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What are hens party decorations?

As part of the Australian pre-wedding culture, hens night decorations can consist of quality sashes, party balloons, confetti, candles, adult party games, badges and robes.

When you are out with the girls for a massive night there is sure to be a drink involved. If you are the organizer of the hens night you can lash out and purchase some willy straws, hens night cups, party tableware, pecker drink bottles and bride to be straws.

Be sure to coordinate your colours, from pastel fades to black and white. Get creative on your decorations with matching items so you can easily create a cool statement that your hens party is totally Instagram worthy.

What’s a hens party?

A hen party is the classy, feminine counterpart of the well known bucks night. It is an organized party for women only, which is held for a woman before she is married.

When you attend a hens party you will expect to see penis straws, male blow up dolls and adult sex toys. Sex toys are only the beginning of what is designed to be a wild night with the girls which should include bar hopping, sex party games, ridiculous dares and ice breaker games.

You should down a few drinks before you get into the limo as you will be dragged out of your comfort zone, hens parties organizers make it their business to ensure everyone knows there’s a hen on the loose having the time of her life.

A hens night should ensure attempts at classiness, it should be something that the soon to be bride will really enjoy and look back at fondly.