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kama sutra guide

Kama Sutra: The Ultimate Guide 2020 – Instructions for Incredible Sex

As you would have expected we are big on helping people have incredible sex and to help relationships that people love and deserve.

Your body is where you gather your physical and sensory information, it is your first point of reference for what feels great and keeps you feeling alive.

Through our passion to write and teach about people about sexuality you have found yourself here to discover your authentic self, both on your own or while connecting with your partner.

This post will guide you through new sexual experimentation, showing you how to create lasting transformations and the chance to try different things and to learn from each other through the experience.

When you read and bookmark this guide on your favourite social media website, you will begin to look at your relationship with the sex you are having and the sex you desire to have.

You will learn more about what you want and how to connect with your partner on a deeper level as your start to become more fulfilled. You will become more turned on and more in touch with your body.

Go through with your partner the different combinations you have learned about, the touching and experimenting and the sex positions you would like to try out.

That being said, sex is a stress reliever, sexual arousal releases a chemical in your brain that revs up your pleasure receptors and boosts your self esteem and general happiness.

Even touching and hugging can help your nervous system can help your body relax and help your entire body feel good. Just remember that you are a sexual creature and having sex reminds you that you are sexy.


Breathing and Deepening your Pleasure

Often people find that they get distracted during sex, they find themselves not being in the moment thinking about what they did that day or what they need to get manage for work the next day. If you want to deepen your connection with your partner, follow your breath so you can draw yourself out of your head and into your body.

deep breating


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Eye Contact

Looking into someones eyes can tell you about their mood, how they are feeling and what they desire at that moment. Eye contact can be powerful for connection and seduction.

When you make eye contact with your lover, really notice the colour of their eyes and let any emotions bubble up that play on your face.

Think of any desires coming through your eyes like fire, try to channel your erotic thoughts and desires through your eyes and send strong vibes that you strong want and desire your partner.

If your partner does not immediately join you on your energy level, keep going and feel the desire and fantasies within you encouraging them to join in.




Communication and Learning

Communication is very important when it comes to sexual needs and wants, it can sometimes seem like the biggest hurdle.

Your wants are important! A way you want to be touched, a sex position you want to try, something you fantasize about or are curious to explore.

Here is some language you can try to get started. Practice with your eyes closed and check your body to feel what thoughts and emotions come up.

  • I used to enjoy.. and I am wondering if we could try doing that together
  • That’s good and soft, will you try doing it harder?
  • I have this fantasy i would like to tell you about
  • The other night when we fooled around there was something i noticed


How to Talk Dirty During Sex

Dirty talk is anything that seems off limits using phrases that fall outside of your comfort zone.

The more you practice it, the easier it gets.

Here are some words you can try, while you are fucking:

  • Cunt, ass, clit, hole, fuck, pussy, cock

Lets try adding some verbs

  • Take, own, bang, have, break, stretch

Now mix it up with some role playing words

  • Daddy, Whore, slut, master, bad girl, fuck toy, bitch, slave

If you find that saying some of these words during sex make you uncomfortable, don’t use them and move on.

If you find you are getting a spark of interest and your partner may be enjoying some of what you are saying with comments take it as a new form of sexual exploration.


Dirty talk is all about the connection! Let this song inspire you.




Foreplay can remind you of all the options you may have, it can let you expand your creative energy and make you feel like a new person again.

If you find you are questioning yourself if you are doing it right, focus on your breathing and fall back into your body and the sensations you receive from giving and receiving in foreplay.


Adding Fuel to the Fire of Desire

The thought that sex can happen at any time, anywhere can create sexual tension in the form of the fantasy of spontaneity. Letting go of the notion that there is a perfect moment for sex is what couples need to do.

The best part of spontaneity is the feeling that sex can happen any time, show your partner that you have sex on the mind by touching, grabbing and using sensual talk in unexpected moments like when you are cooking or are out at the park in public.

If you are really kinky, you can even try it in elevators, off road nature areas, restrooms and change rooms in department stores.


Food and Sex

Think back about how your mind has buzzed at the taste, texture and pure joy in the food you were consuming. As humans we can get the same energy from sex.

