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Hypersexuality Treatment

The Top 17 Sex Toys For Hypersexuality Treatment

Did you look at the word Hypersexuality and scratch your head or do you already know what it is?

For those of you that don’t know what Hypersexuality is, want to find out more such as what Hypersexuality treatment is available, read on.

1. What is Hypersexuality?

What is Hypersexuality

This is an addiction where there is an obsession with things such as urges, behaviors, and thoughts of a sexual nature. Some experts take this Hypersexual definition, or Hypersexual Disorder (as it is also known) further describing Hypersexuality as a preoccupation with sexual fantasy of a dysfunctional nature.

There is often an obsessive pursuit of casual or non-intimate sex; pornography; compulsive masturbation and romantic intensity. This behavior is often for a period of at least six months.

Ultimately, these Hypersex type urges or behaviors may cause distress or could even negatively affect your health, stress levels, shame or self-esteem levels, legal problems, financial strain, and job or relationships.

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2. What causes Hypersexuality behavior?

What is Hypersexuality behavior

Firstly, this is regarded as an obsessive behavior and is why it is often referred to as Hypersexuality Disorder. However, always consult with your Doctor rather than trying to self-diagnose.

Leave that side of things to the professionals so that they can diagnose and work out the best form of Hypersexuality treatment where necessary.

However, it is always wise to take note of the behavioral changes you are experiencing and communicating those to your Doctor.

Some of the possible causes of Hypersexuality have been suggested as:

Natural chemical imbalances within the brain. High levels of certain chemicals may relate to compulsive sexual behavior.

Some diseases or health issues can damage parts of the brain affecting sexual behavior. This can include conditions such as epilepsy and dementia. It is also suggested that some medications may cause sexual behavior of a compulsive nature.

It is also suggested that prolonged obsessive sexual behavior such as experienced with Hypersexuality may also have an impact on changed neural pathways in the brain.


3. Hypersexuality in females

Hypersexuality in females

An observation of Hypersexuality in females is that their obsessive sexual behavior is often more related to much higher exposure to pornography as well as a much greater level of masturbation.

Sometimes these increased levels of hypersexual disorder in females is outside their control. However, at other times they actively seek sex with a greater number of partners as a way of trying to satisfy their hypersexuality needs.

One German study did find a trend where hypersexuality in females were more likely to be bisexual than the remaining female participants. It also found that hypersexual males were more likely to be heterosexual.



5. Bipolar Hypersexuality

bipolar Hypersexuality

Quite surprisingly Hypersexuality is a part of Bipolar disorder that is often not talked about. Intense shifts in mood is commonplace with Bipolar sufferers; often alternating between being in a depressed state and then a manic state.

With these mood swings there can be changes in sexual desire as well as in confidence and with sexual function.

When a sufferer is in a phase where their Hypersexuality is increased they can experience things such as, but not limited to:


  • Constantly having sexual thoughts.
  • Having sex with multiple partners.
  • Seeking out sex workers for compulsive sex.
  • Greater use of pornography.
  • Increased and frequent masturbation.
  • High risk sex, such as in public or with no precautions.
  • Casual sex with strangers
  • Other Hypersexuality signs can include:
  • Difficulty concentrating.
  • Sleeping issues.
  • Speaking quickly; almost frenzy-like.
  • Overspending.
  • Increased use of alcohol and/or drug use.



5. Is there a Hypersexuality test?

Is there a Hypersexuality test?

It is known that those with hypersexuality disorder may have recurring, intense sexual urges that are outside of their control.

It is important to take into account that Hypersexuality is a disorder that is considered to be part of a mental health condition and therefore proper and professional advice from a Doctor or specialist is needed.



6. What about Hypersexuality treatment?

What about Hypersexuality treatment?

Hypersexuality is a complex condition but it may also be worth discussing that for some people they are happy to put up with some of the negative moments if it means that they are experiencing a greater level of sexual activity and pleasure.

Many people do have greater sexual needs than others. They may also have a partner that cannot satisfy those needs and their solution is porn, masturbation, and/or an open relationship.

We are not here to discuss the moral side of things, especially where people already have their agreed mechanisms in place for how much sex they want/need in their lives.

We have put together our list of the Top 17 sex toys that may help you with the increased sexual needs that Hypersexuality brings; especially the Hypersexuality in females.



Top 17 top sex toys that may help you with increased Hypersexuality:


1. Condoms for safety

Perhaps greater use of Condoms will decrease danger factors associated with greater sexual activity. We have a great selection of Condoms to suit your needs but we recommend condoms that feel like your wearing nothing at all. Always play safe and if you cant resist it is better to always have condoms on hand. We suggest the following:

Ansell SKYN Extra Lubricated Skynfeel Non Latex Condoms

This new generation of condoms are made from Skynfeel, a technologically advanced non-latex material, proven to enhance stimulation.


    2. Libido enhancers

    Have you ever tried the Spanish Fly drops? These are a great way to increase your sex drive and dissolve your worries. If you have hypersexuality you may not need these but your partner may require some in order to keep up with your sexual stamina.

    New Strong Spanish Fly Love Drops

    Lovers of very conventional sex can find themselves inexplicably and profoundly turned on when they try a little Spanish Fly. All you need to do is put 5-10 drops of it in your drink or under your tongue to feel the full side effects.



      3. Sex Kits

      There are some awesome “adult only” kits suitable for all your fetishes and desires, no matter what your sexual persuasion. If you find you have trouble being creative with sex, even though you always want to do it, a sex toy kit can really help you out in times of need. If no one is around to have sex with you, you can always use some sex toys on yourself.

      The Complete Lovers Kit Vibe Therapy

      Vibe therapy sex toy kit is a 7 piece couples kit has multiple vibration settings which gives a nice variety to your sex life. This is great bang for your buck when buying sexy erotic toys for sex education with your partner.

