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Can I use a blow up doll and fireworks?

This has been tried and tested before, the most popular version has shown up in the media by a group of Scotish lads who attached fireworks to a blow up doll, lit this thing and let it take flight.

It worked for around 5 seconds, then it quickly fell back down into a close quartered garden, exploding just yards away from the group. The end result was the doll popping and the explosion of fireworks in the neighbors back yard.

If you want to try this out when you purchase your blow up doll, we always state that we support the safe and correct use of fireworks and to make sure you’re considerate of others.

Can you fill a blow up doll with helium?

It is possible to fill a blow up doll with helium, the factor to take into account is will it float. We have not tested this out yet on our products, though if you would like to try it out, you should take into account the maximum pressure a vinyl structure could withstand.

If you are looking to find helium some common sources are pressurized balloon cylinders you can rent from your local party supply store.

If you find that you are unable to make your blow up doll float with helium for your next uni prank, you can alternatively attach between three to ten larger balloon bags filled with helium by string to your doll to make it float.

blow up doll flaoting



Where can i buy a blow up doll with a personalised face?

By adding a personalized face mask to your blow up doll which can be printed from your photos can add a comical flare to your hens or bucks nights, functions, events and promotional activities.

Personalized face blow up dolls create a party atmosphere on their own, you should get enough for all the party goers to have one each.

We don’t offer the option to upload a picture of someones face to attach to your blow up doll, though don’t let this deter your efforts.

You can purchase a blow up doll online from our store then go to your local print store or online print shop and order a personalized print of your face with an adhesive back to attach to your blow up doll.


What is blow up doll art?

Sex doll art or blow up doll art is made by people who like to assemble sculptures using various pieces cut apart from a blow up doll. Famous artists have created consecutive successful sets of art showcases composed of sculptures made by sewing and gluing pieces of blow up dolls together.

Blow up doll art can be adapted to form the appearance of a latex blow up doll as a complete human figure. You may find some people dressing up to give the appearance of a blow up doll.

Some recent blow up doll art which is titled “sex ball” and ‘tit ball’ are among these titles can be found at local art galleries. Some blow up doll artwork making mainstream news is created by a Dutch artist by the name of Sander Reijers.


blow up doll soccer ball tit thing vagina soccer ball


This artist has reused inflatable sex dolls to recreate some amazing sculptures and bizarre clothing items such as waterproof hoodies, tracksuit tops, breasts and other pieces.


blow up doll hoodie


He has noted the following about his artwork.

These dolls are so ugly and vulgar that turning them into something beautiful has become a challenge for me. The doll is a means to convey something else… it’s near-incomprehensible that people could have sex with something as ugly and lifeless as a blow-up doll. However much air you pump into it, it remains an object that can’t reciprocate the feelings of lust…


You can follow the artist from his twitter profile –


Another artist by the name of Sturtevant has created a friendly blow up doll feature in a local art gallery.

blow up doll art


The Tate modern museum in London has also been known to showcase some blow up doll art by featured artists.


Kate Moss and Artist Sam Taylor Wood gets up close and personal with a blow up doll in her portrait

kate moss blow up doll


Another famous form of blow up doll art is exacerbated by an unknown local celebrity in London who goes by the name of  Pandemonia.

His blow up doll presence in human form has world renowned success around art openings and social events.

pandemonia blow up doll human

The creation and alter-ego is come to fruition by a British artist. You will find him seated in the front row of major shows at the London Fashion week.

To this day Pandemonia is an art fashion world mystery.

You may find her out in public dressed all in latex couture, wearing a doll mask over her face, and sometimes in the company of a white blow up dog, “Snowy”.

Who is the blow up doll inventor?

The original blow up doll inventor is not known to this day. So far as we know the earliest sex doll is credited to Dutch sailors in the 17th century, who used a masturbation doll made of cloth for relieving sexual tension on long sailing trips across the sea.

The first recorded sex doll made its appearing in psychiatrist Iwan Bloch‘s – “The Sexual Life of Our Time“. In 1908 this writer described this doll to be intended for debauchee purposes.

Some of the earliest literary references to sex dolls are made in French texts. There is evidence of their presence for sale in underground catalogues in Paris at the turn of the twentieth century.

In 1904 there was a literary text called “The misfits of Paris“. This was one of the earliest instances when the mention of manufactured sex dolls was advertised. The dolls were named under the title of “Homonculus” where it as stated they were very lifelike, inflatable and could be heated up to replicate the temperature of a real person. New dolls took 3 months to make and they were sold for about 3,000 francs.

In this book it was noted that the artificial imitations of each doll where made exceptionally well from rubber and other plastic materials to replicate an entire female body. Even at this time he stated that the genital organs where represented in a true manner.

