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Can vibrators affect fertility?

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Vibrators should not damage your fertility as long as your vibrator is kept clean after each use. When you use a vibrator, you are self-propelling right into climax. This process brings forth hormonally-healthy and natural chemicals in your body during a plateau phase of an orgasm.

When you orgasm your body produces a natural chemical called nitric oxide (this is what Viagra is manufactured from). The more you can generate naturally, your body will react with increased sexual responses as well as accrued adrenal health which are welcomed benefits from using a vibrator to climax.

If you are concerned about things and you’re working on your fertility or managing your periods, having a bigger orgasmic plateau phase is the way to help.

When you use a vibrator you may choose to add lubricant to the vibrator to ease the friction on penetration. In a recent study on vaginal lubricants and natural fertility 296 participants were placed in a qualitative survey to test the effects of lubrication on fertility.

From the participants 25% of the women stated that they use vaginal lubricants while attempting to become pregnant.

Women who used lubricants during the fertile window had similar fecundability to those women who did not use lubricants after the research was adjusted for age, partner race, and intercourse frequency in the fertile window.

After the research was conducted the conclusion showed that using lubricants during procreative intercourse does not appear to reduce the probability of conceiving.