If you thinking of mixing food with sex the dinning room is a great place to start where you can go wild and get messy without worrying about making a huge mess.

food and sex


Using Sex Toys

We always encourage people to discuss the options of bring sex toys into the relationship. Go online and shop together for the toys and props you want to try out.

Picking out sex toys together can really add to the heat of the experience. If you are unsure you can always start off with a sex toy product bundle with a selection of sex toys and try out each one to find what you like.

Go on the computer together and ask your partner if there is anything that catches there eye that they would like to try.

If you feel a bit scared or overwhelmed try out some basic vibrators, bondage toys or anal sex toys first.

Talk about experimenting with each toy together to find what you like, what makes you laugh and what turns you both on the most.


Sex Toy Starter Product Bundles – Great for beginners



Bondage and BDSM

Playing with dominance and submissive roles can revive thrills through the shifting of power between roles. You can spend some time considering which role you would like to take on which can include:

  • Dominant
  • Submissive
  • Master / Slave
  • Nurse / Patient
  • Teacher / Student
  • Uncle / Niece
  • Dad / Son

Try some bondage toys out that may impact your pain threshold level such as spanking with a paddle or cain.

At the same time you can use rope or tape to tie up your partners ankles, wrists and other areas to constrict them from moving while giving you complete control.

Other items you can use include leather cuffs, straps, ropes, masks and mouth gags. If bondage is something you are interested in you can view our Complete guide on rope bondage for more information.


Bondage Sex Toys – Great for beginners


Cock Rings

A cock ring can add an extra level of sensation for both partners. There are designed to go around the cock and shaft below the balls.

These can be used to maintain an erection, to apply it make sure you purchase a ring that is extra stretchy and place it around the base of your erect cock.

With most vibrating cock rings that have battery operated vibe settings, that give strong vibrations as your partner grinds on your cock.


Cock Ring Sex Toys – Great for beginners


Butt Plugs

The best way to explore anal play at first is to buy a butt plug. These come in many different shapes and sizes with some giving a gentle stretch to sit inside the anus without getting lost inside the body.

You have the options of buying silicone, glass or metal based butt plugs which all give different sensations to the body when used.

Start off with an anal plug kit first, which should include anal plugs of different sizes then work your ay up to something larger. Start slow and find out what sensation feels good for you.


Anal Sex Toys – Great for beginners



There are a plethora of vibrators to choose from online with each one providing different stimulation, sizes and power settings to get exactly where it needs to go.


Here are some types of vibrators you can try out:

G-Spot Vibrators: You will be able to spot these vibrators by their curve, often shaped more like the letter C, they are designed to work the G-spot when inserted so that the angled tip points up towards your belly button when it is inside you.

Rabbit Vibrator: This is designed for internal use only, it is designed with two shafts to provide extra stimulation for the clitoris. The rabbit vibrator provides more options then your regular vibrator.


Bullet Vibrators: These are small hand held vibrators which are battery operated. Bullet vibrators can be use internally or externally with variable speeds and settings, which provide some extra fun during sex.


Choosing the Right Lube

This is an essential product as it provides a smooth buffer for body contact making body grinding more sensitive and pleasurable.

A first timer should always have a bottle of lube close by to spread over your cock or strap on.


There are different types of lube you can purchase:

Silicone Lube: It will not dry out and it has strong staying power and the ultimate stickiness. This is great for sex in the shower or pool where it can stay on your body in wet environments.

    Flavoured Lube: This adds the extra excitement for oral sex.

    Water Based Lube: This is found in a variety of textures and can dry out much faster then silicone lube. The benefit of water based lube is that it can be revived with spit or sweat during sex and washes of easily.



    The Best 10 Kama Sutra Sex Positions

    The In-Between

    This is for those who want to explore relaxation and depth in penetration. Each of the two people can drop into your own bodies and still feel connected.