During the Second World War, it was long rumoured but never actually proven that Nazi leader Adolf Hitler ordered sex dolls to be supplied to German troops fighting on the front line.


Go back three hundred years and the concept of sex with inanimate objects was called “Pygmalionism” which is a word for the psychological term of sexual attraction towards statues and other inanimate objects. The picture shown above is from “Roman de la Rose, c. 1505“.

Current blow-up dolls are made of vinyl latex which was invented in 1920. The dolls practically have a human shape without too much detail. It is simply a human doll with shaped arms, legs and a torso.

Around the early seventies, sex doll advertisements where seen in magazines that allowed you to select dolls with assorted coloured hair styles to suit the customer’s tastes.

blow up doll inventor articles blow up doll inventor articles

Soon after this in the seventies, the Linda Lovelace doll became available and was the instigator for manufacturing companies to create sex dolls to look like famous porn stars.

The first female RealDoll made from lifelike latex skin was introduced in 1996 and the first male doll in was created in 2008.

Can i use a blow up doll car passenger?

A blow up doll can be the ultimate restrained driving companion for women who are concerned about personal security, placing a doll in the passenger seat is all about making female drivers feel more confident.

Many female customers like to store a spare blow up doll in the cars glove box. Using a blow up doll is designed to help women deter road rage attacks, carjacking and intimidating behaviour by other motorists. Many women feel threatened at night when driving alone, thus using a blow up doll gives the appearance of two silhouettes in the front of the car.

Blow-up dolls have also been used by drivers to get around transit lane rules.

Many cities have HOV or car pooling express lanes, which can also be used by buses and taxis. These are in place to help to ease traffic congestion by encouraging carpooling.

Some drivers have put blow-up dolls and mannequins in the passenger seats of the car, while others have gone a step further and dressed up the dolls with hats and hoodies to make it more realistic.

What is a blow up doll pool float?

A blow up doll can be used as an inflatable pool float, once you have inflated the toy, the doll becomes a human shaped floatie that you can climb aboard, hang on too and use to stay afloat in the water.

People often use blow up doll’s in swimming pools for house birthday parties and bachelor / bachelorette parties.


What is a blow up doll beer holder?

As an added extra you can use your blow up doll as a pool float and as a beer holder. You don’t have to use a human shaped blow up doll, you can also try a blow up donkey or cow and use its ass or mouth as your favourite beer holder. We have had many customers that have said that they used a blow up toy as a pool floatie beer holder.

What does a blow up doll look like?

Blow up dolls, which are different from silicone love dolls are generally the most mainstream characterization of sex dolls. These types of sex dolls are less expensive, and as such can be found at many adult sex toy retailers. The look of a blow up doll is less realistic and it can crease and take away from the aesthetic of your doll when fully inflated.

When it comes to realism for blow up dolls the less expensive products don’t look too much like real humans. Instead, when it comes to looks, you should be focusing on the body portion of a blow up doll and the replication of the vagina. Some vagina’s on the more expensive blow up dolls have a very detailed and look, while cheaper blow up dolls are literally just a round hole between the legs.

When searching for a blow up doll, you should be asking yourself; are these dolls for me? Will the look of this doll satisfy my sexual needs for all of my legitimate intimate purposes?

What blow up doll should i buy?

Inflatable dolls are much cheaper than silicone alternatives and are made from vinyl a strong and durable plastic material. If you choose to get a blow-up doll, it will cost you between $20 and $800. Each blow up doll comes in a wide variety of colours and each product is humidity and moisture-resistant. The more expensive dolls will come with heads made out of a different material so that the doll looks more realistic.

When searching for a doll, take a look at the number of orifices the blow up doll has:

  1. Only one orifice in the place of the vagina
  2. 2 orifices – a mouth and a vagina
  3. 3. orifices – a mouth, vagina and anus

If you are looking for something that looks more like a realistic vagina, you can purchase a mini torso figure made from magic flesh (like silicone) which will let you switch between hot doggy-style thrusting and missionary pleasure for stimulation.

Unlike a blow up doll, a silicone vagina will not puncture or bust if handled in a rough manner.

Where can I buy a blow up doll board game?

There are two options for buying a blow up doll board game online. The first is online through websites like Amazon, the game is called: Who’s the Dude? it is a blow up doll charades game where you act out clues using the “dude, a male blow up doll.

You can act upon the blow-up dolls limbs to carry out clues on the card so your friends can guess what the answer is.

The second option is to buy the game: Fukk – The Adult Game. This is a game which is compiled with the idea that the success of a party game should be measured more by how much you laugh and connect with other people. You can buy a blow up doll from our store and throw it into the mix to create a bit of a laugh during the game.