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Can i use a blow up doll car passenger?

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A blow up doll can be the ultimate restrained driving companion for women who are concerned about personal security, placing a doll in the passenger seat is all about making female drivers feel more confident.

Many female customers like to store a spare blow up doll in the cars glove box. Using a blow up doll is designed to help women deter road rage attacks, carjacking and intimidating behaviour by other motorists. Many women feel threatened at night when driving alone, thus using a blow up doll gives the appearance of two silhouettes in the front of the car.

Blow-up dolls have also been used by drivers to get around transit lane rules.

Many cities have HOV or car pooling express lanes, which can also be used by buses and taxis. These are in place to help to ease traffic congestion by encouraging carpooling.

Some drivers have put blow-up dolls and mannequins in the passenger seats of the car, while others have gone a step further and dressed up the dolls with hats and hoodies to make it more realistic.