    Instructions: The receiving partner should be laying on a soft surface that has support of their body weight. Lifting their top leg into the air, the giving partner should come in on their knees and straddle their partners bottom and extended leg. The receiving partner should rest their elevated leg on the giving partners chest and use it to control depth and speed.

    the inbetween kama sutra


    The Missionary Flip

    This is like the classic position but you flip it around to give great penetration and new positions to explore. Experiment how you can get closer to each other when you are grinding, rocking and flowing together.

    Instructions: For this position you will need to have your back on the bed laying comfortable. The giving partner lies on top, facing the opposite direction towards the feet with there stomach down. The penetrating partner needs to be on top, the receiving partner can close there legs and support the giving partner on tops with their body weight.

    missionary-reversed kama sutra

    The Sex Swing

    This is a truly exciting position that will give you a thrill. This can be a physically challenging position to hold as you hang from your partner like a rag doll as you enjoy the strength of their body control. Once you have reach a good flow speed it up and let your self go to find what speed works best for you.

    Instructions: The standing partner should have his back against the wall, while the receiving partner should link their arms around their neck and brings there knees to their chest as there partner lifts them from behind.

    Once off the ground the hanging partner can push their feet against the wall while both partners work on penetration.

    the sex swing kama sutra

    The Undercarriage

    Since this is a standing position it can make you strong and will give you explosive flashbacks when you think back about the great sex you had. It is one profound position for deep penetration and allows you both to find a good mutual flow which will energize your bodies.

    Instructions: The receiving partner starts out bending forward with their legs spread placing their palms in front of them on the floor. The giving partner should move in from behind bring their partners legs back up from behind around their own waist.

    the undercarriage kama sutra

    The Full Frontal

    This can bring your bodies very close together if you are flexible, it may take some time to get it right. If you can hold and maintain this position while rocking back and forth you will find great pleasure in the grind and back and forth.

    Instructions: The giving partner should be propped up on the bed or wall with the legs extended. The receiving partner then straddles them using their hands and arms to hold their weight as they thrust their body back and forth finding a flow.

    the full frontal kama sutra

    The Waterfall

    This position experiments with deep penetration by turning your bodies on the side. This is great for grinding on the g-spot it may feel a little out of the box but it has the chance to offer you so many new sensations. Vary this one with speed and pace.

    Instructions: Get yourself ready on a bit squishy bed. The giving partner lays on their side with two arms supporting their body weight, while the receiving partner comes in sideways, moving there buns flush to their partners hips allowing there partner to slide into them.

    the waterfall kama sutra

    The Porno Perch

    This position is accessible and allows both partners a chance to get wild. Usually the person on top controls the pace and depth of penetration, though with this position the receiving partner lies back and gives control to the giving partner

    Instructions: The giving partner should lie on their back flat while the receiving partner straddles the partner facing their feet. The receiving partner lowers their body onto their partners hands and leads back with their upper back resting on their partners chest.

    porno perch kama sutra

    Lie Back and Relax

    Sometimes the best positions are the ones you can get a great view of each other grinding and enjoying the sex at your own pace. This is like the classic cowgirl but with a more relaxed connection. If you want deeper penetration have your partner sit up straighter.

    Instructions: Begin with penetrating your partner in the bottom position, sitting down, legs out in front of them leaning back. The receiving partner should straddle them legs outstretched as far as they can reach.

    lie back and relax kama sutra

    The Floating Flower

    This is one of the classic Kama Sutra sex positions as it allows our bodies to rock and grind and leaves your hands free to caress, grab and stroke each other. The up right positions allows for deep penetration and clitoral stimulation.

    Instructions: The giving partner sits cross legged and the receiving partner should climb onto their lap wrapper their legs around the other person so their pelvises touch. This position will feel more like back and forth rocking and rolling.

    floating flower kama sutra


    Another classic that’s one for making a sensual and gentle move on your partner. Since this is a common sleeping position and is very natural and intimate in its sexual form. While it does not allow for much eye contact the giving partner gets a sexy view of some hot buns.

    Instructions: The giving partner should move in from behind as both people are laying on their sides in the same position. In this position you can feel your partners body pressing up against you as you explore penetration with different angles.

    spoons kama sutra


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