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How long can kegel balls stay in?

Each woman’s vagina will react differently to kegel balls, so it is best to keep it short at first. If you have any irritation or soreness when working up to longer periods of time, consult your doctor about the issues.

It has been recommended that you shouldn’t keep in your kegel balls in for more than five hours at a time.

Can you leave kegel balls in overnight?

Some customers love their kegel balls so much that they wear them nonstop to keep up their pelvic floor strength. If you go with plastic kegel balls find weights that are manufactured with body safe silicone that is phthalate free. So If you would like to wear them at night, keep note it will not help with strengthening your vagina muscles while you are sleeping.

Can you use kegel balls with an iud?

It is fine to use kegel balls with an IUD. When you inset your kegel balls they should sit below the cervix inside the vagina, above your pelvic floor muscles and they definitely should not come in contact with the IUD itself.

If you plan on using larger sex toys, take into account the threads on your IUD. The shorter they are, the less of an issue they may be when you’re using toys. You can tell your gynaecologist about your sex toy usage and ask them to trim the threads back for you to a length that won’t get in the way.

With any sex toy you frequently use, always watch out for anything that might promote infection — sex toys and body parts entering your vagina need to be clean, you can use condoms on your sex toys to take extra precaution.

In all cases take caution and consult with a qualified medical practitioner beforehand.

Can you use ben wa balls after a hysterectomy?

There are contrasting versions of hysterectomy surgery, this procedure could often leave a woman feeling loose with weakened muscles.

It is noted that women who eat healthy and who exercise daily before the operation are known to recover faster.

By a doctors recommendation you have 6 weeks after surgery to take it easy. This basically means no physical activities such as running, yoga, swimming, aerobics or heavy lifting.


pelvic floor diagram


A few weeks after your surgery, you will be instructed to return to the doctor, from here you will be examined and informed if you are ready to perform general exercises to strengthen your pelvic floor.

Using ben wa balls can speed up your recovery. Using this toy after a hysterectomy is the safest way to help you recover faster. Our Ben wa balls are inexpensive and safe to use. You can even choose how heavy the ball can be for you to handle the exercise then build up your resistance from there.

When inserting the balls, make sure they are sitting directly above the vaginal opening.

If you have any further questions, the best thing to do would be to ask your doctor after your surgery.

Can I use ben wa balls for incontinence?

Ben wa balls can be used to help treat urinary and fecal incontinence by tightening the elasticity of the vagina and pelvic floor. If you find you leak a few drops of urine while sneezing, laughing or coughing, using ben wa balls daily is an effective prevention technique that helps the issue by toning the muscles of the pelvic floor and vagina.

Incontinence can affect women throughout any stage of their lives. Ben wa balls vaginal exercises can be done during pregnancy or after childbirth to try to prevent urinary incontinence.

If you have urinary incontinence or pain from penetration, keep in mind this can come from very different causes. Therefore if you plan on using ben wa balls as a method to treat any existing problems you should consult your doctor before doing so.

Do kegel exercise balls work?

Using kegel balls is known to be one of the safest, most comfortable and effective exercises for pelvic floor strengthening.

The pelvic floor comprises of a set of tissues, muscles and ligaments stretching from the pubic bone in front to the rear end of the spine in back.

Body strengthening and yoga alone can develop great results. However, kegel exercise weights and other devices are designed to train the pelvic floor muscles more effectively in less time.

how to insert kegel balls

How fast do kegel balls work?

If you can fit in around 30 minutes a day using kegel balls in a few weeks you’ll feel the difference. After you get into the routine of kegel exercises you will soon find you have stronger and tighter vaginal muscles. Simply insert the vaginal weights and go about your day, you can practice tightening your vaginal opening as you are walking around.




Can you use ben wa balls during pregnancy?

From what we know ben wa balls and kegel balls are perfectly safe during pregnancy. Just make sure you clean them after every use. A doctor’s advice is always needed if you intend to use Kegel balls when pregnant.

During and after pregnancy some of the biggest changes is to the pelvic floor muscles. As the uterus grows it puts stress on a women’s pelvic floor muscles and causes them to lose elasticity.

One of the most important things a women can practice throughout her pregnancy is to keep her pelvic floor muscles in tip top shape. If you have not already, you should be planning to add pelvic floor strengthening into your daily workout routine when you are expecting.

You should look at incorporating 15 minutes a day using ben wa balls. After 1-2 months, you will notice that you have tighter vaginal muscles for improved bladder control, easier labor and faster childbirth recovery.