      • Multi-speed vibrator
      • Masturbation penis sleeve
      • Vibrating egg with controller
      • Geisha balls (ben wa balls, duo balls)
      • Butt plug with suction base
      • Anal beads


        4. Sex Games

        Let’s just say learning new games is always fun! Why not work with your sexual disorder by substituting games for sex. This is why we suggest things such as naked twister and fun dice games.

        Body Adventure Dice Party Game

        Erotic body dice game is a simple and fun game to spice things up. This could be one of the best purchases you have ever made.


          5. Anal Prostate Massagers

          Every male should have one, whether they use it on themselves or with a partner; or even on their partner.

          Prostate Invader Anal Orgasm for Men

          This prostate massager is perfectly adapted to the male anatomy, and in particular encourages the prostate with its stimulating form as it creates a stronger orgasm for men.



            6. Personal Lubricant

            Lube is always an added essential that is needed when you are using sex course or have a frequent penchant for kinky encounters.

            Wet Stuff Gold Water Based Personal Lubricant 550g

            Wet stuff gold feels like velvet and enhances sex in a very natural way.

            Wet stuff gold has no discernible smell and the taste is mild. It also does not have the ingredients that often leave sensitive skin irritated rather than lubricated.



              7. Sex Swings

              If you have hypersexuality issues then a sex swing is probably going to keep you occupied. Why not give it a try and keep in in your house so you can work those hip joints to the extreme.

              Passion Swing Sex Stand

              Put some swing back into your sex life. There is nothing more exciting then having a harness hold you up and wearing restraints while you achieve amazing new positions.

              This swing is 100% secure and very easy to setup.



                8. Fake Vagina

                A fake vagina can be a life saver when you are in the mood but no one is around, it also works like a charm when you are watching porn. Just sit back and pretend its the real thing.

                Realistic Vagina | Port A Muff

                This has a fairly tight grip and good suction action, depending on the length and girth of the user. It can take hard penetration and it is fashioned from a highly realistic, flesh-like material.



                9. Penis Pumps

                A penis pump is used to make your cock like fatter and longer. When you have hypersexuality a penis pump can take your mind of sex while at the same time growing you manhood to twice the size as normal. You can use a tool like this to completely distract you from the act of sex

                Magnum Penis Cock Vacuum Pump

                The Magnum penis pump is a high grade, advanced quality enlargement pump, it provides precise suction and is reliable as it has a surgical latex sleeve for comfort. The metal trigger connected to the pump is durable and will last longer than a plastic trigger.



                  10. Inflatable sex dolls

                  When there is no one around, your lonely but your horny (men mostly) sometimes, if you have a good imagination and a high sex drive you can purchase a sex doll to take care of your needs.

                  Sex Doll Extravaganza Lexi Tyler

                  The sensation on this doll is arousing due to the realistic size as it’s a full sized small woman. Doggy style is kinda a turn on as you can see all the holes and the small compact butt. If you want a full size woman experience and have lots of imagination and a good porn flick to watch the encounter will be well worth it for the money.


                    11. Vibrating cock rings

                    If you have the need to masturbate, in those moments when you cant get sex off your mind, using a vibrating cock ring can really enhance the experience.

                    Cockring Mojo Minotaur

                    The multi speed settings on this toy are awesome and a nice change from lesser models. The sleek solid design makes for easy cleanup. Whether you are using it for solo or partnered play, it is sure to be a winner! If you have any doubts, put them aside and take the chance.



                    12. Kegel Balls

                    If you cant get sex off the mind, you can work on your pelvic floor with kegel balls. Insert them and you can get to work anywhere you like. No one will know except you.

                    New Trio Balls Delish Silicone

                    Trio balls made of silicone for triple the fun. These are soft silicone ben wa balls that deliver your sexual pleasure to new heights.


                    13. Womens Latex

                    This is probably a bad idea, if you suffer from hypersexuality, don’t buy this and wear it, the effects will double up on your current urges, can you imagine being desired my all men wearing something as sex as this?!

                    Latex Mini Skirt Bare Back



                      14. Pearl Bead Vibrator

                      If you need a vibrator to get yourself off, why not get the deluxe vibrator with a wireless remote control. Enjoy internal escalating ecstasy with each vibration.

                      Remote Control Pearl Bird Vibrator

                      Flexing gently for ideal placement, the namesake butterfly places rhythms of dependable and pulsating vibration exactly against the nerve-ending rich clitoris and sensitive surrounding areas.


                        15. A vibrating bullet egg

                        If you have extreme hypersexuality you may be able to reduce it with a vibrating bullet egg. Keep this inside of you while you are at work or walking around, the vibrations will press against your internal orgasm spots. Just keep your sex drive under control.

                        Vibrating Egg Quiver Vibrator

                        Apply this love egg directly to the g-spot as the shaft is designed for deeply satisfying pleasures and features 10 vibration modes controlled easily with a button, it is also extremely quiet.

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                        16. Butt plug

                        If you need some stimulation 24/7 and you love anal, get a butt plug, keep it inside you and walk around like everything is normal. This is the way to go to counteract your sexual urges.

                        Anal Plug Cork Big Head

                        This anal sex toy is sleek and straight forward at 10cm in length. Like a giant bomb shell, this toy is better than expected made from 100% silicone with a safety pull ring.


                        17. Strap on butterfly vibrator

                        Keep this on you at all times, it will keep your sexual desires at a minimum. You can wear it out in public if needed or when you go for a walk. It will make you wet without having to have sex.

                        The Horny Hornet Harness

                        Adjustable harness for a comfortable ride with a isometric butterfly for perfect clitoral stimulation offering the possibility of hands-free fun.

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