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Can vibrators cause nerve damage?

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There have been noted examples where women have lost all feeling in their clitoris due to the overuse of a vibrator. These women have stated that their nerves became damaged and they were unable to feel anything when they touched themselves or their partner touched them.

If you frequently reach for your vibrator to reach an orgasm, over use of the toy can cause your clitoris to become acclimatized to that one particular speed and intensity of stimulation.

Clitoral nerves can be damaged, however do not jump to conclusions about your situation, especially if you have used a vibrator at an excessive rate. Some people also find that having additional help in feeling sensations such as using tingling gel before having sex can increase the sensation to desensitized clitoris nerves.

Just to add some clarification as to how to reverse the desensitization, this effect can be fixed by taking an extended break from your vibrator use. Regardless of what you decide, we would probably recommend a few months or so hiatus from your vibrator so your sensitivity comes back.

This will give your body the opportunity to essentially “reset” so you can start learning to enjoy different types of stimulation.