portable. After the invention had be patented as a product by Dr. J. Mortimer Granville, this opened up the door for new innovations by entrepreneurs outside the medical field.

From here the benefits of handheld electric current vibrators that could be carried out of the doctor’s office and into the world of beauty and pleasure were noticed.


Vibrator treatment doctors clinic 1800's


These early vibrators became fashionable among the medical professions and were used for treating a wide variety of ailments in women and men including constipation, amenorrhea, hysteria, arthritis, inflammations, and tumours.

It has even been noted that during World War I some soldiers received vibro-therapy as treatment at English and French hospitals in Serbia.

The early 1900’s saw the first electric vibrators acquirable for personal purchase and use at home. Not until the sexual revolution of the 1960’s did vibrators reappear as best-selling, well-advertised product. From these developments over time vibrators are now openly recognized and celebrated as the sexy devices they are today.

Can vibrators cause cervical cancer?

There are many different types of vibrators, the main vibrators you will find for sale online are made from silicone. Some cheap vibrators are made from phthalates, which is a material compound that can upset the body’s ability to regulate hormone production and it has been noted that it can be linked to cancer.

PVC plastic sex toys have become hugely popular over the last few years. The toys that may contain phthalates are the ones that are like soft jelly. When purchasing a vibrator online, be sure to check that it is phthalate-free.

If you are worried about using a plastic vibrator you can always purchase a non-porous toy like a stainless steel or a glass vibrator that does not harbor bacteria in its surface. These can easily be sterilized with boiling water.

Finally, alternate materials that can be safely used are as follows: Metal, glass, medical grade silicone, ceramics, wood, stone and crystal.

Are vibrators safe at 38 weeks pregnant?

Unless your general doctor has specified that you refrain from any sexual activity due to potential complications with your pregnancy, it should be perfectly fine to use a vibrator.

Most healthcare providers would make the statement that there is no restriction requirements or apparent danger in using vibrator as long as some cautions are maintained.

If you are at risk of developing pre-term labour or you are experiencing predominant uterine contractions, it is highly advisable to avoid the use of a vibrator and any penetration type of sexual activity to forestall any potential harm to the fetal prosperity.

Can a vibrator harm your baby when pregnant?

When you are using a vibrator be pragmatic, if you feel pain, discomfort or irritation, finish up right away. If you think that your vibrator use is connected with vaginal spotting, make sure to question your doctor about this on the next visit.

If you are experiencing intermediate pain or vaginal bleeding after using your vibrator again, speak to your healthcare provider straightaway.

If you are approaching 36 weeks of gestation in your term and vibrator use is followed by regular, painful contractions beyond 2 hours; you should ask for assistance from your caregiver to clarify that this is not the beginning of labor.

Can vibrators cause health issues?

  • External vibrators are always a healthier choice than internal ones when you are later weeks of your pregnancy stage. This is due to the fact that some internal vibrators are manufactured from TPE plastic that can pose the hazard of penetration in the cervix. This can bother the cervical lining and may jeopardize your pregnancy.
  • Use soapy warm water or an antibacterial cleaning agent and disinfectant for your vibrator and store it in clean place after drying. We sell an anti-bacterial sex toy cleaner which is a eucalyptus essential oil low range enzyme cleaner which is perfect for cleaning your toys. Make sure to sterilize your vibrator after each session and if you plan on using the same vibrator for anal and vaginal penetration, purchase a second vibrator and use one for your vagina and one for anal to reduce the risk of bacterial infection.
  • Refrain from using a vibrator if you have a low lying placenta or active vaginal infection or weak cervix.
  • When using your vibrator you can cover it with a condom to minimize the risk of sexually transmitted infections.


As with any activity during pregnancy, use your judgment about how your body is feeling to influence what you will do.

Can you take vibrators in hand luggage?

All countries allow you to carry your vibrator in your travel case or hand luggage, except some countries, like India and the United Arab Emirates. These countries have restrictions on sex toys. Make sure that there are no laws that prohibit you taking a sex toy into the country you’re visiting. So be sure to do your research ahead of time to avoid the risk of having your vibrator confiscated.

If you are planning to travel to the USA, you can check the TSA’s Can i bring? website which will tell you items you are allow to carry into the country.

The chances are you have aspirations to be more intimate with your partner while travelling.

When you are planning to travel internationally or on a domestic flight, it’s always advisable to bring a smaller sized vibrator. If it’s over 16 cm long, and especially if it’s a metal or glass vibrator, your sex toy might qualify as a weapon. Keep your sexual toy supplies in a small, separate bag within your suitcase.